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[PC] Red Dead Redemption 2 (Rockstar Games Social Club) - AU $66.20 @ Green Man Gaming


Cheapest so far.
The other levels are on sale too.

Platform: Rockstar Games Social Club

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  • great price but idk whether to buy now or wait until it's more patched, optimized and cheaper

    • I still haven't bought the new COD, Borderlands 3 or NFS Heat.

      Feels bad but I'm struggling to justify paying top dollar :(

      • the new COD Single player campaign is okay if you're a fan of the original MW, but not worth the > $80 price tag

        Have not experienced B3 and NFS heat so can't comment :d

      • If you have an RTX card you can get CoD for around 58-60 from r/steamgameswap. It's what I did. Game runs good for me too.

        Can just do a month of premiere to try out Heat too.

      • +1

        I also havnt bought COD on pc, way to expensive. they are dreaming

      • There's currently a free-play weekend for Borderlands 3 on Xbox and PS4. So you might be able to see if it's even worth buying at all.

    • Its been updated twice since I bought it. Can only say about the campaign but it runs very smooth.

  • Also tempted but it's not working well apparently for now

  • yeah should wait for the Steam version, which hopefully will be announced for pre-order sometime in December

  • Yeehaw

  • -1

    Does GreenMan support cloud saves? That seems important on a game like this.

    • You'd just be using the Rockstar Launcher, surely?

      • -1

        I though GreenMan was its own platform, not just a keyreseller.

        • +2

          The key is redeemable on Rockstar Launcher

          Installation, activation, and online play require Rockstar Games Launcher & log-in to Rockstar Games Social Club (varies 13+); internet required for activation, online play, and periodic entitlement verification

        • They're just a reseller

  • May as well wait a few months, GTA v was the same and ruined the game for me rdr2 is worth the wait if you want to play on Pc

    • I had no issues with GTA V, I bought on launch (physical copy too).

      • I bought the physical copy at launch too and had constant crashes along with video card issues that were eventually fixed with patches and updates along with a number of other users that was also compounded by a lousy internet connection.

  • thanks op, bought one

  • Now $65.00 on GameBillet

  • +1

    Price dropped to AU $63.32

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