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25% Off Dell AW5520QF Alienware 55" 120Hz 4k OLED Gaming Monitor - $5249.26 Delivered (was $6,999) @ Dell


25% off this epic OLED 4k gaming monitor.

From the site:

The world’s first 55" OLED gaming monitor. Featuring 4K resolution, true-to-life colours, low input latency and Alienware Legend Industrial Design.

Grab yourself a nice stocking filler before christmas!

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  • That is a big mofo…

  • +1

    what makes this better than any other 55"TV that I can plug a hdmi into for gaming that doesn't have the words gaming on it ? ( asking for a friend )

    • -1

      Its 4k, 120Hz and has display port as well as HDMI….and says…uh….gaming on it too.

      Edit: not sure how this compares to an LG OLED. Don't think it does 4k 120Hz…

    • +3

      Same difference between TVs and monitors as always.

    • 4K @ 120hz

      • +1

        Doesn’t the LG C9 do that? And it is getting gsync support too.

    • You're paying 4k premium for additional 60hz frames. Maybe some better colour reproduction and grey to grey times. Obviously not worth it, but the people who buy it don't care.

    • rainbow lights

  • +1

    What a stupidity, monitor… So how far do you sit from this if it's on your pc desk and you have to have a wireless mouse, keyboard, roll yourself far…keyboard on your lap, mouse… :/

    • +1

      It's probably more aimed at lounge room gamers who have a gaming HTPC set up…not everyone uses a desk.

      • +1

        So it's a living room tv

        • Well, no - it's a large gaming monitor.

    • +1

      IDK, I run a 40" and 28" monitor. I think a 55" with the 28" would work well. Lot's of desktop realestate and great for FPS gaming when you need to headshot someone at 100 metres.

  • I would consider this if it was $3000-$4000….but I really I don't understand why this is so expensive it's like Dell is charging commercial panel prices.

    • It may very well be using a commerical OLED panel.

      • That would explain a lot if true.

      • At 400 nits? More likely it's an off-cut 2018 LG OLED with a sandwiched-in controller board and way too many R&D dollars spent on producing a few hundred units.

  • Makes Apple's Pro monitor look cheap. Yeah - no.

    • +8

      this one includes a stand

  • Bargain!!! I might get 2 ;-)

  • Don't forget cashback!

  • +3

    Why would you spend almost double for this when you can get a LG C9 which has all of these plus real HDR this panel can only do like 400nits..

    • Because the specific audience who this targets will happily throw money at this.

      • No, it's because they're stupid. It's an LG TV with a DisplayPort output added.

  • -2

    Thx OP, bought 4..

  • +1

    We’re gonna need a bigger desk…

  • laughs in 2019 LG OLED

    Have fun paying for a prototype!