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Pay with Zip and Get 10% Back (Max $50) @ Amazon AU


Just saw this deal on the Amazon landing page on Shopback. Great deal for shopping on BF!

  1. What purchases are eligible?
    Any items available to purchase on Amazon.com.au or the Amazon mobile app except:
    (a) Digital purchases including Ebooks, apps;
    (b) Subscription purchases including Prime, Prime Video, Audible, Music Unlimited, Kindle Unlimited;
    (c) Purchases made at Amazon.com (USA) or any other non-Australian Amazon site, mobile app marketplace or location (Amazon Global Store purchases are eligible);
    (d) Subscribe & Save purchases; and
    (e) Amazon gift cards.

Click here to create a Zip account.

Below from Zip rep -

Hello everyone,

Mac from Zip here. We're really sorry that some of you are having problems with linking your accounts, but we have a workaround for you!

If you are having issues with linking your account, please log in to your Zip account here https://zip.co/customer/account-selector

After logging in, open a new tab and go back to Amazon.com.au to link your account https://www.amazon.com.au/cpe/managepaymentmethods?ref_=ya_d...

If you continue to have problems please email Zip on [email protected] with the subject line "Amazon linking issue" so that our team can prioritise your request.

Happy shopping!

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • +6

    Is this stackable with the existing 12% shop back?

    • +1

      don't see why not - it's a payment method rather than a promo code..

    • Yes, given they're advertising it on the website.

    • It sure is!

      • +2

        So it's essentially 22% off anything from Amazon?

        • +3

          Depending on the category each cashback is UP TO 12% then shows sub categories for example electronics is only 3.5%.

          And it would be closer to 21% off.

      • hi how do you stack both deals? i dont understand

    • good question. Currently, shopback are showing these as 2 different offers so not sure if they will stack. I have given it a crack lets see what the tracking email says

      • Not sure what you mean by 'showing these as 2 different offers' but if it didn't stack with ShopBack cashback they wouldn't (or shouldn't) show it on their site at all.

        • Hope you are right

      • what did your email say? do they stack or it didnt?

  • +9

    Just be aware, Zip Money involves a credit check. They did when I last used them anyway.

    • +1

      I managed to avoid having a credit check performed when I opened my account with them a little over a year ago. Not sure what their criteria is for running them or not.

    • I believe it involves a credit check if you want to apply for more than $1000.

    • -3

      No credit check for initial $500 approval
      (same as Afterpay $400 and OpenPay $500)
      if you wish to have the limit increased (which you can not do within the first 3 months and you must have had a successful payment plan completion) then a credit check is performed.

      • +2

        That's not the way it works currently. They don't ask what credit limit you want they just assess your application and automatically give you a credit limit:

        Zip Pay offers 3 different credit limits: $350 (previously $250), $500 and $1,000. Our algorithm will automatically decide which maximum limit you will be eligible for based on our minimum criteria evaluated during the application process.


        • -2

          (mod: removed false claim of being associated with Zip)

          Can tell you its $500 to all NEW customers and NO CC is performed
          regardless of their so called algorithm… if you are new … $500 is max you will get

          • +8

            @jimbobaus: Well I'm a new customer as of this morning and I was auto approved for $1000. I'm guessing many here are the same.

          • @jimbobaus: This is a lie and jimbobaus is not associated with Zip Pay

            • @kds123: Hi everyone,

              We (Zip) are a licensed credit provider and we ID and Credit check every application, regardless of the credit limit you're applying for.

              You can see more information on available credit limits when applying for an account to shop at Amazon here - https://zip.co/amazon

              For any questions you can check out our Help Centre here - https://help.zip.co/


              • @macleancherry: Hi Mac,
                can we pay the Zip balance by credit card, or only by debit card or bank account?

                • @excite: You can pay using a credit card to a Zip Pay account, but not a Zip Money account. It's worth noting we strongly suggest adding a debit card regardless.

                  Here's the relevant help desk article - https://help.zip.co/en/articles/79


  • +3

    Time to dust off the ol' Zip account..thanks dealbot!

