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Your First 3 Subscription Orders of 2x 250g Specialty Coffee $11 (50% off) @ Pablo & Rusty


Got this code with dogfood from petcircle. Worked for me hopefully ongoing till it gets OzB'ed probably.

Good to get something worthwhile from another online store.

Wish it was 50% off their store as wanted to try the christmas blend and the nitro cold brew cans (24pack)

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Pablo & Rusty's

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  • I thought this is subscription for dog food deliveries.

    • apologies for paw english

      where were you, when doggo eats bean

      i was at cafe sipping latte when cat ring

      'dog is kill'

      woof in peace

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  • Thanks OP, got a single origin subscription. Works out $9 for a 250 bag vs the $15 - $18 a coffee shop will usually charge.

    Thanks! Great Deal

  • Be careful not to mix them up, I don't think they'd be much difference in taste.

    Went to a tasting session - very disappointed.
    Grabbed a bag of Porter St. Tasted worse than supermarket beans.

    Although: their single origin is alright. Local cafe uses it.

    • ??? Porter Street is great and is used by many cafes in Sydney. Always fresh, good body and plenty of crema, great for espresso and milk drinks. Nothing complex or special but it's a hell of a lot better than supermarket beans.

      • Well, I'm simply providing my experience. I would still recommend Pablo and Rusty's, just not that one. I understand if it's an unpopular opinion though.

        • i agree porter street and trailblazer were well below expectations
          single origin is good though, especially the yirgacheffe

  • Thanks OP, was $12 for me though.

  • Mine comes up to $18 (500g single origin). Is this the total for all 3x500g shipment or am I to pay $18ea for the next 2 shipment?

  • have they killed the code? not working for me. anyoine else got the same problem or is it working for others?

    • Probably I'm sure the OzB business helps but it's too good of a deal to run unhinged. Could have kept for myself but that's not da wey

  • Confirmed not working for me either :(

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