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Castrol Magnatec 5W-30 Stop-Start Fully-Synthetic Engine Oil - $19.99 @ Autobarn (In-Store Only)


Part of their Christmas Mega Sale.

Great price for fully-synthetic oil. Picked up a couple of bottles this morning. Date codes on the 3x bottles I have are all 02/2019 which is a nice change, though YMMV.

Stop-start refers to stop and start traffic, not stop-start engines (see the info page here.)

Limit 2 per customer.

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    Can check what grade of oil your car needs here:

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      I am just wondering what the neg voter wanted to convey.

      You should not check the grade of oil your car needs?
      The checker gives wrong results?
      The checker is biased towards Caltex lubricants?
      TEER3X gave bad advice?
      TEER3X should shut up?
      TEER3X should not have voted + on the deal?


        I was thinking the same, but they probably thought I was trying to push Caltex products or something. No dramas.


          Sorry, see my comment below.

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          Here is one that pushes Castrol lubricants. Simply enter your car's number plate — you don't need to remember the make, model and year of the car.


            @alvian: That one gave three different models (same engine) - recommended 10W40 and 15W50 for the 2008 model, and 5W30 for the 2008+/2012+ version so I'm not a huge fan…

            I'm sure it'd run on 15W50 but it's considerably thicker than what's recommended so probably not ideal :(.

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        Sorry, that was me - forgot to reply.

        Firstly because it's promoting Caltex stuff (wouldn't neg if only for this though) and doesn't always provide the rating, but just a product code (in some instances like mine).

        It also recommended 20W50 for my JB Grand Vitara which is well off the manufacturer-recommended 5W30, so I'm reluctant to trust it. For the JT GV with the exact same 2.4 engine it recommended 5W30.

        Probably better off to stick to the manual/manufacturer's site, or put your model in the Supercheap site.


          I'm guessing that because the JB is a 10 year old model it has recommended a 20W50 oil for older engines?

          Did the same for my hobby car. Though that one is over 40 years old.


            @Tiggrrrrr: If the engine's really worn out and burning a lot of oil it'd make sense to go thicker, but 20W50 is a big jump from 5W30 for a ~10-year old engine.

            The Caltex site recommends 10W30 for a 1998 AU falcon for reference.


          Yeah that link was crap. This one is better (for Castrol products ofc).


          It thinks my Rav4 has a 5.0 litre engine.

          And even then, it won't provide an oil grade.



        Both my vehicles return: "Refer to Dealer"


      this is probably a better site to check which castrol oil suits your vehicle



    Which would people prefer? This or Castrol Edge or Penrite HPR-5?


    Unbelievable. I paid $13 for 1L just to top up last week.

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    Immediate thought was to see if SCA had it in stock to get the best price guarantee. Strangely not.

    They list it on the site but none of my locals had it in stock. Anyone else have the same issue.

    (Big positive from me, great price).

    EDIT: I found out why. SCA sell a exclusive version (6lt) which will prevent them from being price matched against Autobarn. Smart.



    I need 5W-40 but great find

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    "Great price" - er insane price!!! - thanks :)


    What is difference between this and


    Can I mix them?



    what the heck "start stop" suppose to mean? How different is this to Castrol Edge 5W30


    Heaps in stock @Clayton store VIC

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    In Store Only: Please contact store to check product availability

    Ergh. I hate having to talk to people.


    Would this oil be okay for a 2004 4cyl toyota camry with 190k?
    My manual reccomends 5w30,10w30 and up, given my higher milage and the warmer temps coming up, is it better that I just go 10w30?

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      Your cold crank temp is the first number, the warmer weather factors more into max temp performance (the last number)…. so there would be virtually no difference to a 5w30 and 10w30 with "warmer weather".

      How's the Camry for leaks?
      If she isn't leaking or burning through the oil with the 5w30, stick with that. You'll get slightly better fuel economy.
      190k is getting up there, but no real need to thicken up on oil unless you need to.

      With heavy towing or big trips, I'd consider going up to a 40 (if manual says its ok) to give better high temp performance.
      I live in Canberra, so a 40 is rarely required and I'm more concerned with cold crank protection on the colder mornings… so a 5w30 is used in all my cars.

      Depends on where you live and what type of conditions you drive in.


        Cheers for the in depth reply buddy.

        I just replaced the valve cover gasket and that's no longer leaking anymore (no other leaks from gaskets/seals in the engine that I can see). The valve covers are notorious on the camrys of that era so I hear, no biggie though. Generally still a great allround car even approaching the 200k mark

        Im sold. I'm off to buy a few bottles tomorrow.


    Now i have a 2012 Mazda 3 Maxx sport 2.0l manual sedan but none of Supercheap/Autobarn/Repco say it matches when I enter my car details there.
    Then when I check the official Castrol website,


    and check the 'Oil Selector' it takes me to the page below,


    which actually recommends this for my car. So anyone to clear this confusion?

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    How long can I store this oil? I already have 3 years of oil, 6 bottles.


    Are the API grades backwards compatible, this is API SN, and my owners manual recommends API SL or SM. Interestingly the owners manual says the engine can take any weight between 0w-20 to 20w-50! Ha!

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    Full synthetic 5w30 for under $20?!
    I jumped on a recent OzBargain deal for Nulon semi-synthetic for $15, but I reckon this deal is even better!

    Good find OP, thanks for posting.


    This is ridiculously cheap. I went for a drive and got 8 from 4 different stores


    Thanks OP bought 2. Topped up my reserves!


    The oil selector says my Ford Focus requires the A5 version of this to meet the Ford WSS-M2C913-A/ WSS-M2C913-B/ WSS-M2C913-C/ WSS-M2C913-D spec (bold is what's in the manual).

    So this oil isn't suitable then?

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