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Oculus Rift S $569 Delivered @ Oculus


Been waiting for this after selling my CV1. I feel it's the most well priced VR headset on the market currently, especially for it's tracking.

Vader Immortal Oculus Quest Bundle is also available.

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  • Linked to US site too

    • Yes but price is in AU.

      • My bad. I'm at work (which Uses a VPN)

      • Just an FYI, I buy a lot of these headsets for work and my bank charges an international transaction fee when I purchase them from the oculus site in AUD. Make sure you use a card or account that rebates or doesn't charge these fees.

  • Tempted to buy this - only because the Index doesn't ship to Australia yet…

    • -2

      Wait for the index, personally I was really disappointed with this. I returned it after 24 hours, too much screen door, not enough FOV, you have to look at the centre of the screen as if you look with your eyes towards the edges it's a blur. Index fixes all of these and has better resolution and framerate afaik.

      • +1

        Index will be expensive. And it doesn't have inside out tracking? Not that Rift S has it either, but you can use the Quest with a cable as your wired VR solution.

        • +4

          Rift S actually is inside-out tracking, no base stations or external cameras.

          • @ReverseBias: Even better then.

            Though I'm personally hoping for a redesigned Quest 2 that makes it less front heavy.

        • +1

          Rift S has inside-out tracking, supposedly it's pretty good after a few patches. My issue is definitely the 80 Hz limitation on the screens.

      • +8

        Sure, the Index is better, but it’ll be over a thousand dollars more expensive when it releases here. That money’s probably better spent upgrading your PC. You could buy the Oculus + an RTX 2080 with the amount of money the Index costs.

      • +5

        Love my Rift S. It's also significantly cheaper than the Index will be, if it ever even launches in Aus.

        • Personally I didn't find the Rift S much better than PSVR.

          • +7

            @Where's_That_Cake: Then you have it set up wrong or you're trying to run it on a potato.

            PSVR is at best, as good as Oculus DK1. It is a much, much worse experience than the CV1, let alone the Rift S.

            • @imurgod: I was running on a 2700 super, 3700x with 16gb 3600mhz ram. The same PC is running an ultrawide 1440p monitor now at 120fps with high/epic settings on Assetto Corsa Competizione (I bought the Rift S for sim racing) The only potato was the Rift S tbh, the game looked like warmed up shite on it. Even when running it in ADW with all the settings on their prettiest it only looked like a poor launch PS3 game.

              Technically yes the PSVR is very inferior to RS but optimization honestly makes it a very similar experience in my opinion. I wanted to like Rift S but I couldn't. I'll wait on the next generation of VR because my expectations were a lot higher than Oculus could meet.

              • +2

                @Where's_That_Cake: If you're playing Assetto Corsa Competizione on it, that's your issue, it looks like PSVR.
                The VR on that sim is widely known to be broken beyond repair because of the limitations of the UE4 engine.

                It's all over the Steam reviews and AC forums. Kunos have even admitted it.

                Not even my i7 9900, 2080ti system could get that VR running anywhere near acceptable.

                Try your rift on Project Cars 2, Assetto Corsa, Rfactor 2 or iRacing and you'll see how good PC VR looks.

            • +1

              @imurgod: PSVR: 960 × 1080 per eye
              Oculus DK1: 640 × 800 per eye

              PSVR may be inferior to the Rift/S, but come on mate, don't misrepresent it.

              • +1

                @mackdiddy: I'm trying not to, but the resolution isn't nearly the only shortfall.

                I don't know what else I can compare it to. It pales in comparison to PC VR.

                Even the Quest smashes it.

                Then there's the question of supported games. The PSVR doesn't come close in that respect.

                Honestly, I'm not trying to misrepresent it, but if I were looking to get into VR, I'd want to know this stuff because I know heaps of people that bought a PSVR and thought that VR was rubbish until they tried my setup and then went the PC VR route. It's night and day difference.

                Then there's the differences between heeadsets to consider….

                • @imurgod: It pales in comparison to PCVR from DK2 onwards, sure. I used a DK1 years ago - the 720p res hurt my eyes. It definitely has a worse library but it has a couple of neat games - playing Farpoint with the aim controller for the first time is my fondest VR memory. If anything I think what makes PSVR the worst of the current lot is the move controllers and tracking.

