Decent Free VPN for Phone Browsing?

Hey guys,

I'm trying to do some online shopping in the US (Macy's etc) and of course many stores won't let us Aussies see the american prices and thus how much we get rorted.

Anyway I was just wondering if a free VPN exists so I can access the American sites..

I'm a total noob so it would have to be simple to set up on my dodgy old android phone.



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    Free VPN’s are never the way to go. Plenty of decent ones with long subscriptions on sites like stacksocial

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    Getflix VPN if you have a lifetime subscription to Getflix. It's not free per se, but many Ozbargainers have a Lifetime Sub that is sitting unused.


    I use opera VPN when browsing por hub. Stops me from getting sexy ads on ozbargain


    Proton free 7 day trial use disposable emails

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    If it's free, you are the product!


    Not free but 90% on Cashback for Nord VPN - can be used on several devices so can share with family/friends. I didn't do the math sorry but I think it'd be USD$12.50 for 3 years.


      Nord VPN controversy still hasn't been fully cleared up yet… but I guess it also comes down to what you use your VPN for.

      I personally use IBVPN and have been happy with it. The apps are great, and works well on both my PC, iPhone and Synology NAS.

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    This Free VPN deal is not marked expired, so give it a try it may still work.

    Speed seems to be throttled to around 3~4 Mbps, but should be OK for browsing. But as noted in the comments of that deal, it injects ads in non-https web pages. (Yep, as said above, if it's free you are the product.)

    Edit: if the above deal doesn't work, try this one:


      I'm using for free too. It works ok. I don't have any ad in the webpage or whatsoever. It's probably because I'm not using the app provided by them to configure it. I have configured manually in the control panel.


        I don't use their app either, I use Windows's built-in VPN settings too and have indeed seen injected ads on http (not https) pages. Most sites nowadays use https, so they can't inject ads.

        Edit: an example of non-https site is (third party archive of Aldi catalogs):

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    Windscribe is good mate. No complaints, been using for years now. One of the most privacy-focused VPN's out there, and frequently run free 20GB and 50GB promos like here. They offer a free data amount which is sufficient for some browsing each month.