TRAKTOR PRO 3 - DJ Software from Native Instruments - 50% off - $74.50 (was $149)


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Core functionality supported by Traktor includes the following:

4 virtual decks for audio playback[11]
Automatic beat detection and grid-alignment of tracks[12]
Automatic tempo synchronization of tracks, including phase alignment options[12]
Sampling and looping[13]
Effects (such as filter, flanger, and delay)[14]
Waveform displays for visual mixing[13]
Key detection for tracks[15]
A 4-channel mixer (one for each virtual deck) for controlling relative levels and frequencies (via multiple equalizer & filter models[16])[11]
Automatic gain control[17]
Real-time track management with incremental search[18][19]
Artwork browsing[16]
iOS and iTunes synchronization options[20]
Integrated recorder, supporting internal and external audio input[21]
Support for multiple MIDI controllers and mappings[22]
MIDI clock functionality to synchronize external hardware[23]
Support for Ableton Link, to synchronize across multiple devices[24]

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