This was posted 10 years 4 months 7 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Civilization V $11.98 @ GreemanGaming


Best deal for Civ V at the moment. Also can be activated through Steam. :)

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  • Nice game, nice price

  • Grabbed this last night. Worked fine.

  • Thanks. Just got it then.

  • Thanks. +ve from me.

  • is this any good for mac users? i'm out of sync with this whole steam integration stuff. is it platform independent now that there is a mac version of steam? cheers

    • If you have a game on Steam, you only need to purchase it once to be able to play it on both platforms.

    • The Civilization V on Steam has SteamPlay, which means you buy it once and you can play it on Mac & PC.

      So yes works fine on Mac.

    • I bought the last deal (from gamersgate). It has an "Install" button in Steam on my mac, but I haven't tried installing it as I have a cheap lenovo for gaming. In contrast, BC2 is listed as "not available on your current platform".

    • +3

      Awww.. You mac users are adorable.

  • Thanks! Bought :-)

  • Awesome, purchased! (Gave key directly and I put it in Steam, now downloading.)

  • Kicking myself for paying $80 for this around release

    • Hey I'm sure you got your $80's worth.

      I'm on my way to getting $12's worth. xD

  • Thanks - Bought it

  • +1

    Just purchased and activated on Steam. Well worth it.

  • I heard the multiplayer is broken, any feedback on that?

    • It's not 'broken' just the simultaneous turn system breaks traditional gameplay.

  • Got it a couple of weeks ago and cant get it to work. Would be nice if there was an exe file or something that bypasses steam. Might have to download rip and try it with the steam key. (loads of people having issues trying to run it on lap tops)

  • Just purchased from Greenmangaming - what a great price, thanks!
    I've installed steam, input the Civ5 activation code and am now downloading the game via Steam.
    Hope all goes well, cos this is the first game I've bought online.

  • +1

    Great price, retails at $80 on steam. I am using a laptop and have no problems - they have recently released patches so the game should run fine for people who experienced problems in the past.

    • Yer I had no issues here, hell I used a non legit iso to speed up the download as it's effectively just a steam backup file + installer that they ship it with in retail form. Worked a treat. Picked up all the DLC's as well given my save games were using the DLC and couldn't load them otherwise. Still for roughly $35 got everything.

      • whats this DLC thing you speak about ??

        • +1

          You have the base game plus downloadable content (DLC). E.g. addon's to the game but in smaller doses. Generally around the $3-10 mark depending on how much content it adds. There are a couple of packs you can get for Civ5 which include a number of DLC's which work out cheaper although at the end of the day if you buy the whole lot from say greenmangaming they are bout the same price individually as they are in the pack plus the rest are cheaper from there than say Steam. Steam still has it listed as like $80 sigh

          But anyway there are new maps, new civilizations e.g. Greece, America, Asia etc that are downloadable by way of DLC's. And yes they cost $$ but they are cheap enough that you can get everything for around $35 including the game itself.

  • Great find!

    Looks like it's jumped back to the normal price. I was just in time because I logged off after purchasing it at $11, then went back to the link and it was back to #39.95!

    Lucky me :-D

    • Nice one :D

    • Indeed lucky you.

  • DAMN IT MISSED IT AGAIN!!!! second time!

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