                  See, I had the complete opposite reaction from friends when I showed them PSVR - most of them were impressed, a couple bought one. For some of them it was their first time with VR and they got excited after trying it. I've found it to be a really good stepping stone to the "big league" PCVR since many people own a PS4 and the headset is fairly cheap.

                  • @mackdiddy: No doubt. Price is always a factor (I'm lucky enough in that it isn't an issue for me) and for vr, burning money on it is going to get you the results.

                    If you're into sim racing, the rift s and project cars 2 is great fun.

  • +3

    Better to buy the Quest off Amazon to receive cashback ($20.65). And you still will receive Vadar Immortal

    • +8

      Quest is a totally different headset

      • Obviously. But it is stated in the OP's description

      • +11

        You can now use Oculus Link to power via PC, making it quite similar in performance.

        More pros than cons, imo.

        • +5

          It cannot be that good in comparison or else why does the S exist? People would just buy the Quest instead.

          • +5

            @Diji1: It's not.

            1 x 2560 x 1440 @ 80 Hz vs 2 x 1600 LCD pannel x 1440 @ 72 Hz OLED pannel. Graphics are far better on the rift S because of higher pixel density. But Quest has better blacks because of OLED. Plugging in the Quest has provided latency lag, perhap that'l get fixed.

            If you are going to have it plugged into your PC all the time, get the rift S. If you want to play with friends in the lounge room, and occasionally play on your PC, the Quest is better IMO.

            • +2

              @Julesxzzz: Latency with VR sounds like a recipe for motion sickness

            • +2

              @Julesxzzz: People are not seeing latency on the decent USB cables for the quest link. Their is a bit of blurriness with encoding though.

              The quest also has an open scale which is amazing in getting clarity. Also the quest has hand tracking coming out next year.

              Tbh i would get the quest.

            • +1

              @Julesxzzz: That is not true at all.

              The Quest actually has a higher resolution per eye and it's only 8hz slower

              " Given that the Quest has a higher 1,440 x 1600-pixel per-eye resolution compared to the 1,280 x 1,440 per-eye resolution on the Rift S"

              The Rift S would be an incredibly poor buy for anything but the most discerning VR user.
              I could never recommend a Rift S in good faith over a Quest which has so many pros and very little cons.

              Latency may be a concern but plenty have been totally happy with high throughput wireless, it'll be even better over a 10Gbps USB3 connection.

              The freedom of going completely wireless totally takes the Quest to the next level.

              • +4

                @kimlo: Rift S panels look clearer due to being RGB stripe (3 subpixels per pixel) while Quest is pentile (2 subpixels per pixel, alternating red and blue subpixels every other pixel). It's easier to read text in the Rift S despite the lower resolution.

                I would agree with what's been said above… If you don't see yourself ever unplugging the thing from your PC, and you are within the Rift S's IPD range, don't get a Quest. It's less comfortable and doesn't look as clear. And by the time games start making use of finger tracking, both of these headsets will be obsolete (cough RTX).

                That said however wireless VR is pretty cool as a social thing. So think really long and hard about whether you won't want to unplug the thing from your PC and bring it over to a friend's house. In which case Quest is the only choice really.

    • How do you know you will still get vadar immortal on Amazon? I couldn't see anything on Amazon about it?

      • +1

        I read it in comments on the Oculus blog (from their website

        Hi there! The deal applies to any new Oculus Quest, regardless of where you buy it. Once you activate the new headset, the content will appear in your library. See full terms above for details.

        • Cool thanks, good to know!

  • +2

    Super tempting, hope we can get amazon price match!

  • +1

    Yeah, hoping Amazon will price match this. Still have $10 credit sitting in my amazon account.

  • +2

    Quest seems like a way better all round purchase with Oculus Link now live.

    • +6

      I have a quest, and while I mostly agree, I'd also say that if you're 100% sure you're only going to do PC VR gaming, then the Rift might be the way to go. The main reason being that you really do feel the weight of the Quest headset, which is a reasonable compromise when playing wire free, not so much if you're always going to be tethered.

      • +1

        I've modded my quest with a Vive Deluxe Audio Strap and and a VR Cover face plate and it's absolutely awesome.

        I do agree if you never have any intention of using it away from the PC the Rift S is better but VR untethered absolutely takes immersion to the next level and opens up a whole new experience given you can take your playspace anywhere in the house and have a bigger play area potentially.

