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[PC] Escape from Tarkov US $31.49 (~ AU $46.52) + GST + Credit Card Surcharge


Cripplingly difficult hardcore PC shooter with MMO features. Black Friday discount 30% off all versions of the game, from Standard edition now US$31.49 (was US$44.99) to Edge of Darkness edition US$97.99 (was US$139.99). Billing is via some site in Hong Kong with eye-watering card fees. Googling around I read that PayPal had the lowest card fee. They also add VAT (GST) depending on account location so expect 10% for Aus accounts, 0% maybe for US accounts and 20% plus for European ones. I also read that if you VPN to Europe it's EU24.49 + fees so that makes it cheaper too.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • Great game but definitely not for everyone. Enjoying it enough that I'll probably upgrade from Standard to EOD Edition

  • Still bit expensive for this game

  • Their credit card/Paypal fees are a joke. USD$2.59 for Paypal AND they have the nerve to charge VAT for people not even in the European Union. On top of that, they charge the 10% VAT inclusive of the Paypal/CC fees. Screw them and their shady tactics.

  • I bought it a few weeks back, agree with potplanty. Shady as charging tactics.

    What makes it a good game is how intense it gets, that is addictive. As a game, its pretty crap at respecting the players time, not great for casual play. Combine that with the fact that it has got Pay for Power going on and its left me confused. A super hardcore game, but where you can buy power and without any VPN queue on foreign servers to get massive peakers advantage?!? Sure devs ¯_(ツ)_/¯