Qantas Points Vs Cash


I'm trying to buy my parents 2 tickets from Europe to Australia.
The average price is 2600 USD for the flight that they want.

The other option is to use Qantas point(200k) + $600 in AUD.

Really struggling to find out if I'm getting my money's worth in points as its 1.20 cents per dollar?



    It sounds like they are trying to book 2 x economy tickets from Europe to Australia?

    At $3800AUD (2600USD)- 600AUD = 3200 for 200,000 points, they are getting 1.6c per point. That is not the best redemption rate.

    Tbh your info is not adding up.
    2600 USD for 2 tickets sounds like 2 economy tickets on a full service airline.
    However, 200000 +$600 points for 2 tickets should get you 2 business tickets with Qantas?

    Are you sure you got your info/currency correct


    Are the flights in the next few days or something? Also where about in Europe

    My last flights with Emirates from here to Europe were only $1600 return.


    I am happy with anything north of 1c per point for using Qantas points, especially to / from Europe. Cash Fares have gradually drifted down on this route so getting much more in economy is difficult. Better values can be achieved if you can find business / first class rewards tickets or to / from / within South America.


    Thanks the flights are from Tel Aviv to Perth during the month of April. They really only want 1 connecting flight which leaves me only with Thai airwaves (connecting in bkk) or Cathay (stopover in HK). Most of the flights for economy fare on qantas are around 130k pp plus tax(for some reason they quote me in GBP ). Looks like illl be spending the 3800 Aud and save my qantas points.


      i wouldn't call Tel Aviv Europe, not even close, Turkey probably but Israel is right in the middle east. For the price then yes it's dear.

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