This was posted 2 years 15 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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25% off ($20 Minimum Spend, Returning Customers Only) @ Menulog


Enjoy 25% off your next Menulog order! Use code S14OBS by 23/11/19. Min $20 spend + CC payments only.

Edit: Looks like any payment method works despite T&Cs stating credit card only. Valid for returning customers only.

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    How much is the discount, when is it valid until, how much is the minimum spend? (Pretending I'm an average Gumtree user)

    Seriously though…

    The hardest part is finding someone else to eat dinner with :(

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    • I just tried on a hungry jacks order of 40 and got 9.71 off

      So delivery free and 4.bucks on 40 dollar order

      It said it would. Contact my bank but just sat there.

      Probably for the best
      Hungry Jackson isn't great for me anyway

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      What's your best price?

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      "Hi, is this still available" then never hear from them again


      "Great see you at 6pm tonight" then never hear from them again

  • Is it 25% off the total or the sub-total excluding delivery?

    • including

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    Been a long time since a decent Menulog discount, Uber Eats turning up the heat

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      Or not…

      I've been instructing Uber to NOT give myself a refund and that I just want to make them aware they are having temperature issues with the food due to many drivers not using bags. I don't want anything else but to let them know.

      What do they do… completely ignore the contents, provide myself a full refund and a credit for the free delivery promo then send myself a 'fraud warning' for complaining twice in a week!


      • -4

        NOT give myself a refund

        then send myself

        Split personality issues?

        • Why the hell would I send myself a warning for fraud?

          • @kronicmacstigator: Pity OzB has lost its sense of humour (unless maybe it involves MS Paint and vehicles of an investment nature)

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        I'd edit this but it's been replied to…

        Brain's fried after too much work! I need a couple of days off. So sorry about any typo's.

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        I've received these warnings too. It's automation gone mad. I feel there is a lack of a human element to Uber's policies and procedures.

        Heck, you can't even call Uber rideshare that I know of.

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          It's funny how uber is bleeding money yet by changing a few ways of doing things…

          I still cannot fathom how a company that literally has people buying the equipment and only getting paid when there is work, how they are losing so much! Ah well…

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            @kronicmacstigator: Because they spend so much money on trying to replace drivers with self driving cars.

      • Not the first I’ve heard this, is it from maccas? Got our first order and it was a cold mess

  • Is this single use? I received multiple codes across different account.

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      Just tried to use it again after using it yesterday. Single use per account.

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    Debit card no good?

    • Would like to know aswell!

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        Debit credit card works

    • "Credit card" only with Menulog offers seems to mean payment at the time of the order - i.e. everything except paying at the door with cash.

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    Works with PayPal as well

  • Pick up ok or delivery only?

  • I wonder if this working with this $10 extra promo for new customers…. Any idea?

    • Returning customer only
      Sorry,my bad, I didn't realise it's for new Shopback account

  • Code didn't work for me. Says invalid?

    • +1

      Worked out why, it's only for returning customers, not new.

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    Code is listed on Shopback so extra 5% there.

  • Thanks, worked for 25% off

  • Returning customer, worked for me

  • Dinner is sorted!

  • Worked like a charm. Saved 25%. Thanks!

  • Cheers. Free delivery and %10 off first order all stacked up.

    • +2

      And they stuffed up the order so got $65 credit voucher! What a win.

  • Anybody tried pickup order with this code?

    • Just tested in checkout, pick up works.

  • wack. have had a menulog account for years, says invalid? must you have ordered at the specific restaurant before?

  • anybody getting stuck at "Transferring you to your bank for authorisation"?

    • I can't even enter my card details in the Menulog or the shop back app.

    • This happened to me, I ended up paying with PayPal instead.

  • Cheers OP . Worked flawlessly & stacks with SB

  • Many Thanks @ OP.

  • Annnd mine stuffed up. Advertised cart as being $29. Once payment went through got charged $39. Welp. :/

  • thanks! thats dinner sorted!

  • You’re a legend OP cheers

  • Bought an awesome Indian feast, cheers OP.

  • +1

    Thanks! Works with PayPal. Greek feast from my favourite restaurant tasted even better with 25% off. 😀👍

  • Amazing, just worked on my $42 pizza order

  • Thanks ! Worked on my order, free delivery + 25% off first order :)

  • Thanks :)

  • Thanks!! Double win as the father in law was paying for dinner…

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