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Telstra Friends & Family: Phone (Galaxy S8, Pixel XL + More) + 15GB Data - $59/Month (24 Month Contract)


Facebook post for the promotion

Family and friends of Telstra staff can get a Pixel 1 32GB, Pixel 1 XL 32GB, Samsung S8 64GB, iPhone 6s 32GB or Telstra Signature 2 when they take up our $59/mth Friends and Family Go Mobile Plus BYO plan for 24 months with a huge 15GB of data and no additional phone repayments (Min cost $1416. Data for use in Australia).

The offer ends 25 December 2017, while stocks last

It's basically a repeat of this deal but with a ~$800 phone included as well (on 24 months instead of 12 month term).

Compared to this $49/month JB BYO deal, you are paying an extra $240 over the 24 months and giving up $200 JB gift card & 5GB of data; however you are getting a $600-$900ish phone included instead.

If you value the Galaxy S8 at $800 (I think the cheapest deal we saw was $799 for Bing Lee) then you are paying $640 over 24 months for the 15GB contract = $26.66/month which seems like a great deal on the Telstra network and also no upfront cost required. That's probably the best value there since the Pixel XL and iPhone 6s are older models but they are options for Apple users or someone not wanting to go down the Samsung path.

CIS for the $59/Plan. 15GB data, unlimited calls/sms/mms/voicemail, no international calls.

Only available for recontract, new activations and port-ins on the $59 Friends and Family Go Mobile Plus BYO plan for 24mths with a Google Pixel 1 32GB, Google Pixel 1 XL 32GB, Samsung Galaxy S8, iPhone 6s 32GB or Telstra Signature 2. Not available with any other offer (including second service credit or port in credit) except Telstra staff discount.

Note: You may be able to receive an extra 5GB of data via the chat popup. See here.

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  • +2

    Champion ham, I knew something would come along to replace my aging S5

  • +1

    not bad, plan comes out to be around 700 for 2 years.

  • +3

    Will I be keeping the phone or it's just a lease?

  • +15

    Interesting that S8 is comparable with iPhone 6S…

    • As if 😉

    • +2

      Sounds about right. They are similarly priced today.

    • +28

      That's because of the stupid prices apple charge.

      • +20

        That's because of the stupid prices [people continue to pay] apple charge

        • +2

          Australia is a major cash cow for Apple with one of the highest % of population owning Apple vs Android phones across the globe. Does it say that we can't afford a property but can afford to overspend on phones? ;-)

        • @virhlpool:

          It's because Australia has a generous tax system for small electronic devices so people don't mind spending more if the government is paying some.

        • @rob74:

          What do you mean? What proportion of population gets the tax exepmtion on the device price by their employer? Close to negligible.

  • +2

    As a comparison to this $49/month deal, you are paying $240 more over a 24 month period and missing out on a $200 gift card, but in return getting a ~$600-$900 phone included.

    And 5GB less per month

  • +3

    Can I get this if I have no friends that are Telstra staff

    • +12

      Just tell them you're friends with Pajeet

      • Or Rishab

        • Just like that? Won't they ask further details like employee number etc.?

        • +7

          or sukhdeep

        • +4

          @jayzorz: AYE MAN. YOU SUKHDEEP?!

        • @Munki: No, that's Ramitdeep

        • +2

          @Huntta: Beats a boring anglo name like Ben Dover, Ader Titsoff, Alotta Bush any day of the week

      • +8

        That's simply not true. Friends and family get the connection in their own name provided they're friends/family to a Telstra staffer.

        • Yes, it won't work just give the name

          I contact the online support and they said that staff plan need contact a special team and they will get your friend's detail such as phone contract for verification before they can process the application.

  • +25

    from T&Cs: "You must not share this offer on social media or the Internet. "

    • +9

      LOL yeah right… Whoever wrote that is an ostrich


    • do you have a link to this i can't see it saying that anywhere

      • +1

        Probably a troll or an Optus fan boi

  • Oh wow. I'm in the market for a new phone (Xperia Z3 Compact is on the way out) and I've been eyeing off the Pixel. This might be a great way to make that happen. Currently on a $40/month 5gb plan.

    • +10

      It's not the new pixel remember.

      • Nothing wrong with the old one though

        • +9

          Yeah, never said that. Just wanted to let nstyle know, just in case. Someone eyeing off a new phone is usually looking at current models.
          Anyway I've been negged for trying to help them.

        • +3

          @PVA: ignore the neg, you did the right thing!

        • @PVA: All good mate :D I've been eyeing off the Pixel since the 2 came out because the price is more to my liking ;) Cheers for the concern though

  • Is this the best value plan in terms of including a Samsung S8?

