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Kogan SmarterHome 1.7L Glass Smart Kettle with Alexa / Google Home Integration $49 + Post @ Kogan


I don't drink tea or coffee (I am fuelled by Diet Coke, always purchased at $1.60 per Litre or less). My wife however drinks a cup of tea every hour. So every hour I am asked to get out of my comfy chair and boil the kettle. (As a married man I live in hope of one day having sex, so I never refuse).

I have searched the internet to find a Google Home-enabled kettle to save me at least 50% of my current chores, but had until recently not found anything suitable for a 240V/10A/50Hz outlet.

Enter Kogan with their SmarterHome kettle. Except when I found it last week, it was $160 plus delivery, so I added it to my wishlist. Today - price has dropped to $49 plus post.

Score! In fact I might even score.

It's Kogan so it may only last 6 months, but it'll be worth it.

UPDATE Thanks for the love guys. Showed this post to my wife (who looked annoyed at my post, but the laughed at all the comments). Had sex. It was good. Just like I remembered.

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        • +3

          Some kettles wont leave the switch down unless it has power

        • +1

          You want a smart device to do what it is supposed to do everytime. Not just sometimes or when you forget to preplan

      • I'm thinking there is an opportunity here for someone to make an induction cooktop with automation features. Fill the kettle the night before, then when you wake up "Alexa/Google, boil the kettle on the stove".

    • +2

      Most kettles switch the actual heating switch off (I can't think of a better term) once it's boiled. So a smart plug can send power to it but won't be able to actually turn it on it.

      • I do it by turn the smart plug off and turn the boil switch on. The next day the smart plug will turn on in time and boil the water.

        • +2

          so every time you want to boil water you have to pre press the switch? lol doesnt sound smart to me

          • -2

            @SimBech: No, hence it's the solution for dumb kettle. At least it will boil me water 7am in the morning so at 8am I can drink it.

          • +2

            @SimBech: @SimBech: One would assume you access the kettle after you've boiled it, so could easily leave the switch in the on position then

      • +2

        But you then need to empty the contents into a tea cup anyway so you will have interaction with the kettle after boil. Rinse repeat.
        This would only work if the button always stays on even without power

    • +1

      Not burn the house down

    • Boil water.

  • +2

    Score for OP saying he might score with this score of a deal.

  • +4

    LOL this description indeed is brilliant.

  • +12

    When are they bringing out the app to turn on the wife?

    • +4

      Been waiting since this was announced 18 years ago…https://www.wired.com/2001/02/implant-achieves-female-orgasm/

      • +3

        LOL…..Sandra you've hidden the remote to the Gasmatron, haven't you.

      • +1

        Don't wish for something that makes you surplus to requirements!

        • +2

          Username checks out.

    • They already did


      • Not Suitable For Wives……………(just the girlfriend)

  • +4

    I was the 69th upvote and then read your story. How fitting 😂

  • +4

    Lol I like you OP

  • +2

    Not sure if you're joking, but diet coke is not that good for you either.

  • +1

    Every hour and still not enough to please your wife.

  • Bro, ween yourself onto pepsi max, $1/L all day every day.

    If you want to treat yourself coke zero/diet vanilla is solid imo. Pepsi vanilla sucks.

    • I am happy to.spend the extra $1.80 per day on diet coke vs Pepsi Max….some sacrifices aren't worth making (horses for courses)

  • Rest assured you will get more 50% on other chores. That what happend when I bought dyson wireless vacum, then xiaomi robot

  • +15

    Wifi kettle. I mean how lazy are we becoming that this is an actual issue? Half the time the kettle doesn't have enough water in it, so you need to get up and go to it anyway.

    It's almost like a solution when there wasn't a problem.

    • +13

      It really makes your blood boil.

      • +1

        No, that was the Chinese hacking into your backdoor

    • For the ultra lazy, someone should wi-fi this-

    • It could be set up with automation/timer, so when you wake up your kettle has just boiled so your coffee is ready to go.

      Eliminates that little bit of decision fatigue. (Not that I could justify spending the money on it).

      Plus some people enjoy automation.

      • Or you could just start the kettle before your morning wee. Come back and it's coffee time.

        I have a coffee machine but I still need boiled water to preheat my coffee cup. Gotta be HOT.

    • Ahh a self filling kettle! What a brilliant idea for an invention!

    • This is basically the reason the intranet was created…
      I'll just leave this story here for future generations ;)

  • +1

    Plus one for the description

  • +9

    Instructions unclear. Ordered kettle but I still haven't had sex with OP's wife.