        As someone who has the Rift, HTC Vive and Quest, the Quest is easily the best of the bunch. Slightly uncomfortable but modding it with the HTC DAS solves almost all of its issues and being able to play over USB cable fixes the biggest drawback it had.

        Highly recommended for anyone looking to get into VR to go the Quest route.

        Index is far better for pure PC use but then it is bloody expensive.

        • would running the rift-s on laptop backpack , achieve the same freedom as quest ?

    • Depends if the 72Hz screen will cause you issues. I was mostly fine with the 60 Hz of the Gear VR, so 72 Hz is probably okay for me, but I know people for whom even 90 Hz is dicey.

      • I've done 90hz and now 72hz, I don't notice any particular annoyance at 72 but I don't get motion sick easy. I do game on a 100hz monitor for PC and I definitely notice 60->100, but on VR I just don't notice it as much given it's a slower pace to begin with compared to a twitch shooter like on a PC.

      • I get badly motion sick and I used to on the psvr all the time.

        I don't get it on the quest.

  • +2

    Aw man, this is a good deal but I'm currently eyeing a Quest for the portability (and lack of wires). Hope Amazon has a deal for that tomorrow!

    • +1

      Me too… I've got my Amazon cart set up ready, but I really doubt it at this point with the new Oculus Link and their focus on the Quest now. :(

    • You so get vadar immortal eps 1-3 free with every new quest activated between now and the end of the year. It's like 40-50 aud I think.

  • +5

    Just FYI for those in the market.

    You can currently acquire a used full HTC vive kit for anywhere between 300-600$. Yes, I really know someone who got a full kit from gumtree for 300$. I personally paid $450 for one on ebay about 6 weeks ago.

    The benefit of this is that you can use the controllers and base stations with the valve index. The base stations for the index are probably going to set you back maybe 400 alone. Hard to say because we're still waiting for the index to be released to us. Japan and Canada were just opened up a few days ago, so we may be waiting until after Christmas, now.

    It isn't for sure that the valve index controllers are worth it and in actual fact, there are quite a few games that do not have support for the valve index controllers so having a backup isn't bad.

    Anyone with qualms about the "used" nature - you can buy additional foam pads for about $4-5 from China. The attachment is velcro so it turns out it's really easy to hotswap.

    • Do the Lighthouse 2.0 base stations offer any noticeable benefits over the 1.0s?

      I have a Vive I bought a few years back, so I have the original base stations, but if they offered a decent benefit I think I would buy some new ones.

      • +1

        I believe they are better at larger play area, but that wouldn't be much use to most of us mere mortals.

        • Yeah 100 percent… I have to stand my bed against the wall if I want to play roomscale, the new lighthouses probably aren't for me then hahaha

    • yeah my work colleague just got one for $300 a month ago, they're dropping in price a lot.

  • +5

    Great price!

    I bought my Rift S shortly after receive and it's been great so far (aside from dodgy firmware at launch which has since been resolved). A couple things to be mindful of, esp. if migrating from the CV1:

    • The included audio is terrible. I use IEMs with mine, there's also cheap-ish mods that roughly replicate CV1 audio, eg.
    • There's no hardware IPD. You should be fine if you're IPD is inside 61-65mm, otherwise you may have issues (eyestrain, headaches, etc). My IPD is 58.5mm and I've been fine luckily.

    Also, re tracking, I play Beat Saber at Expert and have had no issues (aside from launch firmware).

    • I have the CV1, how's this compare?

      (just out of curiosity, not in the market to upgrade)

      • +4

        It's a mixed bag. Overall a lot better for me, but will vary person-to-person.

        Visuals: Resolution bump is very noticeable (1280x1440 per eye vs 1080x1200). Refresh rate is 10Hz lower. LCD instead of OLED, which helps with SDE at expense of contrast ratio.
        Audio: Absolute crap compared to CV1
        Tracking: Inside out tracking is much more convenient, but there's more deadspots compared to the CV1, particularly behind your back or where one controller occludes another. This has improved a LOT since release so wouldn't be surprised if this continues improving.

        Passthrough+ is really nice too, I have a shortcut mapped to the controller so I can quickly see the outside world if I need to grab a drink of water or reorient myself.

    • Don't forget the refresh rate downgrade from 90 to 80 Hz. I'm still on the fence about a rift s due to that exact problem but I may just grab one anyway.