    • +2

      Definitely from Telstra and possibly from all providers. This isn't a normal retail plan though.

  • $600 for s8 from mobile monster
    so plan costs you $34 per month if you sell phone

    • -5

      You'd be an idiot to trade in a new phone to somewhere like that.

      No, using market price of ~$800 is a better comparison.

      • +3

        That’s a bit harsch. $600 wired into your account vs let’s say $750 and having to deal with dodgy Gumtree buyers or high eBay and PayPal fees is not so bad after all!

        • +1

          What's the realistic ebay/gumtree price one could fetch?

        • 600 net is actually equal to about 700 on eBay with eBay & Paypal fees.

  • Can this be combined with New Phone Feeling?

    • It lists New Phone Feeling in the included addons when you start the purchase process.

      Eg Galaxy S8

      Your purchase:

      Small Plan
      Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB Midnight Black
      Telstra New Phone Feeling
      International Day Pass
      $ 59 per month
      $1416 min. cost over 24 months

      • As in i can currently use NPF with my current contract. So signing up to a new contract would just cost me $149 and handing my current phone back in.

        • Ah my bad, sorry hope someone knows the answer to that.

        • +1

          @hamza23: All good. Just went through the sign up process and it gave me the option to redeem it after putting my phone number in.

    • +3

      I thought this "New Phone Feeling" was a joke alarm "new car smell"…

  • damn thats good. i got the $64 optus S8 deal about 5 months ago. this is with a better company too

  • If you have an existing contract with Telstra (but is a BYO plan contract, no handset payments), is there penalty to break that contract if recontracting to this?

    • +4

      Nope. I've "broken" my BYO contract 3 times with Telstra (to another Telstra BYO plan each time).

    • What about an existing contract with handset repayments?

  • Is anyone aware of the actual ETC as device repayments don't seem to be included?

    • +2

      ETC is normally 50% X months remaining plus whatever you owe on the handset. The S8 is worth $1176 on a plan ($49pm). So will reduce by $49pm.

      (50% of monthly spend x Months Remaining) + ($49 X Months remaining) apx

      • +2

        Come to the rescue again Dealhunter967671!

        Thanks. Big hit to the pocket to leave.

      • Can someone please confirm this? Also is there a list somewhere of the cost of the the handsets which Telstra uses to calculate remaining handset cost or is that an internal document. My switch from Optus rests on this!

        • Internal…

        • -1

          @Dealhunter967671: from what they told me today at the store is that the phone is actually free part of this plan.
          So the ETC would only be (50% of monthly spend x Months Remaining).

        • @ntz88: incorrect - the handset is a $0 DPC AFTER the discount (pixel is worth $1080 or $45/24m , s8 worth $1176 or $49/24m). Otherwise people would be able to just contract to this BYO and then recontract to a Handset/DPC Plan without penalty and walk off with a free phone. It's a discounted DEVICE PAYMENT CONTRACT. I can promise that much. You WILL incur the ETCs and that employee either didn't phrase it correctly or was misinformed. Sorry. Source: I do Telco @ JB.

  • +4

    I was just in my local JB HiFi store taking advantage of the $49 / 20GB offer and they offered me the phone options instead of the $200 gift card. They said that it wasn't being advertised but could be offered in store only. Perhaps try your local JB HiFi.

    • +4

      Which phones did they offer you?

    • +1

      You mean $49 per month with a free phone?

      • +1

        Yes. Same offer as the other post. Phone instead of gift card (and I assume 5GB data bonus as well but I did not clarify this as I had no need for the phone).

      • +6

        $49 a month including an S8? That would be incredible

    • antman - what phones are offered?

      • +2

        antman0505 2 min ago new [In another Telstra thread]

        I ported from Telstra to Vodafone this morning. I waited till the mobile account disappeared from the my telstra app and went back in this afternoon to sign up for >the deal. No issues at JB. No questions asked. They did offer me the option of Samsung S8 or iPhone 6s (32g), as per the Telstra F&F offer, instead of the $200 gift >card. They said that it was an in-store offer only and was not being advertised.

      • They mentioned a number including Samsung S8 and iPhone 6s (32G). Sorry but I did not pay too close attention to them all as I had no use for the phone.

    • which JB Hifi store did you visit?

      • Chatswood

        • thanks antman0505 - I wished I still lived in Chatswood :(

        • So let me get this straight:

          JB Hifi
          $49 monthly
          24 month contract
          Free phone (SGS8, iPhone 6S, etc etc)
          20GB Data (no rollover)
          Telstra 4G+ LTE
          Unlimited Calls, Txt, Mms
          No International Calling

          …is that correct?

