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OnePlus 7T Pro 6.67" AMOLED Octa-Core LTE Smartphone (256GB/US) $926 AUD / $628.95 USD + Delivery @ Fasttech


Considering there's a post on the front page with this phone (CN Version, Global Rom) for $1,064 from Becextech, I thought I'd try and save people $138 if they want to wait two days for fasttech's 15% off deal with code CYBER15

The OnePlus 7 Pro will be $823.76 AUD / $559.25 USD if you'd prefer that.

Personally I wouldn't buy either and wait for the 5g version, but it's still a fantastic phone if you're happy with 4g.

Original Coupon Deal

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    Personally I'd recommend waiting for the Oneplus 8 as honestly there really a whole lot of difference between the 7/pro and 7t/pro.

  • +3

    What about import tax/GST??

    • I haven't been charged GST on my vape gear imports, but haven't bought anything from them in over a year so it may have changed. Ask their customer support before you buy.

    • -2

      if you import up to $1000AUD worth of goods you dont need to pay any tax for it been told bby one AU post guy not sure how true it is

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    What happens when the phone breaks? How does warranty work?

    • +4

      in my opinion never by any thing from over overseas if you do when it comes to warranty you will be regret it to death that happened to me once :(

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        Happened to me too. I would NEVER, EVER buy a phone without local warranty.

        • i totally feel you. i even had to pay for post and wait for 3 months to get my phone back

      • Oh yep I was thinking that's the case, thanks. I would take the gamble with a cheap phone, but not something this expensive.

  • What's the difference between a US flash and an EU flash (for the Maclaren model)?

    • +1

      Power adaptor is all I'm assuming.

  • Anyone bought from these guys before??

    • I buy my vape gear from them as they are the cheapest place around. Never had a need to return anything yet. The main complaint I hear is that postage is slow, but that's the case when you buy from any HK/China store.

    • I've bought heaps from these guys, never had a problem.

  • Under details it says no Google Play support. Is this a thing for OnePlus phones?

    Edit: reviews aren't so positive https://au.trustpilot.com/review/m.fasttech.com

    • +2

      Because it has Hydrogen OS, you can download the Oxygen OS zip file from the OnePlus website and use local update option on the phone to swap to it. Takes no longer than 15 minutes

      • Oh okay thanks for letting me know!

  • Do people actually buy the CN version with Global Rom? Seems like a gamble/pain to me.

    • The only difference with CN version is that it's packed with Hydrogen OS instead of Oxygen OS, other than that everything is exactly the same. Once you flash OOS through "local update" there is absolutely no difference at all

      • I thought there was an LTE band difference across them, but I can't find the source for this info now. I guess if Global OS is pre-installed then no issues at all.

  • Awesome phone, Soo zippy.

  • +2

    Thanks for the post. My opinion is 5G won't be super relevant for some time, there is so much work to be done to roll it out to the masses and burbs. Don't let the lack of 5G put you off, still a great deal for a flagship phone.

    • Yep, and there is already a OnePlus 7 Pro 5G version anyway… and that's been attracting criticism for receiving much less support/updates from OnePlus than the non-5G versions.

  • +1

    Current price of $962 plus $26 for DHL shipping ends up being $1179 at checkout.
    Even with 15% discount it will still be a little over $1k. Not a great price at all.

  • +3

    Where are you getting 817AUD from, 628usd = 926AUD.

    Also these prices were jacked before they introduced the coupon codes (or at least they were having a different sale for the whole last month)…

    I have been watching the standard 7T on their website, was $490USD a couple days ago, now it is $556USD, even after the current 10% off TURKEY10 code the 7T will be $501USD, still more expensive than it has been the whole last month, not much of a thanksgiving code fastech. Though after 15% off will be $472USD (if they don't jack prices again)…

    • $739.95 USD *0.85 = $628.95
      If you change the currency on their site to AUD it's $961.93 *0.85 = $817.64
      Either way it's still cheaper than the last deal posted, which was the only point of my post.

      • You've been mislead, you can't purchase in AUD from fastech, only USD, it says right under currency selector:

        "Note: FastTech prices are charged in USD. These other currencies are displayed for your reference only."

        You better change the price in the title post to $926AUD.

        • +2

          Cheers updated the post, now only a saving of $138 but it's still decent. Let us know if you find it any cheaper somewhere else in the upcoming sales.

  • Same price at the deal from the beginning of the month. Prices just got jacked up.

    Been eyeballing a 128GB 7T for a while now, bit annoyed that the deal isn't better but will still probably pick one up. Is the EU Flash variant the one to go for?

    • As far as I'm aware the CN version and global version are identical aside from packaging. Only difference between US and EU flash version will be the plug on the power adaptor.
      I'm waiting to see if buybuybox.com have a special come BF, they have a count down to a sales event on their site. They are already cheaper than FastTech and charge in AUD. I've recently purchased a 7t from their site and there are many people happy with their purchase from them on the whirlpool 7t / Pro thread.

      • Very tempted to get 7t on BF, if there are no good deals on Samsung or Google devices.. Do you know how long it'll be till you receive your 7t from buybuybox?

        • Seems to take a week or so from HK. I ordered Friday and it's now shipped with a Toll tracking no.

  • Very close to the usual eBay sellers. Not really that great of a deal.

    • +1

      Yeah plus eBay sellers can be held accountable with PayPal and eBay buyer protection.

  • How much is shipping? (To Sydney)
    Because eBay is not much more expensive about 950-980 for Tpro. And I find that eBay warranties are a little bit better.still pretty dodgy but better. I have sent a phone back to a Chinese eBay company and they did fix it(forget getting your money back tho).

    • Its about $15, and $26 for DHL. I bought my last OnePlus from Ebay too, probably can get it cheaper somewhere other than fasttech but they're a decent backup option.

  • Has the price risen again? I see it at $765.95 US which comes down to $651.06 US with the coupon. This currently converts to $962 AUD :-(

    • Yes, price jacked to counter the coupon again unfortunately.

  • +4

    Anybody seen a better black Friday deal for this phone?

    • +1

      Pretty hard to find OnePlus bargains. Used to be great when eBay had 15/20% off everything but those days are long gone unfortunately.

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