      • +2

        I mentioned that in the reply right above yours:

        Refresh rate is 10Hz lower.

        I didn't notice the difference personally (I wasn't doing a side-by-side comparison though, sold the CV1 before the Rift S arrived)

        • I've heard it's no problem unless you change between them. So I figure if I took off a Rift S and put on a CV1 I may have problems, but if all I used was a Rift S it'd be fine.

      • You'd need a beast PC to maintain constant 90Hz on most titles.

  • +1

    for the upcoming half life do we need a pc vr unit or can a playstation vr be used on pc?

    • PSVR can be used on PC with some modding, I'd say it's certainly worth giving a go if you already have a PSVR and a capable PC!

      • Wish I knew that before purchasing the Quest.

        • +3

          At the end of the day, the Quest is supported natively and has the advantage of no tracking towers and wireless capability. Most agree that the Quest is an awesome bit of kit.

          • @OfTheOverflow: I'm sure my son (the one who doesn't own the PSVR, his older brother does who shares it, but when he isn't playing his PS4 lol)

            Will love it as he's been asking for his own VR for about 1-2 years

        • +2

          The Quest will be better in almost every way (except weight), and PSVR honestly looks like a pain to try to get running on PC.

          • +3

            @leonardr: As someone who owns the not particularly well supported oculus rift dev kit and it takes way too much effort to try make it work, unless you're a teenager with as much time as you want to screw around with it very little money, it's always worth buying the better supported native product. ALWAYS. I never use mine anymore because it's too much of a pain and I only wanted it for the relatively basic use of racing games.

      • i do have a capable pc and a ps4 pro but i do not own a ps vr, the prices however are way cheaper for a ps vr $228 current amazon post compared to this for example thats like less than half the cost

  • +12

    God dammit Valve why did you have to go and get me interested in VR out of the blue…

    • +2

      yup all of a sudden i'm a tiny bit interested just for Half Life…never thought i'd consider VR…what is the normal pricing for this anyway??

      • +1

        It's a saving of $80

      • +1

        650 aud

  • +2

    Does anyone have experience with both this headset and the Samsung Odyssey Plus? Samsung can be had for nearly $200 less so I'm wondering if this is really worth the extra $? TIA

    • I saw Samsung Odyssey Plus is $249USD (+ $34USD shipping to AUS) from Amazon US at the moment so I'd also like to know if the difference is worth it

      • 229 usd plus shipping on B&H works out to be $390AUD. I'm holding out to see if there's a better deal but that seems damn competitive.

        • +1

          Great price, I would be very surprised if it gets much lower!

          • @leonardr: Might have to pull the trigger. Only thing holding me back was my disappointment with PSVR (my only VR experience). Screen door and lack of graphics kind of killed it for me.

            • @Sunproof: Screen door is much improved on the Odyssey+, graphics are obviously dependant on your PC, but you may need to temper your expectations a little, as rendering a AAA non VR game 2880x1600 at a steady 90fps is a stretch for a lot of hardware.

              • @raistlin: Yeah, I have a Razer Blade pro with a gtx1080 so I'm hoping I should get a steady improvement with that and the higher resolution screen, along with their work on SDE. Valid points, cheers.

              • +1

                @raistlin: +1

                I've been playing AAA titles with Vorpx. While it works, the fps is just woeful even on my GTX 1080Ti and I had to reduce the resolution and graphics quality to make the game playable (at least 45Hz and letting reprojection do the work).

                It doesn't matter which vr headset - they're all underpowered and in desparate neeed of the next generation of GPU.

                Personally I own an O+ ($399 here on OzB). While it is blurry-er than others, the SDE is hardly visible and the OLED colour is fantastic.
                The biggest plus is that it fits my glasses!

        • +1

          That's historically lowest price for the Samsung, previous best was $280USD
          I don't think you'll see it much lower for a while

    • +2

      Have owned OG Samsung Oddysee and switched to Rift which I think is much better.

      The Oddysee had really bad lenses, which I understand have been changed for the updated model, however apparently the new lenses blur the image more which may be worse. It ruins the high quality screen.

      It's also much less comfortable and the Oculus product seems way more designed and well thought out. And then you have to tweak and play around to make Windows MR work where you don't have to with Oculus.

