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Crucial BX500 SSD 480GB $61.60, HP 15.6" Intel i5 8th Gen, 8GB, 500GB SSD, 500 HDD $692 + Del ($0 w/eBay+) @ Futu Online eBay

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • Laptop display resolution: 1366 x 768

    • pretty poor deal. Might as well get a laptop from Harvey Norman.

      • buying from Harvey Norman is poorer deal. It's been 7 years and looking forward to 7 more. I worked there a year and a half, it's all about how to cheat customer into paying more.

  • I'm out of the loop of SSD prices, is 480GB at $61.60 a good price?
    Need a Crucial, don't mind if it's a BX or MX500 (will most likely go BX500 because cheaper).

    Or 240GB should be $36.80.

    • I'd honestly get the MX500. The Bx500 doesn't have any SLC cache memory meaning that you only get the speed of it straight to TLC memory.

      The MX500 having the cache is honestly makes it soo significantly faster (see https://ssd.userbenchmark.com/Compare/Crucial-MX500-250GB-vs...)

      • Coming from a 5400RPM HDD performing "far below expectations" according to this same test, will it still be a significant upgrade from the BX500 to the MX500?

        It's like coming from an Atom processor, the difference between i5 and i7 is relatively minimal.

  • 480gb BX500 is $65.60 after pitch20 code. How did you get $61?

  • I bought two of the 960GB BX500 SSDs for game and general storage, they are really bad. Actually in some situations they are even worse than a mechanical HDD.

    After the computer's RAM cache runs out for writes, it slows down to about 6MB/s. It's so bad that it actually makes my steam downloads take longer as it can't continuously keep up with the 12MB/s download speed of my internet connection.

    Oh well, lesson learned. MX500 or bust.