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Yellow Tail + First Choice Liquor Get a Weber Baby Q for $149 Promotion (Total ~ $240)


Not a bad deal if you need wine for Christmas parties etc. Handy second bbq for the truck or ute. Camping? Take both. Ok to the deal…

If: You purchase any twelve bottles from the Yellow Tail 750ml range from First Choice Liquor in a single transaction;

And: You visit www.winwithyellowtail.com.au/weber and submit the online form including a clear image of proof of purchase;

Then: Purchase one Weber Baby Q Q10000AU Titanium LPG (RRP $339.00) for $149.00 including delivery via the site. Once payment is successful, claimants will receive their bbq within 28 business days.

Example cost of wine: 12 x big bold red = $91.60

Total price thus: 149 + 91.6 = $240.6

Eligible Products:

Yellow Tail 750ml Bottles of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Big Bold Red, Sangria, Chardonnay, Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Pink Bubbles, White Bubbles, Prosecco, and Rosé.

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  • Cheapest I can see for the Weber baby q is $288-$30=$258 on eBay from the Goodguys

    • This is delivered though… add $38 for delivery.

      Decent price for C&C though

    • How many bottles of Red does it come with? :)

    • So, effectively you're paying the full price for the Weber Baby Q but you get the 12 bottles of wine for about $20

      • I paid $91 for 12 bottles of various whites (C & C), so with the Baby Q costing $149 (delivered).

        My total is $240. Which is $99 less than the rrp of the Q alone.

        Very good value since my better half drinks white which I generally don't - a win for me @ 8.00 per bottle!!

        • Question is: Were you planning on buying 12 X Yellowtail i.e. wine the of choice to begin with. If so, then a great bargain and that's only assuming you were also in the market for a Baby Q.
          In your case, this indeed may well be how it was hence a great bargain and the stars aligned just at the right time. Enjoy both :-)

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    Use CLICK2000 at checkout to get 2000 Flybuys points. Another $10 off.

  • It’s a shame the yellow tail range tastes like shit

  • From the Full Terms and Conditions:

    Eligible Products: Yellow Tail 750ml Bottles of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Big Bold Red, Sangria, Chardonnay, Moscato, Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon Blanc, Semillon Sauvignon Blanc, Pink Bubbles, White Bubbles, Prosecco, and Rosé.

    Participating Outlets: All First Choice Liquor stores.

  • 'CLICK5OFF' for $5 off - or 'FREEDEL' for free delivery 👍

    • You can't use more than 1 code right? So depending on how far away you are from a First Choice, you're better off using Amex to pay, either the CLICK2000 (worth $10) or FREEDEL code, and going through CR for 7% cashback. Worth noting that CR has the FREEDEL code listed as an eligible code but not CLICK2000.

  • Buy wine for about $100, buy q for $149, sell on eBay/gumtree for $249…free wine?

  • So for those not worried about their social credit,
    1. Make an order from first choice for pickup.
    2. Use the email receipt to make the above claim.
    3. Turn up to your first choice and cancel the order or return for credit and buy other liquor you prefer.

    • +1 vote

      You could try that at Dan Murphy's but you wouldn't get a BBQ since it's only available at First Choice.

    • Or just: "First Choice will store your purchases for 5 business days for you to collect before it is returned to stock and your credit card refunded the purchase price. Ensure you collect your orders in time."

    • Their Ts&Cs

      The Promoter reserves the right to request verification of age, identity, residential address and any other information from claimants relevant to claiming this offer. Verification is at the discretion of the Promoter, whose decision is final. The Promoter reserves the right to refuse to provide a gift any individual who provides false information, fails to provide information, conspires with others to gain an unfair advantage or is otherwise involved in any conduct that involves manipulating, interfering or tampering with this promotion or otherwise preventing the conduct of the promotion as intended by the Promoter. In the event of such problems or conduct, then the Promoter may (where necessary with approval from the relevant lottery authority) modify, cancel, terminate or suspend the promotion.


      • Yep, I saw this and just went 'no thanks'. There's no way to get out of this with fake details as they're tying you in with a shipment. Essentially, you're selling your soul for a BBQ…

        'Claims remain the property of the Promoter. Details from claims will be collected and used for the purpose of conducting this promotion (which may include disclosure to third parties, including local lottery authorities, for the purpose of processing and conducting the promotion) and for promotional purposes surrounding this promotion. By entering this promotion, claimants consent to the use of their information as described and agree that the Promoter may use this information, or disclose it to other organisations that may use it, in any media for future promotional, marketing and publicity purposes without any further reference or payment to the claimant. Claimants may access, change and/or update their personal information and obtain a copy of the Promoter’s privacy policy by contacting the Promoter on 1800 255 966 during office hours.'

    • so essentially, one can get the bbq for only $149?

    • Mine has been approved and paid for, see what happens!

  • Is yellow tail wine that bad? I know some people that love it, I didn't think it was bad last time I tried it (many years ago). Has it changed?

    • My experience is that it is a generic wine, almost certainly blended fruit from multiple vineyards, with a business focus on an extremely large export market. It is an acceptable drink IMO, in situations such as a BBQ or similar.
      I think it is still family-owned, so worth supporting if only for that reason.

    • I think it's fine. I've had worse.

    • De Bortoli casks are better, the sparkling wines are to avoid, Pinot Gris used to be one of the better ones

    • It's a step above cleanskins, I usually reserve this stuff for cooking if i get it as a gift

  • This is a pretty bloody great deal. I have a Family Q and am tempted by the portability of the Baby

  • Do you think they will check the details on the receipt with First Choice? Or just sight it?