    • +42

      Glad it's not just me then

    • -3

      It's not clear who it is OP is talking about having sex with-

      (As a married man I live in hope of one day having sex…)

  • +3

    Cheers. Ordered one for somebody’s Christmas present. Not sure who yet, possibly my own.
    1 month is enough time to find a wife that likes tea, right?

    • Your stakes are high, you might have to travel to Turkey :P

    • I love tea and would marry anyone who makes me a tea every hour.

      • Divorce coming up

      • +2

        Marriage is the easy part… Would you have sex though? :p

  • Thanks bought

  • +2

    Anyone know if it has a sensor in it to detect if it has water in it? I'd be worried I would forget to put water in it, and it would burn out or worse…

    • +2

      From the manual:

      • If the kettle is "ON" without water, the kettle will automatically turn off (the blue indicator light will turn off). Slide the switch downward to the complete OFF position.
  • I leave my phone about a metre away from the kettle, I think I'll be able to walk that extra metre to switch it on.

  • +1

    I just bought the non smart phone version of this for $29. Seems decent enough as I have no need to connect my kettle to my phone lol

    FYI for others


    • +1

      i read your comment the other day and i did the same a few days later :>

  • UP vote for the description.

  • +3

    +1 for the deal, +100 for the story

    • +1

      You should probably +1 the deal for the comment to be valid

  • +1

    I am very surprised at the amount of love for this kettle, which was this price as recently as the 15th of this month. I would have purchased if it wasn't for the many reviews re the sticking lid. Must be for the great description.

  • +1

    Will this kettle re fill itself ?

    • My thoughts exactly. That's some app…

      • not only can it refill itself it can pour itself too.

      • +1

        Alexa* will be able to do that in a few years.

        *Alexa is my 1 year old daughter's nickname ;)

    • if ever there was a solution in search of a problem, this is it.

  • +1

    The kettle will last 6 months, but you won't.

  • +1

    10/10 description, would read again.

  • I am waiting for the kettles to smart enough to refill

  • +1

    Nice Deal, Great Story :-)))
    As a married man I live in hope of one day having sex, so I never refuse
    Too true….

  • +1

    +1 from me for op's persistence and optimism

  • +5

    Have you considered getting a hot water flask? It will reduce the amount of times you have to boil water. If you get a 1.5-2 litre one, you only need to boil the kettle once, make your wife a cup of tea, then fill the hot water flask. When you need it next, the water is already hot and you don't need to wait for the kettle to boil. I used to boil the kettle for a hot drink 3-5 times a day. Now, it's only once a day.

    • This is what I do. I also just top up the same tea leaves so they last for several cups.
      Also how I know boiled water tastes different, drink the water from the flask once it cools down (need 2+ days for a zojirushi) and you can tell it was once boiled.

  • +2

    Great story. If I was working for Kogan, I would have sent you free ketle just for description.

    • Now that's a good idea. If I'd been smart enough I wouldn't have picked on them in my post ("it's Kogan so it may only last 6 months"…) 😆

  • +1

    Maybe a large thermos to store boiled water in might be more convenient. But then you might lose your bargaining chips, haha.

  • +2

    I'm annoyingly tempted to buy one of these…

  • Do i need to get out of my sit to refill water or does alexa do this too?

  • Watch out for the oxalates in tea. Just sayin'

  • +1

    I can't believe I missed a whole thread of good content. Cheers for that OP.

    I wish you all the best on your sexual endeavours, and hope this purchase will make it easier for the duration of the kettle's life cycle.

  • +2

    The lid mechanism isn't very strong and stopped closing properly eventually broke

  • +2

    One child I guess

  • For people want a better quality, you might want to try xiaomi smart kettle.

    • Is it au plug

      • I think so, my friend brought in at Xiaomi shop in Sydney and he lovessssss it.

    • No Amazon echo or Google home voice turn on

  • Man, so confused, is this post receiving so many + votes for the sex or because this a good product? Feel like I'm missing out now!

    • +2

      Feel like I'm missing out

      the kettle or sex ?

      • Why-not-both.jpg

    • Just buy it and hope for the sex. best

  • everybody gangsta until they digitise the kettle

  • Great post OP, and a good bargain. +1 from me, even though i'm not buying it but can confirm the rest.

  • Sex sells.

  • Thanks OP for description. I’m still not sure if your wife is happy that you’ve now had sex, what do you think she’ll do once she finds out?

  • +4

    That update though.

    OP's wife delivered.

    • Thank God for kitchen sinks.

      Wonder if Alexa was listening in 🥰️

  • +4

    Too many comments to read(still at work).
    Just to double check: this kettle comes with free sex, right?

    • Yeah, get the sex with the kettle. Bargain!

    • Yeah, and some cashback too! (If you are new user) ;)

  • This is amazing.

  • +3

    Best description and follow-up feedback ever.

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