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Kogan Premium DC Motor Pedestal Fan 2019 Model $79.99 Delivered @ Kogan


Greetings everyone, Kogan have a great price back again on this fan, but also includes free delivery for everyone now :)

Give your office and bedroom an upgrade with the new and improved version of the popular Kogan Premium DC Motor Pedestal Fan, now adjustable to three different heights to fit any space!

  • 3 Adjustable heights – doubles as a desk fan and stand fan
  • Ultra quiet and energy efficient DC monitor fan
  • Uses up to 65% less energy than traditional AC fans
  • 12 Versatile speeds with oscillation function
    8 Hour timer and auto shut-off after 12 hours
  • Blue LED display and remote control

As always, enjoy!

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    Anyone got this? How's this compare to the last year one, that have like 26 different level and Ultr quiet sleep mode of 10 level.

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      Ozbargainer feedback fron last thread:

      redpen on 14/11/2019 - 22:03
      Reading the description of this one.. I'd cancel the order.

      This one:
      + 12 Versatile speeds with oscillation function

      Previous version:
      + Standard Mode: air speed is constant, as set by the wind level. 01-26 levels are standard.
      + Natural Mode: the fan will simulate natural winds, with windspeed changes which will create the feeling of being out in nature.
      + Sleep Mode: the fan will blow slowly and quietly, suitable for use during sleep.
      + Intelligent Mode: based on the temperature and wind speed when this mode is started, the speed will change according to the temperature. When the temperature is below 20°C, the fan will stop. If the temperature then rises above 20°C, the fan will start again.
      + Silent Mode : fan blows in silent mode; it has a total of nine levels for adjustment.


      lostincanberra on 23/11/2019 - 16:56 new
      OK. It has arrived and is assembled. Working.


      Nowhere near as nice as build quality as the version I purchased a year ago.

      Getting the guard to line-up and lock in place was not joyful.

      Good to see that the Kogan logo is even bigger. But! It doesn't strobe OR flash. Be thankful.

      Height adjustment seem to involve removing/adding sections of threaded tube. Very tasteful. Could have been cardboard. Again. Be thankful.

      'Loss' of additional speed steps is no issue. Bottom speed seems silent to my ear…

      Seems to remember the last speed used - which is a (rare) plus.

      Overall, fan seems decent. A pity that they saw fit to piggyback on the good reviews for the essentially unrelated earlier model (yes they are both fans - but qualitatively quite different in terms of build).

      So. I'll keep it and mark down the review based on marginally ethical promotion of the product.

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      Man am I the only one who have this problem where I cant sleep when the noise of the fan is not on?

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        yes me too in summer the fan has to be on the noise or i cant sleep


        So you run the fan every time you sleep 365 days a year?

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          Yes even during the winter. The fan will be facing the wall during winter. Its weird I know.

        • +1 vote

          That's me. I like the noise of a fan. I find it comforting I guesd.

          Without it i seem to focus on every little noise rather than switching my mind off to sleep. Dogs barking (the worst). Fridge motor turning on, house settling etc.

          The fan just helps me ignore everything and fall asleep. I tend to set a timer though unless it's really hot..once I am asleep it's fine. Its just my mind wondering when i go to bed that's the issue.

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          I'm like this. Purchased one of the Aldi high velocity (and high volume) fans. Can't hear anything outside with that blasting away.

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        Yep know what you mean. In summer we have a split system which purrs away on slow and other tomes of the year an exhaust/extractor fan with the windows open to pull through ambient air. It works surprisingly well as often the inside temperature is several degrees higher than outside so reduces the need for A/C. Note - the fan uses a decent quality ball bearing for the motor shaft so doesn't squeak like so many do in bathrooms etc….

        A quiet room just seems strange now….

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    This one certainly doesn't seem as good as their previous model.

  • +3 votes

    Pretty sure last years model was a rebadged Kambrook. Currently on special for $139 at Myer although you may be able to find it cheaper!

    • +1 vote

      I've got both and while they're both good fan. The kambrook one is built better IMO


      Kambrook don't manufacture the fans, they purchase from the same manufacturer that Kogan does.


      You were right!, the remote look exactly the same as last year kogan one!


        Kogan is a rebadge of midea. I have the earlier model. Pretty solid. Over 3 years now.