    • +3

      I've got an Odyssey+ and a Quest (and a couple of other PC VR headsets), the Odyssey+ is very good for the price, the only thing you'll really be missing out on is tracking fidelity, 2 camera tracking isn't great and occasionally controllers glitch out, but it's not a massive deal breaker.

      I honestly think if you can't justify spending the extra on the Rift S, The Odyssey+ is pretty decent for the price. If you haven't really used PC VR before, you'll be blown away either way.

    • +4

      I own an Odyssey+, Rift S and Quest. The Odyssey is really very good for the price, and boasts an OLED screen (like the Quest) which looks great.

      If you do your research you'll find a couple drawbacks or things to consider, namely:
      - Comfort: Some people find that it's not the most comfortable to wear, and I find it much better for longer periods if I add something soft between my forehead and the padding. There are other options people have used to help alleviate the pressure on this point.
      - Cameras: With only two camera tracking, it's not quite as precise but the difference is not hugely noticeable. It might have more of an effect for you if you play shooters and such where you need faster twitchy precision, and are holding a hand closer to your face.
      - Controllers: The WMR controllers are larger and while personally I'm actually a fan of them, many people find them a little big.
      - WMR: The future of WMR is uncertain, with Microsoft apparently not having spent much on marketing for the system, and activity for WMR from them lately seems low, although they have been releasing fixes and general improvements. The WMR ecosystem/software itself I have no problem with, the integration with windows is actually very nice and it works well with steam.

      If you're comparing to a Rift S, the Odyssey+ visuals are better in my opinion (OLED, higher resolution), and the sound is much better.

      Keeping this in mind, I think the Odyssey is definitely a great contender for the price.

    • +1

      From brief research:

      + better looking screen, better screen door effect mitigation, higher refresh rate (90Hz), hardware IPD slider
      - worse tracking (2 or 3 cameras), very uncomfortable if your head deviates from the head they designed it around, have to use revive to play Oculus content

      Rift S:
      + better tracking (5 cameras), more comfortable, can natively play Oculus content
      - worse looking screen, no real SDE mitigation outside of the res bump from original Rift, drop in refresh to 80 Hz where 90 Hz is the recommended minimum for VR, no hardware IPD slider so if you have eyes that are very close or very far apart you may run into issues.

    • I've had both. Rift S a much better buy at current prices if your IPD is within its range.

      Comfort and controller tracking on Odyssey+ are really bad. It does have better blacks (OLED) though, and IPD adjustment.

      • Any idea what the rift IPD range is? I think mine is 59.5.

        • It's centred at 64. My wife is 61 and she doesn't mind it (same for me at 67), but YMMV…

          Maybe check if oculus offers free returns? I seem to remember that being the case.

          Edit: FWIW I remember the minimum IPD on the Odyssey plus being rather large, it definitely doesn't go all the way to 59.

          • @v8o: Ok I'll look into it a bit more, cheers mate

  • +1

    Don't buy it. Get the Quest with cable. Best of both worlds. As a Rift user, I've got them all.

    • What cable would I be looking to get for the Quest, instead of the Rift S? Would prefer it being 5m long, but the one Oculus is releasing is so expensive…

      • +1

        The Oculus one is cheaper than other 5m optical fibre USB cables that are available.

        I've ordered this one while waiting for the official Oculus one to release…

    • +1

      72 Hz? 80 Hz is bad enough.

  • +17

    especially for it's tracking.

    Since it is owned by Zuck I'm sure the tracking is top notch ;)

  • +1

    I ordered this one from Amazon, haven't tested it yet. JOTO USB Type C Cable Extra Long 10ft, USB-C 3.1 Type-C to USB 3.0 Type A Charging Data Cable [Heavy Duty Nylon Braided]

    But I currently also use Alvr and wirelessly transmit from pc to Quest. Works great. Speed excellent. No lag experienced

    • Thanks for that.
      Let us know how it goes

    • What about this cable
      USB Type C Cable Extra Long 3M/10ft, TecMad USB-C Nylon Braided Snc&Data Cable Type-C to USB 3.0 Data Cable for Apple New MacBook, Galaxy s9/s9plus/S8 S8+/note 8/ Tab S3 ,huawei P9/P10,Nexus 6p 5X, OnePlus 2/3/5,Gopro Hero 5,Nintendo Switch all Type C Devices—Gray