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Black Friday Sale: 20-40% off Selected Products @ Barbeques Galore


Some good deals on smokers.

Traeger pro 22 for $800


Bradley digital 4 rack $640


Those are the 2 I'm looking at. Not sure which way to go so would like some feedback if any enthusiasts out there. Cheers

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  • Between those two, treager for sure.

    Though as a Kamado Joe owner, id pick something else ;). (though KJ costs a bit more than those 2)

  • Oh temptation…
    I was looking at finding a second hand Smokey mountain..
    Was also looking at pellets before.
    Kind of tired looking after brisket smoking fires with my current cheap smoker and the idea of pellets made it easier but I hear pellets don’t impart as great a flavour profile.

  • Can personally vouch for the Smokey Mountain. Once you figure out how to dial in the correct temperature settings, they're consistent as anything.

  • How do the Ziegler Brown Bbqs compare to a Weber?

  • Can anyone recommend a full family sized standalone stainless steel BBQ? One with 4+ burners. Nothing fancy, just well made for the $$$. Get one from Barbeques Galore or Bunnings?

    • Get a Weber Family Q if you want a quick, easy, consistent BBQ.

      Once you figure out how to BBQ with the lid down you won't go back.

      They are also fairly tough. I have set for to mine on a number of occasions doing lamb roast.

      • Thanks for your reply. But I only BBQ with lid off and it will only be used for fast searing (reverse seared) rib eye steaks and the occasional prawns and crays. I already have a charcoal BBQ for the slow cooked stuff. I read the Webers are not great for searing?

  • Picked up a Traeger Timberline 850 today for $2,639 (20% off). Those bad boys never go on sale. Bargain!

  • I chose the webber over zeigler as webber are worldwide and zeigler are aus only.

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    https://www.barbequesgalore.com.au/campaquip-griddle-plate-f... for all the people who are getting a Weber Q1000 from this deal: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/499588.

    Use code BLACK40

    $44.97 C&C or add $9 delivery. About $30 cheaper than anywhere else and it's actually usable as a breakfaast plate; not like the tiny Weber plates.