          Yep. This model looks to be a re-badged Hyundai with a different remote which for the Kogan only cycles up and around in circle, whereas the Hyundai has + & -.

          For all I know another brand like Midea makes them for both, who knows lol.

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        I purchased from Kogan last year but wouldn’t again. They have the worlds worst customer service.

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    From the last thread, the kmart smart fan was also a good alternative choice to look at. Warranty and returns probably easier through them too. Plus supporting a brick and mortar store…


    Got one from the last deal, agree about the guard being a challenge to put on, but over all it was perfect for my needs and quiet

    • +2 votes

      Yep sums up my experience. Although I can't compare to last year's model… It's alot better built /quieter than the cheapie fan it replaced.

      Anyone know if the beeps be muted?

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    How would this compare to the Aldi $40 "easy home" pedestal fan that is becoming available on the 30th?

    • -3 votes

      How on earth would anybody be able to answer that if it’s not available yet?!


        It's been available in the past. I have one. Was saying that as a reference point so people would know what I'm talking about.

        • +1 vote

          The Aldi one doesn't seem to be DC. Just looks like your bog standard pedestal fan with a remote.

          probably noisier, less speed settings etc.

    • +1 vote

      aldi sold a $79.99 40" DC pedistal fan on 23 oct. it might still be available. specs:

      5 blades for strong airflow
      LED display
      3 wind modes (normal, natural and sleep)
      15 variable fan speeds
      10 hour timer
      This DC powered pedestal fan offers superior, energy efficient and quiet performance in your home, office or business
      Its DC motor provides a high torque at a low speed, meaning greater airflow and less energy consumption – up to 70% less than conventional fan motors


    What does this do that a $15 fan of the same size from cheap as chips doesn't do?
    I get that it has more speed control, but it's a pretty big price increase just for that functionality.


      Comes with a remote… Quiet on low settings… Doesn't shake, rattle and roll… Remembers last speed setting…Timer and auto shut-off… That's all.

    • +1 vote

      I have both $15 cheap fan and $80 kogan fan (last model) purchase both around 1 years ago.

      $15 fans pro:
      very light, easy to move them around.

      $80 Kogan fans pro:
      a lot of fans speed (include natural which act like wind), lowest few speeds very quiet and very low air moving
      heavy and stand firmly
      come with remote
      auto turn off
      power saving (claimed but not sure this one)
      looks better (my opinion)

      I think $15 fans will do the jobs for me most of the time, except when i need
      low speed
      auto turn off
      able to use remote (don't have to walk to the fan at night)


        Awesome thank you for the response, when you put it like that it deff's sounds worth it.

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    If this is the same model as last deal… it's actually White LED and gets really bright but also shuts off probably a minute or less after use. It has a hum noise at higher speeds around 6-12 but at lower speeds it's fairly quiet. I liked it and could easily say I'm a fan.


    Any user feedback in this?

    $119 after the code with free shipping


    Do these babies sound like jet engines on the lowest setting? Recently bought a fan from Bunnings and it sounds like i'm on the tarmac at Kingsford Smith?

    • +2 votes

      No - not in my experience. Even though I'm disappointed with the 'downgrade' from last year's 'Kogan Premium DC Motor Pedestal Fan', the fan is pretty near silent on the lowest setting and noise on higher settings doesn't approach the ear assault-levels that I've experienced from some cheapy purchases in the past.

      [Jimothy Wongingtons quoted my review near the top of this post].

    • +1 vote

      Not at all. We are both very light sleepers and if the neighbours cat farts during the night that is enough to wake us up. If use this fan on 'nigh time' mode, setting '3' or below then we cannot hear it at all. If we need a bit of white noise to help us nod off then 4 or above. We have 3 of these fans for different rooms (well, the previous models, not this specific model).

      (Edit, the one in the bedroom does make a bit of a creaking noise if it's on oscillating mode. Drives the Mrs batty so we just point it at the bed without oscillate. )

  • -1 vote

    my fan is a full metal fan, i like sturdy design that wont break or it wont make that whizzing noise if its been on for 10 horus straight, i remember all my previous plastic fans eventually started making that winning noise after 10 hours, its like an annoying tick in the garden.

    my current one is all metal even the propeller so it does not make that noise BUT in the expense of being too loud as a motor, like even the lowest setting would blow the highest setting plastic ones in terms of cooling power. for night time its not ideal, does the kogan one make that winning noise if its been on for a while?

