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Kogan SmarterHome 1.7L Glass Smart Kettle with Alexa / Google Home Integration $49 + Post @ Kogan


I don't drink tea or coffee (I am fuelled by Diet Coke, always purchased at $1.60 per Litre or less). My wife however drinks a cup of tea every hour. So every hour I am asked to get out of my comfy chair and boil the kettle. (As a married man I live in hope of one day having sex, so I never refuse).

I have searched the internet to find a Google Home-enabled kettle to save me at least 50% of my current chores, but had until recently not found anything suitable for a 240V/10A/50Hz outlet.

Enter Kogan with their SmarterHome kettle. Except when I found it last week, it was $160 plus delivery, so I added it to my wishlist. Today - price has dropped to $49 plus post.

Score! In fact I might even score.

It's Kogan so it may only last 6 months, but it'll be worth it.

UPDATE Thanks for the love guys. Showed this post to my wife (who looked annoyed at my post, but the laughed at all the comments). Had sex. It was good. Just like I remembered.

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  • +1

    Thanks OP , snatched up one of these.

  • This kettle can be hacked and flashed to Tasmota. Apparently can fully control it, and keep it warm. Someone should be able to get it working with Temp readout soon, too.

  • +3

    If anyone is actually considering buying this and not just loving the OP 😆..

    I got mine today. The build quality is average, not very solid and has a light, cheap feel to it. But not a deal killer IMO, considering the price.

    It was easy enough to set it up using the app, same with linking it to google, instructions included. It only works with 2.4ghz wifi for anyone with 5ghz only.

    Even though it had a temperature sensor, you can't actually set the unit to heat up to a certain temperature which is weird. You can set a warm up temperature which it will heat up to and keep at that temperature for some period of time.

    The water does heat up much quicker than my previous dumb kettle which I paid $80 for. And looks a lot prettier with the clear glass. But the kettle water area lights up a bright blue when it's heating up which is a bit ricer mod. But might appeal to some people 😋

    It's also not very obvious when the kettle is on "keep warm" mode. The blue light doesn't light up when it's heating the kettle to keep warm, only when the power button is used.. so keep an eye out so you don't waste electricity.

    Overall, an okay buy for $60inc shopping. I would not pay any more for it.

  • Plot twist: OP got hired to write marketing content for Kogan! ;)

    • +3

      When I finished my pharmacy degree, I wasn't sure I wanted to be a pharmacist. My standard answer when people asked me what job I wanted was "I want to write marketing campaigns for pharmaceuticals". (Didn't get hired for that either, but thankfully found a lot of enjoyment in my profession). Never imagined I'd be unintentionally promoting a kettle 20 years later…

      • Finishing my pharmacy degree here, I didn't think I would be contemplating buying this kettle.

        • Congrats! Are you doing a hospital or community internship?

  • Tempting, i have a fancy Breville smart kettle and its not very smart. Still need to get up to boil it and cant remote access it.

  • +1

    $49 for a kettle? does it cook breakfast

    • +4

      If your breakfast is cup-a-soup then YES

  • +2

    upvoted for the truth bomb alone. The struggle is real!

  • this is tempting, should i buy this kettle in a hope will have the same happy ending as OP?

  • Sorry if someone posted already

    Kogan Smart Kettle and Tea Maker

    $35 FROM $109

  • I want to know why when we renewed our kogan mobile plans this week we got a receipt with no GST? How does Kogan evade GST now everyone has to pay it??? Blatant Tax evasion?

    • if Kogan doesn't charge GST it is you who is being charged less tax and it is you who is saving. Not Kogan, think about it ;)

      But I doubt they evade GST, given that they resell voda on mobile and they will pay Voda and Voda (presumably charges GST) hence, Kogan will pay for GST (from buying from voda) but not receiving GST from you, Kogan is losing out. (if what you say is indeed true, which I doubt)

    • Tax evasion is very different to tax advoidance.if you think they're evading tax you need to report them.

      • From the ATO- "Generally, if you sell a voucher for its stated monetary value and the holder is entitled to redeem it for goods or services up to that value, you don't account for the voucher on your activity statement until it is redeemed. Similarly, if you buy a voucher and are entitled to an input tax credit for the goods or services you obtain with it, you don't claim the credit unless you redeem the voucher for taxable supplies."

        However we are buying for a business so we need GST on our recipts to claim it back.

  • +3

    Just in case anyone wanted to integrate this into Home Assistant, you can use Tuya-Convert:


    Once converted it can be controlled locally with no connection to Tuya's Cloud. Work's really well.

    On a side note its a bit insane my Kettle runs a web server and a MQTT client now.

  • As they say.
    "sex sells"

  • Back in stock..

  • Have my kettle now. I can't for the life of me figure out a way to disable the keep warm function. Lowest setting is 40C. The kettle will be coming on all the time now. Does Kogan do power plans as well?

    Also found it hilarious that the instruction manual specially instructs you "Do not leave water standing in the kettle. Discard unused water."

    I'm gunna try to return mine. Thanks anyway OP.

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