          If so, I will sign up.
          Cheers in advance

        • @Kangal: incorrect - $59pm w 15gb data.

        • @Dealhunter967671:

          No, I wasn't talking about the OP Deal that hamza put up.
          I was asking antman0505, about his in-store deal …the one he got from Chatswood JB Hifi yesterday.

          It sounded like he said it was $49 and 20GB, which is why I replied to him directly, trying to clarify it.
          Unless, you're talking about antman's deal… is it really $59 and 15GB ?
          And if you are talking about antman's deal… did you sign up for it ?

        • +2

          @Kangal: antman had a brief conversation with an employee (it sounds like) and didn't quite get all the information on the plan, employee was switch selling to a different option possibly.

          Jb Hifi has two options:
          Port In $49PM, 20gb, $200 gift card


          Recontract/New/Port In $59pm, 15gb, NO GIFT CARD, Choice of S8/Pixel 1 32/Pixel 1 XL 32/iPhone 6s 32

          They're not blendable and can't have the data and price with the phone, or vice versa. They're seperate…There's no $49pm with free phone.

          Did Antman actually sign up for either deal?

        • @Dealhunter967671:

          Not sure, just have to wait for him to respond.
          If true, I will sign up Monday (working tomorrow, and I think they might be closed on Sunday).
          Will be a good birthday present to myself.

          ….but I'm beginning to doubt him.
          Not calling him a liar outright, but its a ripper deal, almost too good to be true.

        • @Dealhunter967671: Apologies for the delayed response. New member here so hit my 5 post limit.

          I hope I haven't misled people. I ended up getting the JB HiFI deal - $49 / 20GB per month - 1 year contract. Whilst the rep was doing the "paperwork" he casually asked if I wanted a new phone instead of the $200 gift card. As I mentioned previously the phones included the Samsung S8 and iPhone 6S 32GB. I was not interested in the phone and did not pursue this further. He did not mention any other changes in the contract terms. However, it appears from other posts in this thread that it looks like the free phone was only on a $59/month 2 year contract but he did not say this to me at the time so only reported what I thought the offer was.

          Your best bet would be to pop in store and ask directly.

        • @Dealhunter967671: Yes. Just signed up for option1 - JB HIFI original deal. As I explained below the sales rep briefly mentioned the free phone option but did not go into details as I did not need the phone. I assumed (and it looks like incorrectly) that this was a direct replacement for the gift card. Apologies for the confusion.

    • +1

      I just called a couple stores in Vic (Preston/Northland) and they hadn't heard of this. Seems far too good to be true (especially if 12 mo instead of 24). One guy offered me a discount on an iPhone 6S (but not for $200!).

      If anyone in VIC finds a JB that offers knows, can they post? My screen just cracked and I need a replacement ASAP.

      • $49 p.m for iPhone 6s?

      • should read: "that knows about the free phone offer". Long week.

    • Did you have to port? This deal looks like it’s for existing customers as well as porting in.

    • Can anyone else confirm the JB free phone offer?

    • Its $59/mo over 24mo at JB, no gift card, "free" phone

      • +1

        Which JB? The ones I called hadn't heard of this. Looks the same as the Telstra FnF deal anyway, might just get it from Telstra.

  • I just bought a moto g5 plus…Guess I'm gonna sell it and get a new phone

    • +1

      My friend said he'd offer you $150. I said no way man.

      • Bahahahah come back to me in about 12 months and I might consider it lmao

      • +1

        is that "friend" you haha

  • I wonder if Optus is going to "price match" this offer….

  • Just recontracted a month ago with the same price same phone for less data, any chance they will let me switch to this?

    • +1

      Give it a go. Good luck.

      • Gave it a go, they said I would need to recontract (i.e. pay out my current one of 23 months) to get the new offer but I'll be paying more in the end.

        Oh well, bad timing I guess.

  • This is a fantastic deal. Looks like I will be getting a new phone.

  • +2

    Smell Optus Family and Friend deal (25% off) is around the corner

  • Does it include a jb voucher or is that the other deal. It's not clear the way it is written.

    • Unrelated to JB offer - this is direct from Telstra.

  • Available at JB without the gift card!

    • Which JBs? The ones I've spoken to only know about the gift card. They'd repeat their name 8 times to remind me to ask for them, but swore they only heard of the gift card promo.

      • Every JB HI-FI! PROMISE! It's only on internal memos, no advertisements. You've just got Telco - Poor JB'S maybe :( edit: hint - try Northern Suburbs of Sydney, and Brisbane. They're pretty sure to know.

        • Thanks - apparently the memo hasn't hit VIC yet :). I'll wait until I see someone here have some luck with a local JB.

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