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20GB Free Usage Per Month @ Windscribe VPN


Greetings everyone, Windscribe are offering 20GB of monthly usage on their VPN using the coupon "FACTORY2" :)

Please Note: This overrides any other promo that you have on your account, so only apply this if you have less than 20GB currently.


  1. Make a Windscribe account.
  2. Go into My Account
  3. Go down the "account Status" and press "Claim Voucher"
  4. Enter the coupon "FACTORY2" and redeem.

As always, enjoy :)


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Both referrer and referee get extra 1GB/month. Referrer gets Pro upgrade after referee upgrades.

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  • Any free VPN services that allow you to select Australia without paying? I want to access FOXTEL Go while overseas.

    • If you have an old PC around just set up your own VPN?
      I think xvpn offers Sydney servers, not sure if that applies to the Windows/macOS versions though. Also not sure what they are like, I only use it for testing small things.

      • Need it for iOS, so no PC being lugged overseas.

        • Ah, did you happen to get this deal when it was on? Zoog offers AU servers if I remember correctly.
          Not sure what free VPNs offer AU servers. The best option is setting up a VPS or VPN on your home network I guess.

    • Getflix (It's not "free" but many people here have a Lifetime subscription that they already paid for)

      • Huh?? They were asking because they didn't have one clearly..

        • Most people bought Getflix Subscriptions to dodge Netflix Geolocation.
          Their VPN service only came available around the time that Netflix access was discontinued for Lifetime Subscribers, as a result many people have access to Getflix VPN but are unaware of it.

  • Hi OP, is this for 12 months?

  • If you’re already on any higher gb subscription plan, do not enter this voucher code, it will override your previous offer. FYI

  • Currently on a 50 Gb. Pass for me but nice find.

  • My 50gb stopped working for some reason on one of my computers. My dad also had his free 50gb stop the other day. I will send him this link thanks.

  • Is Windscribe good?

    Is this a nice safe way to get 20gb downloads for free?

    • Yep, have been using them for the past couple of years now. They're one of the most privacy-focused VPN's out there, have great support and have a Discord server, subreddit, great community. Can't recommend them enough, let me known if you have any other questions happy to help.

      • Cool thanks

        Is selling blocks of GB a new thing with VPNs?

        I used to pay for CyberGhost monthly, and it was good, but I no longer feel the need to use it regularly. Paying a few bucks for 20GB / 50GB makes sense to me though. Can rack up a list of albums, movies to download

        • Each VPN has its own business model. It varies from VPN to VPN, but the majority have you pay for unlimited access. Here Windscribe gives you 20GB for free anyway, and has given away 50GB many times before. So there you go :)

          • @Zazer: Nice. thanks for that

            I'll have to check them out :)

          • @Zazer: Actually, couldn't you create multiple email accounts to get multiple free 20 / 50 GBs ?

            • @davedrastic: Technically you could, but having multiple accounts is against their TOS. And they're a VPN company, so I'm pretty sure they'd know all the tricks in the book to try and hide your identity.

              I think 50GB free data is a pretty sweet deal anyway, if I was using more than that I think it'd be rude to not pay, they don't charge a lot. $9 per month, $4 if paid yearly, isn't a lot. They even have a build-a-plan option where you can pay $2 for unlimited data at any location of your choice. All options here.

  • Works fine on Chrome extension on my laptop and desktop. But

    Weird I can't get winscribe works on mobile phone (Xiaomi mi max 3)
    It says connected but when I open YouTube (and winscribe goes to background, it will get disconnected)
    Already gave all the permissions.

  • are there any limitations for torrenting Linux distros?

  • I have the 50gb free promotion thing from before added to my Windscribe account. But in the recent few months, I noticed that Windscribe doesn't work as well as it used to. When I press connect, it takes much longer (around 2 mins) to load. Also, sometimes it randomly disconnects from the VPN.

    I have tried this on my Laptop, PC and phone, but happens to all of them.

    Is it just me, or has anyone else also experienced this?


    Does it work in china?

  • It's free account with access to limited servers.
    Can't complain. Occasionally using it

  • Thanks OP.

  • Thanks OP.

  • Signed up to watch netflix US. This deal does not include their netflix servers, need to upgrade to (IMO overpriced) premium plan to use them… Hopefully this saves someone else the waste of time.

    • Not sure why anyone would be wasting their time when it says nowhere that this offer entitles you to their Netflix servers. And I would wholeheartedly disagree that they're overpriced, $2/month for unlimited Netflix US sounds pretty good to me.

      • It says nowhere that this offer doesn't entitle you to their Netflix servers. Zazer, other than voicing your opinion, not sure what value this comment adds. I for one know watching US netflix in Aus is possible with windscribe and was under the impression the 20GB could be used for just that… Thanks ebaypus for clarifying this for everyone who didn't know

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