OzBargain Way to Buy iPhone 11 / Pro

Hi all.

Black friday is approaching fast. Planning to upgrade my phone.

Please share the strategy to get the best price ie. combine cashback, gift card? Prefer local stock.

Sadly, I am not travelling overseas, so cannot claim TRS.

Or should I wait closer to Boxing day?

Note. This question is only for Apple fans.

Thanks all.


  • Apple sent me an email saying during black friday/weekend they will give giftcards back after a purchase.
    I expect an Iphone 11 will warrant a high amount back.

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      Latest models are not usually included in these promotions.

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    Best way: subscribe to ozbargain notifications for that product

    forum way: buy on ebay/gumtree from suspicious seller with no reviews. Bonus points if you accept an unknown payment method.

  • ozb way is xiaomi

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    Ozb way is don't spend $1500+ on a phone.

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    Damn. I know an insane deal on right now. But unfortunately this question does not apply to me.

  • Student 15% off discount?
    Or grey import.

    • Student discount of 15% across the board is long gone.

  • If you are after the latest iphone, you can only expect 10% discount at most. It is how it is, its a premium phone with a premium price.

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    The ozbargain way is to not buy Apple products. It doesn't matter what kind of 'deal' you get, you're still being ripped off.

    • this is the definitive answer. and i'm not saying iPhones are bad. they are actually excellent. but the price - HELLLL no.

  • all depends. what model, colour, and capacity are you after op ?

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