Can I Claim TRS on Product Worth $320 but Bought It for Less than $300 after Discount and Having Invoice of $320

I have a product worth $320 bought from eBay (Australian Seller). But after applying the discount it came to less than $300. And the seller is still providing me with an invoice of $320. So I was confused if I can claim TRS on it.

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    If the invoice is above $300 then yes.

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    Whatever in the invoice broooo


    Well, not if the invoice shows the discount, and the final amount is less. You can only claim whatever the final value of the invoice.


      eBay sale invoices (almost) always show total because it works by PayPal paying the discount, not the seller actually lowering the price.


      Which part of "And the seller is still providing me with an invoice of $320" did you not understand?


        They could provide the invoice which specifies the item value to be $320 on one line item, and the second line item or payment details could be "eBay promotion" -$32.
        When entering details on the TRS app or website, you need to input line items separately (as they also allow you to claim half of the bill), and totals them up automatically, and it doesn't handle discount lines well.

        @HighandDry did confirm that it's not the case.

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    I wouldn't feel bad, because here is the thing. When you get a discount through eBay for example, the seller still gets the full value of the order — and by definition should pay the full GST as well.

    To make you feel better it's analogous to your friend chipping in to buy you something as a gift.


    I don't think they would refund GST if less than $27.27.


    My son is going to purchase an iPhone on the day that we are flying overseas. Can he claim TRS at the airport?


      yes and make sure then invoice has business name and ABN with your son's name and address on it.

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