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Razer Phone 2 AU $462 @ RazerShop


I saw the Ad pop up while looking at my facebook. I am not sure if it's price error, but you can buy Razer phone 2 directly at Razer Shop for just AU$462.00.
You can save an extra $15 off with their newsletter code.


Thanks to @yeviisxc

It looks like you can reduce the price furthermore if you have Edu access by applying the Edu discount code. The final price will be dropped to AU$392.70

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  • +22

    Still not worth it imo

    • +9

      Would it be worth it when it was 1c?
      But yes, I agree with you

      • +2

        For $400, it's definitely worth it.

        Just compare it to the Sony Xperia XZ Premium: both have front-speakers, 16:9 IPS screen, 120Hz display, water resistance, and Stock Android. In terms of cameras, battery life, and charging speed… they're about equal. However, the Sony gets a headphone jack, whereas the Razer gets a second rear camera. The most tangible upgrades with the Razer Phone 2, is the QSD 845 and 8GB RAM performance, and the much much louder volume of the speakers. So it's worth it. There's the Pixel 3XL to consider as well.

        • It isn't realistic to say the sony has 120hz display, it can support it via a hack which no one is going to do

      • Never mind

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    Sign up for their newsletter and get an extra $15 off

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    Can get an additional $15 off, comes down to $447 when you sign up for the newsletter:

    Subtotal: AU$1,249.00
    Discount: -AU$802.00
    Free Shipping: AU$0.00
    Total: AU$447.00

  • +1

    massive battery!

  • +1

    Wow that is poor battery life, with a 4ah cell! Dear smartphone makers I don't skip leg day, give me a phone that lasts a damn day without needing charging twice!

    • +2

      Samsung A70

      • Agreed.. I've got the a70 for $460 when it came out with a pricematch and the battery wow.. 4500mah 2 days battery

    • asus rog phone 2 - flagship specs with a 6ah battery

    • Oppo Reno Z

  • How does the DAC compare to LG g7?

    Edit: doesn't even have a 3.5mm jack.. how is this even a gaming phone then?? Shocking

    • +5

      It has a 24-bit USB-C DAC.

      • Lemme guess shared using the charging port? Zz

  • +5

    Keep in mind, despite Australian warranty, you will still have to pay import duties and possibly GST on this to the shipping company. My friend got sprung by this.

    • Thank you for saving my hard earned money…OZB is already ruining me !!

    • +3

      GST is included in the $462, it's invoiced as $420 + tax

      • -1

        Good to know. Likely just the 5% import then.

    • +1

      No import duty as it's under $1000.
      GST would be charged at checkout if it's going to be charged.

        • +5

          Yeah it is..

          Goods that arrive by mail and have a declared or assessed value of AUD1000 or less, there are generally no duties, taxes or charges at the border, unless they are alcoholic beverages.

          However, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) may be collected by overseas vendors of such low value goods when imported from overseas by consumers in Australia (excluding alcoholic beverages). GST will be charged at the point of sale and not at the border.

    • +2

      It's not how it works. Import duty & "general" GST apply only to items over $1000, charged by Department of Home Affairs at the border. "Low value goods" GST applies to items under $1000 & only if the seller chooses to opt into the Aus Govt GST regime, charged by the seller at checkout.

      • -5

        It's literally written on the page that "Custom fees may apply", and going from a friend who bought it when it was around $800, they certainly did apply to him.

        • MAY apply

          • -4

            @frankfurtman: Ok, let's ignore the rest of my sentence, sure.

            • @Anders: you can say whatever you want, you didn't provide the receipts. My friend bought it when it was around $800, they certainly didn't apply to him. There, it balances out

        • +1

          Your friend was very unlucky. I've imported dozens of phones and never been hit with customs duties.

          • -2

            @sinners007: It was very specifically the Razer Phone 2 from their store

    • -1

      U sure about this… like I could be wrong but I feel it should fall on the company and not the customer to pay those fees…. did he check with fair trading, ect?

  • Supposly there is a razer education discount of 5% of phones

    • treid but no beuno - doesn't apply

    • +4

      It worked for me, final price: AU$392.70

      • how?

        • +1

          I tried to apply the 5% code they sent and it didnt work, then I tried the 15% and it worked! Enjoy guys

      • Sounds like you got 5% of orginal price so roughly a 10% discount on final price

      • +8

        Still not worth it. It's a bad phone

      • -2

        What's the code pls

        • i believe you have to register for it with your college/school email id (.edu.uk, etc)

  • +1

    Definitely not a price error, $310 in the US from BestBuy ~ $440 AUD.

    might be a good price, but I can only see these things dropping in price fast.

    • +1

      yeah checked the ebay sold listings, selling ~400 - 500 mark

  • Looks like a decent spec'd phone, what's the downside?

    • +3

      3hr 45 min battery life Wifi and Bluetooth on because of the 120hz QHD display.

      • +1

        You don't have to run it at 120Hz.

    • +3

      LCD screen and not OLED
      Bad Battery life
      Bad Screen to body Ratio
      Average camera

      Only thing interesting about the phone is the 120 hz display

  • +1

    Was really tempted to get this for playing Pubg, but the screen is smaller than my Galaxy S9. No thanks.

  • Price dropping fast

  • Is this US version or AU version?

  • That sold out fast

  • +3

    Yup, I was waiting for the Student Discount code email to come through, although after 45 minutes, nothing was sent through. Kinda frustrating that we missed it.

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