  • +5

    Yeah it looks like a credit service bugger, not willing at add another piece of credit to my rating.

    • +1

      As Joe Hockey says, get a better job :D

      Moral is great income is better than another line on your "credit rating" by a bungling private rating company (which nobody or institution actually respects).

    • No credit check for the initial account opening ($500) and nothing on your file unless you default or request a limit increase (then a check is performed)

  • So do I get $50 or $5 max?

    • +2

      You can get up to $50 back; $500 is the max spend.

    • +8

      I'm pretty sure you pay $6 If you don't pay within like 2 months. Just put it in zip and make a custom payment of the price of the console.

    • +4

      $6 a month only if you have an outstanding balance.

    • +2

      The fee is $6; waived if you have no balance. So you could Zip pay and immediately pay it off, getting the discount and avoiding the $6.

      • Are you sure, because if so then that's awesome 10% off to stack with other offers

        • +2

          It’s true. If your balance is $0 at the end of the month then you don’t pay the $6, regardless of how many times you’ve used your account over the month.

          • @DisabledUser48727: Just been reading the help section on zip's website and it seems it's even better than that. You don't have to have a zero balance at the end of the month, you just have to have paid off any purchases made the month before:

            We'll send you a statement at the start of each month. This will provide a summary of any purchases you made during the month prior and your closing balance. You'll then have until the end of the month to pay off your balance in full so that the $6 account keeping fee is waived.

            If you'd prefer to take extra time to pay off your balance, it's no problem - you'll just need to pay the monthly minimum of $40, and a $6 account fee will be added to your balance for the following month.

            For example: If you make two purchases in February, you'll receive a statement on March 1st showing how much you owe for these two purchases. You'll then have until March 31st to pay this amount without being charged the $6 account fee. Any purchases you make during March will appear on the April statement and are therefore due by end of April.


  • +1

    damn im going to cancel my ps4 VR order

  • +10

    Good deal but don't bother if you plan on getting a home loan / personal loan anytime soon. This may count as a credit check and affect your credit rating.

    Source: Going through refinancing and I got asked by my lender today if I use AfterPay/Zip pay because it showed up on my credit history. (Even though I used AfterPay like 3-4 years ago)

    • Dang, they pulled you up on it for using it that long ago? Does it show if you paid it off quickly?

      • No they don't have that info on the credit check. but I just told him that I paid it off few years ago and he was okay with it, said as long as the recent transactions don't show those being paid off.

      • +7

        Pretty sure if you have a look at your credit rating it will include any form of credit you have used in the last 7 years. So while this might seem like a good way to save a few bucks, I would avoid it if you are looking at a home loan or any decent loan in the next few years.

        • Fair call thanks for the info, looking at buying a house next year so I’ll not use.

          • @paraneoplastic: Instructions taken from Clear's deal

                Set currency to USD to avoid inflated exchange rate
                Currency can be changed at checkout
                At checkout tick "Use coupon code" checkbox to apply coupon
  • where does it say tomorrow? it looks like i can do it today as well

    • +1

      The app says:
      29 Nov (12:00AM AEDT) to 2 Dec (11.59PM AEDT)

      If you try it now let us know.

  • +3

    If going for a home loan banks do not like it if you use zip or afterpay.

    • -2

      I don't think one use is going to make a difference

    • +2

      AfterPay likely won't appear on your CCR for a while, Zip Money will, Zip Pay does too, but it takes a while IME.

      In September 2018, ASIC & the government switched almost everything over to a comprehensive credit report, which talks to the banks and credit card companies on a regular, ongoing basis for credit repayment history, etc.


      It doesn't just look at enquiries or loan extensions as negatives, it will include how large a car loan/mortgage is, any mobile phone repayments, any missed bills from 2018 to today, bank accounts, etc. It's much "deeper", but also more positive than it used to be.

      Prior to this, you sent Dun & Bradstreet $20 to $95 for a report, which would also tag your credit report with the check.

