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18 Chicken McNuggets + 2 Large Fries $8 @ McDonald’s via mymacca's App


Today's deal is a Mates Share Pack for $8 Includes 18 Chicken McNuggets and 2 Large Fries

Credit to original deal

Just to confirm it is 18 McNuggets according to this comment the push notifications said 24 McNuggets however in the app it says 18 McNuggets.

According to this comment by jv and this comment by gstfree the 18 McNuggets are in the form of 3 boxes containing 6 McNuggets in each box. Note: packaging seems to vary by store as according to this comment by gilbarc he/she received there nuggets in the one box instead of 3.

This would usually cost $12.45 for 20 McNuggets (According to Frugal Feeds McDonald's doesn't sell 18pc McNugget's so 20pc is the closest) and $6.70 for 2x Large Fries which means the usual price for all this is $19.15 which means your saving $11.15

Note: Prices vary depending on the store the items are purchased from.

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    you make me fat boii

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    Pretty sure it's 24 nuggets not 18?

    • +6

      18, says so in the app.

      • +2

        Confirmed, I finished them all.

      • 18 nuggets plus if you fill in the Feedback form, you can choose from 3 items, small chips, 3 pack chicken nuggets or soft serve cone with any purchase by means this deal. If you choose the 3 nuggets equals to 21.


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    I got a push notification from MyMaccas that it’s 24 nuggets but in app it’s 18… if it was 24 that’d be a great deal since that’s usually $10 on its own.

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      Yep, I got that notification earlier today as well.

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      Thanks for the info, added to OP.

    • Yeah like 18 isn't

  • +4

    It’s 3x 6 packs

    Plus you also get 3 free sauces !!!!

    • +13

      It’s free after you pay for it.

  • +2

    so salty

    • +1

      Ask them for fries without the salt.

      • True , and it’s much fresher and hotter as it’s cooked separately

        • +4

          No way do they cook each fry separately…

      • Then they're no good!

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    Yo Macca's - where was this deal during winter. We're trying to look good for summer! Great deal

  • Maccas making ozbargain fat again

    • I was fat once.. don't recommend it

      • +1

        It would be more of an issue if you were recommending being fat

        • yeah (profanity) that. It can give you this GERD shit where you need to take a proton pump inhibitor to stop the acid reflux, it burns so much. No longer

  • +4

    "share" pack

  • Ordered one and was given 3 x 6 packs.

    • +1

      I hope you don't feed your baby chicken nuggets

  • Mine was 18 nuggets in one box

  • Maccas was definitely crowded today alright, fresh and hot nuggets and chips.

  • Origin price is $9.98, $8 is only a small profit.

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      Better than giving out free stuff and having a loss.

  • +1


  • I see 10 nuggets for $8.10 on the frugal feeds, $12.45 for the 20 pack. (Or 9.95 for 24) So you’re actually saving over $10.

    • I must of mixed the 20 and 10 pack prices up, fixed OP.

      Thanks for letting me know.

  • -1

    The posted 8 Chicken McNuggets + 2 Lrg Fries $8 is NOT in my mymacca's App?
    What do you need to click to get this?
    Is this a hoax?

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