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Adguard Lifetime Licence 3 Devices $45


Hi.. i use this.. its not for everyone… i adds some lag but if you disable the proxy its swift enough…

Anyways.. its rarely this cheap..


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    why would this be better than something like pi hole? raspberry pi zero w would cost ~$10

    • Correct me if I am wrong, Pi Holes only block ads when you're on your home network right?

      • If you set it up that way yes. But you can have it setup outside of home

  • Youd have to ask the creators of adguard… i have no horse in the race… its down to personal preference.

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      If you stopped buying this kind of thing then you'd be able to buy yourself a horse.

      • $45 is not going to get you any kind of horse.

        Maybe a sea horse, if you're lucky. Lol.

  • Adguard on android is free though right?

    Also doesnt block youtube ads

    • The browser add on is free, but it does not block ads in other apps. I use NewPipe for YouTube.

  • What is the standard price?

  • DNS66 on F-Droid does the same thing.

    I used Adguard when I was still using Yandex Browser (as it supports Chrome extensions) and it worked OK. I now use Kiwi Browser with uBlock.

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      I used to use DNS66, but I find Adguard block more ads due to the filters being updated more often and they are very responsive in the forum when it comes to blocking new ads.

      On the other hand, my Essential phone randomly reboot at least once a day. Some users blame it on Adguard.

  • I don't understand why people still install apps for this.


    Let alone pay for them.

    • I use the same setting. Youtube ads not blocked though

      • Youtube is $0.65 (geo) - $3 p/person p/month on a family sub.
        The price of this deal would pay for 1-6 years of YouTube and grant access to the Premium content.

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