WOOLIES daily Bargain

I don't normally post my daily bargains from my local Woolies.

But from Today I'll post what is the best bargain.


PS: I threw out the BOX from the Sara Lee Premium Cheesecake $12 down to $3.

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    Do we get a new post every day just for your bargain?

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    Daily markdown due to close expiry date.

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    Which Woolies?
    From what I've seen, only particular supermarkets tend to bother with reduce to clear sales.


      Depends on the time you go.

      One of my locals reduces things by 6-7pm because they close at 9. Another closes at midnight so the reductions don’t start until around 10pm.

      I’ve seen both stores reduce, but because I’m more likely to go at 7/8, the first store appears to have more reductions than the second.

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    Meh. Coles does way better clearances. I get 2l milks for less than 40 cents quite regularly. I heard that Woolies changed their markdown system a while ago and now they don't go below cost. If that's true, just goes to show how much we are being ripped off. My local woolies are tightarses, the best you can hope for is an old soggy sandwhich marked down to $2.50 or so.


      Yeah, my local Coles (Mitcham) only marks down items that are already on the Best Before or Use By dates, and the discount isn't significant.
      Coles in Kew have some pretty decent mark downs on fresh items. Same for the Colesworths in Boxhill but I haven't been in a couple of years.


        I've found the same with Mitcham Coles, barely find anything marked down. Woolies in Blackburn North is a lot better for mark downs


      They do it by time. So 4 hours before closing etc, they reduce stuff every hour at my local. Especially HOT food ie: Chickens, Lamb, Roast, Pork etc.


    I wonder if they are donating close to use by date to things like Second Bite instead.

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    Today's bargain.

    Grabbed a heap.



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