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    Wondering how it compares to the Kmart $89 WiFi fan.
    I get that it has more adjustable speed levels and it’s AC vs DC.
    Have been thinking of getting the Kmart unit for a while.


      I have the older version of the DC premium and recently bought the kmart wifi 40cm.
      I would say the kmart build quality is as good as the older kogan version or even better.
      The kogan makes some clicking noise when the oscillation is on and vibrates when it is on the few lowest speed but the kmart is completely free of any noise or even vibration.
      Only has 8 level of speed on the kmart one and on level 1 to 3 it is near silence. On level 4 onwards you can start to hear the noise but it is slightly quieter than a normal fan. Weirdly it won't remember the last on speed setting (always turn on at level 5) but it will remember the oscillation on or off setting.
      On the remote control there are buttons to turn off the beep and the red colour LED display. Good things for me is I can integrate it in the Smart Life app and routines and use Google Home to control it as it connects to the wifi directly.

      Ask me if anyone wants to know anything else about the kmart fan.


        Is the Kmart one DC motor?


          I don't believe it is DC motor. I bought the Kmart one a few months back and returned it. The build quality wasn't great:

          • really hard to connect the base. Had to force it.
          • the lock (screw) for the safety cover was busted.
          • vibrations even at lowest speed and more so when oscillating.

          May have just gotten a dud but I suppose good build quality means good QC.

          Being able to control from fan, app, remote and voice assistant is good though.


            @microsnot: Wow. Sounds like the only thing you had in common with the same model ( both bought in last few months, but one could be a different model ) from "mike82" above's comment is they both have smart features.


    Have owned it for over a year now and all I can say is - Fabulous - specially for that price!

  • +1 vote

    I'm not a fan


    this fan or this one Kogan Cyclonic Evaporative Cooler


  • +4 votes

    I still have flashbacks to being on hold with Kogan mobile support, where they looped the Hall and Oates song "Maneater", non stop while I was on hold with them for close to an hour.
    That experience scarred me.


    Does anyone know if this model has the beep sound when u press on button? How to disable the beep sound of previous model?


    I like my fans a bit loud to sleep. Does this one get loud?

  • +1 vote

    So this one is not as good as the last one. Is the last one still available? If not, is it still a decent fan for $69?
    Also what exactly is a DC fan?

  • +2 votes

    How's it compare to the Arlec 40cm Smart Fan available from Bunnings?

  • +1 vote

    Is it just me or do alot of the Kogan prices looked jacked compared to a month ago?

    I swear this was 119 a month ago now 149 before discount

    and this kettle, definitely $99 a month ago now 149

    should have taken a screenshot then.

  • +1 vote

    This or the XIoami one?


    I bought 4 fans this year and my best buy was the Atomic Cool at Kogan.


    can't find were to enter coupon code?


    You cannot turn off the 12 hour auto shutdown which is very annoying. I need my fan to run all the time, especially with it being so efficient.

    There is no way to bypass the auto shutdown.

  • +1 vote

    +1 on "Getting the guard to line-up and lock in place was not joyful", I nearly smashed the fan I was so frustrated. I would have sooner thrown it into a black hole if I didn't lay the fan flat and put both knees on it to snap the cover on. This was after I "modified" the cover by bending it furiously.

    Overall, fan is OK. On speed 1 it is very quiet, going from 2-3 is quite a large step change. If there was a setting between 1-2 it would be perfect for the bedroom at night, 1 really isn't much airflow.

    After about 3 weeks of light use the oscillations started making a clicking noise, particularly noticeable from speed 1 to 4 - so no more oscillation setting at night time.

    Disappointed like many others with the build quality, it's more acceptable at $79.99 but at full price it's just not worth it. Base is solid but the mast and head area are very light and plastic-y. The Xiaomi seems to be more appealing based on reviews.

    If I could go back in time - maybe a Kambrook or Sunbeam DC for quality and warranty support. Alternatively a Vornado and go the circulation route - or Dyson (most likely a Gumtree special) because I don't like money?