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Breville - LAP300WHT - The Smart Air Purifier $223.20 + Delivery (Free C&C) @ Bing Lee eBay


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After all the deals on purifiers floating around, managed to snap up this one (well two for another family member).
I know all rave about the Xiaomi on heri, but snapped up this one as it seems to have a higher rated HEPA filter but you lose some of the bells and whistles. And the filter costs aren't as exxy as the phillips deal that was float around last week.

JB-Hifi have these at $329.00 so not too bad of a deal here.

Free Delivery with eBay Plus.

Item description

The intelligent companion that detects air quality and adjusts its performance automatically to achieve the best results.

SensAir System
Live Purity Control Accurately identifies fine particles including allergens, reports it through a 4-colour indicator light and adjusts its performance automatically.

4-Stage Air Purifcaton
Reduces 99.97% of particles down to 0.3ʮ with true HEPA filter, dust with pre-filter, smoke and odours with carbon filter, bacteria and viruses with Microbe Shield™ light.

Microbe Shield
Uses a shortwave light specially designed to target bacteria and viruses. The Microbe Shield™ function can be turned on and off according to preference.

Immersive Airflow Design
Purifies the air around you with a 360 degrees design of the air inlet and outlet for a broader filtration compared to flat units with single direction airflow.

Key Features

Suitable for rooms from 30 to 40m2

SensAir Live Purity Control & Light Indicator

4-Stage Air Purifcaton System
– Microbe Shield Light for germs and bacteria
– True HEPA flter for allergens and fne artcles
– Carbon Filter for odours and smoke
– Pre-Filter for dust and pet dander>

360 Degrees Air Circulaton Design

Timer Mode, Night Mode

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