  • Purchases online ok?

  • Anyone had the Yellow Tail Prosecco? My wife likes an Aperol Spritz during the summer. We normally use the De Bortoli Prosecco

  • Great minds , just thought the same thing !

  • Can anyone tell me the easiest way to get the online receipt on one file for uploading? It's too long for a simple screenshot. Can use either windows 10pc or android phone

  • Hit the CBD and give out the Yellow Tail to the homeless - at least they'll appreciate it!

  • Anyone lucky enough to get the claim email yet?

    • Got it 2 mins ago

    • Got a “Your claim has been approved” email, have until 2nd Jan to pay. But I can’t wait that long, so after making payment, I immediately got a receipt through another email

      • Same here. Claim approved, payment made and receipt received yesterday.
        Will post here when it arrives to let people know the time frame involved.
        ps - wine purchased on Tuesday and my better half has already finished off two bottles ;-)

  • I'm in (but still waiting for claim email). Just bought a caravan so only just started looking a BBQs today - great timing OP!

    $91.20 of asstd Yellowtail
    - $10 worth of Flybuys
    - $6.10 of cashrewards
    + $149 for the BabyQ
    = $224.10 for a BabyQ and 12 random bottles. Happy!

  • Just got my claim approved email and paid the fee :)

    Now the wait begins for delivery

    • Are you going to pickup the wine order or leave it in the hope of refund?

      • I uh had to fly to Antarctica urgently for some business so I won’t be able to pick up the order unfortunately:/

  • Is this weber with high roof and temperature guage?

  • will a babyq suit a small family of 4?

  • Nowhere seems to be stocking the Moscato for C&C - can't get it delivered either!

  • Met up with a friend of mine in NYC and he said he like Australian wine and gets yellow tail in local liquor store. I felt sorry for him. Only if he was coming for Christmas

  • Great deal irrespective of the wine esp. if you need a compact bbq. The way I see it I always need wine! I bought in. Got half doz Shiraz which is an acceptable quaffer (had it before), half doz Pinot Grigio, and 2 'big bold red' which will be interesting. Put the receipt in Sat, got approval email Sunday, paid the 149 now it says you will receive bbq within 28 days. With the wine purchase, I used C&C so the receipt was in my First Choice account - easy to to save to PDF and upload to the promo website.

  • Thanks OP! I didn't even know I wanted a BBQ until I randomly saw this post. To make matters even more interesting, I'm not even a wine drinker. Hopefully I'll acquire the taste because I've 12-mixed bottles of whites heading my way.

    Purchased the mixed dozen Saturday around 2am and uploaded the receipt shortly after. Approval email was sent late Sunday night. I just hope the barbie arrives before chrissy holidays! Cheers again.

  • thanks OP!

  • Anyone have their money for the BBQ taken yet and have any delivery info?

    • Money taken on 28/11 but still no delivery info

    • The $149 for my Baby Q was put on 'pending' in my bank account on the day of confirmation - 28 Nov
      It was deducted from the account two days later, presumably when they processed the order - I think that means that a Baby Q has actually been allocated and therefore will be despatched.
      No delivery info so far, a week later….

  • Anyone got Delivery info yet?

  • No delivery updates for me yet…

    Anyone here got something?

    • On paymnet it said 28 business days will be delivered so dont expect anything by Christmas.

    • the bottom of the form now shows

      All orders placed as of this point will be delivered in January 2020

      dont know when this point started, by i guess this means earlier orders may be dispatched prior? im not hopeful though.

    • Have just received my Baby Q this morning.

      Ordered on 28 Nov
      Order processed on 30 Nov

      Just noticed that the Consignment Note Date on the box is 11 Dec, so presumably that was when it was dispatched.

      • Did you get an email saying it was dispatched? I ordered/processed same dates

        • No notifications since 28 Nov when I received an email advising that my order had been approved.
          Nothing advising that it was on its way or that it was due on the actual day of arrival.

          Definitely NOT Aust. Post/StarTrack, who normally do send notifications.
          The shipping label says M3Logistics (www.m3logistics.com) - never heard of them, from the webaddress an American based company.

          Probably depends on where you're located. It looks like it took 4 working days for delivery. I'm in a major regional centre (Canberra).

  • Got mine today too!

  • Got mine today too. Payment processed on 28th Nov.

  • -3 votes

    Got mine today too. Also haven't picked up the wine so it's been refunded. Winning

  • thanks OP . it fits nicely on the folding stand of baby bassinet I was about to chuck out in council clean up!

  • bbq arrived yesterday - approved 1/12

  • Got mine yesterday morning. Payment processed on 11 th Dec. No email though.

    • Wow that's a quick turnaround!

      Purchased mine Dec 4th, still waiting… fingers crossed for today.

  • Did anyone have an issue receiving the payment email? I submitted my receipt through the comp page on the 12th of dec but never received an email for payment etc. I tried to re-upload a week later and the page stated only 1 per household so it seems it went through the first time. I've sent 2 online enquiries through the yellowtail contact us page (1 before expiry and one yesterday) and again no response for assistance. Any ideas anyone? :)

  • Received mine immediately (in my junk)

  • My payment was processed on November 28th. No sign of the BBQ yet.

    Anyone else had payment processed on 28th and not received yet?