New Handset with Telstra Post Paid Re-Contract?

Hi all,

My excellent 48 month deal with Telstra that included an S8 is coming to an end:

Looking to update to an S10. Any suggestions as to whether Telstra are offering any decent deals with a new handset like the above if we re-contact? Currently paying $49 pm which is inline with the Small plan pricing. Would prefer to stay with Telstra for mobile and the 15Gb a month I get with the current plan is fine.

I've looked at the Telstra website and there doesn't seem to be any decent deals - but perhaps there are some un-advertised or in-store ones?

Or should I just look at buying a replacement outright? I'm hoping Black Friday might have decent deals in that case.

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    Might not be helpful but at this stage I would wait out the 3 months for the s11, not a long time to wait.

    Otherwise might be worth porting out and jumping back into one of the JB hifi deals

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    I'm in the same boat as you Trawler, my plan expires tomorrow so I just brought the boost prepaid deal $135 from coles and will use that. S8 for me is still fine to use that until it gives me grief. It was a pretty good deal we had for the s8 considering I came from the s6 edge deal before that when trading in any old phone for 200 and jb crediting another 200 (and tbh the s6 edge my parents are using that and it's still pretty snappy).


    I'm not a fan of contracts, but this deal was fair, so I took it.
    There was the option of a Google Pixel 2XL (64GB) for those early enough. Some paid $10/month more and got a $300 JB-Hifi credit. I ended up getting the Samsung S8 (128GB) with the limited Gold color, and negotiated with livechat for more data. I got 20GB/month for $59/month. I was happy with my 6-month-old LG G6 that I got for a steal $440, and wasn't too keen on the S8. So I bought a good case and screen protector for the S8, and sold them together, all Brand New for $900. Basically, I ended up paying $25/month for Unlimited Telstra 4GX and enough Data for me (still have a NBN-100 at home though). So it was worth it, compared to my usual $20-$35 (no contract) byo post-paid plans.

    The LG G6 was running a little too hot, stopped getting security updates, and would run out of battery quicker than I'd liked. So I upgraded that for $850 to the OnePlus 7 Pro (8GB/256GB) about 6 months back. I'm running the stock software (still on 9, waiting for bugs to be fixed for 10) and have it rooted. I'm not sure how much the LG G6 is worth, probably $200 or less. But I also ended up getting the Boost Mobile sim pack. It was on special for $240, and you get 240GB of data to use in a whole year (which is roughly 20GB/month, and less than my usecase). It also works out to be around $20 month, and I really think this is the sweet spot in terms of value.

    I looked at other plans, but nothing decent was out there. They either gave a cheap/bad phone, or they were way too expensive with lots of data that I don't need. If they were 5G and I had good reception, they would be worth it, if I cancelled my home NBN-100 connection. But I doubt that would be a realistic scenario until 2021 or maybe even 2024. Don't be an early adopter.


    I'm in the same boat, waiting to see what comes out for Black Friday before deciding.


    Same for me :( Hoping there's another great offer this year.


    FYI all, was planning on just waiting (in fact I will for my S8), but my wife's S8 has a bunch of cracks on the screen. We're about to go OS and don't want to to fail over there.

    That $999 deal for the 512Gb dual sim s10 seemed OK and would be handy OS. Maybe it'll be back. But would rather a cheaper 128GB S10 though… fingers crossed.


    Y'all must've been on the same friends and family deal I was… waiting for the deals that usually pop up around pre christmas - historically they would have started November… seeing how everyone has reached the end of 2 years around this date. Hopefully something comes along in the next few weeks. I'd even settle for S9 or Note 9 deals as long as repayments were low.

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    Yep, I'm in the same boat. Spoke to Telstra Live Chat but unfortunately they can't offer any special deals.

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      Thanks for letting us know. That was another trick I was thinking of trying.