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SanDisk Ultra 200GB MicroSD $35.40 + Delivery (Free with Prime/$39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


Black Friday deals keep coming. Good price for 200gb storage, up to 100mb/s transfer speeds for your smartphone or Nintendo Switch.

Remember to use cashback. Pay with Zip to get an additional 10% back.

Zip pay deal link (thanks @dealbot)

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    Nope, it's only 3.5%@shopback
    I have been waiting for 12%+ sitewide from SB/CR for the whole day and there was nothing
    very disappointing

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    I went to JB HiFi in Melbourne and they price matched it…..


    Reviews on the page says the seller is selling fake MicroSDs… beware.

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      Noted, and even the product description indicates "This is an aftermarket of generic part"

    • +13 votes

      The seller for this deal is Amazon directly. They’re not going to be selling fake cards. Those reviews were probably from third party sellers. You guys do know the same listing and reviews get used regardless of the current seller right?

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    pay with Zip to get 10% back.

    And damage your chances of getting home loan in the future. Umm no. Stop supporting these loan sharks.

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      A couple of mortgage brokers plant some clickbait in the papers with vague assertions and idiots misinterpret it and repeat their own random conclusions as gospel.

      Because a DSS is going to automatically forego hundreds of thousands in revenue if you bought some shoes on Afterpay.

      Well done.

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        The point is, if you’re the type of person who needs to get a loan for such small purchases, you’re probably not ready for a home loan.

        Will it automatically invalidate you? No probably not. But certainly won’t help.

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          It will definitely impact you negatively if you're applying for a loan or other credit while you are still paying back Zip or Afterpay transactions. If they show up on your credit report and you have a lot of them, it will probably appear unfavourably even if you've paid them off.

          I'd recommend you use them only once in a while for high value items and that you pay off all the instalments on time.

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        One of my colleagues was heavily questioned on his use of afterpay when applying for a car loan. He had good money coming in and barely any expenses.

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      Just sold and bought a house. Went to get the next home loan and the banks had issue with the fact Zip and Afterpay were listed on my credit report. Beware!


    What’s the write speed on this?

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      This is an Ultra, which is at the bottom of the Sandisk SD card lineup. The read speed can be a decent 100mb/s as OP stated, but writing speed is 10-20mb/s. This makes it economical for media and program storage on a portable device like a vita, switch, or a phone.

      For something like a video camera or OS storage on a Raspberry Pi-like device (Anything that suggests/requires a UHS-II card), you would be looking at a Sandisk Extreme or Extreme Pro.

      If looking for fast cards with good write speeds, I would also watch for good prices on Lexar 2000x cards and Sony SF-G Series UHS-II Cards.

      UHS-II cards tend to read at triple the speed of a Sandisk Ultra (300mb/s), and write at at least 250mb/s, which is WAY faster than 20mb/s.


    Is this sufficient for a Mavic Pro @ 4K? Mavic pro brochure says U3 and this is U1, but most U3 are only 100mbps anyway?


      No, this card writes at about 15mbs while a Sandisk Extreme writes at 90mbs. An Extreme would be sufficient for a Mavic Pro at 4k.

      Counter-intuitively, the Extreme does not feature faster reading than the Ultra. For faster reading you will need a UHS-II card like a Sandisk Extreme Pro or a Lexar Professional 2000x, which also feature even faster writing.

      Of course, the faster reading and writing won't matter when recording since the 90mbs from an Extreme is fast enough for a Mavic Pro, but it may test your patience when you copy the files onto your computer!


    This card is great for the switch. Probably for photos only on dslr


    Got one for the switch, thanks OP!


    Is it suitable for a GoPro hero 8?

    What’s the best type of card for this if not,