      Quoting from MoneySmart.gov.au,

      "You can get a free credit score from a number of online providers. The results may vary depending on which credit reporting agency is used. The following websites offer a free credit rating:

      Creditsavvy (Experian score)
      Credit Simple (illion, formerly known as Dun and Bradstreet score)
      Finder (Experian score)
      Getcreditscore (Equifax score)
      WisrCredit (Equifax and Experian score)

      You may need to check with more than one credit score provider to get a consistent and reliable measure of your credit rating."

      a few also offer a "subscription" to ping your email/account if they detect a change in your credit score, which is not that useful. YMMV.

      • nothing to do with credit rating.
        they go through your expenses, and if you are a regular user of these types of things - they don't like it.
        you can't hide it from the banks if they have access to your accounts.

        source: nab and anz home loan reps, and a loan broker.

        • +3

          This seems weird. If you didn't pay it off I can understand. But how is this any different to using a credit card? Do they frown upon that too? I would have thought if it showed you pay it off then it demonstrates that you can pay your debts.

          • @Shaun Prawn: Well, each $1000 of credit limit does reduce your borrowing capacity by about $5000. So if you used afterpay/zip/etc they probably have to account for the fact that you could run up debt with that too and reduce your borrowing capacity.

            But I think the issue is spending habits. Banks are being cautious at the moment.
            Obviously you wouldn't want to miss any payments that's for sure ;)

            • @bohn: Yeh I see what you're saying now about the spending habits.

  • +9

    tried to connect the account and keep getting this message "Sorry, we couldn’t find a Zip pay account associated with this mobile number" anyone has the same issue?

    • +1

      Try checking your settings for Zip to see what number is linked maybe.

      • +1

        it's the same number as I typed on Amazon. but I still get that error message

        • Have you guys tried contacting Zip? They should be able to get you sorted.

    • +2

      I'm getting it too

    • +3

      Same here.

    • Yep, same here

      Edit: Managed to add it to my Amazon account now

      • +1

        Did you just keep trying over and over till it worked? I still can't add mine.

        • I just waited and tried again at a later time. Didn't wanna risk getting locked out or whatever

          • +1

            @Anto: Fair enough. Hope I didn't end up doing that myself!

      • I am still getting it.

    • I got the same error until I put a leading 0 in the phone number i.e put '04xxxxxxxx' instead of '4xxxxxxxx'. Not sure if it's just coincidence or not but worth trying.

      • +1

        Still can't find account ….

        • @shoelover - how long has it been since you signed up?

          .. try to work out if i should head to bed or wait it out

      • @byakuugan - might have just been a coincidence; i just tried it with a 0 after seeing your comment and still getting the same message. it has been 1 hour and 50 minutes since my first attempt.

        How long after you signed up did you get it to work?

        • +1

          I signed up around 9pm so around 3hours-ish?

          • @byakuugan: mine one has been almost a day and still haven't work, I tried all method here even delete amazon app on my phone and use their zippay app browser to login to amazon and it still says the same error

    • I have the same problem….

  • +1

    So how much are the fee's etc?

    • As long as you pay off the monthly statement in full by the due date there are no fees. Otherwise the will be a $6 monthly fee while you have an unpaid balance owing, and a $5 late fee if you don't pay at least the minimum repayment within 21 days of the due date.

      Also there's a 1.5% fee if you use Zip Pay to pay a bill (so don't do that!)

      You effectively get a month+ interest free loan before you need to pay up, and they make their money off of merchant fees just like the credit card companies.

  • Does this mean i buy $500 worth gift card, get $50 and later use Shopback/cashrewards for further discounts down the track?
    Edit: realised silly question :-)

    • read the conditions again.. it says what you is and isn't eligibile.

  • So shopback gives an extra 10% cashback?
    Edit: NVM, the link explains it

  • Is it true that there's a minimum of $350 purchase amount to pay with zip pay? I would like to get the $349.99 but its less than $350 though.

    • Where were you seeing that?

      • On a third party website reviewing or comparing zip pay etc

        • I don't see that anywhere in the T&C of the deal so I don't imagine so.

  • +3

    could not link Zip to Amazon, "Sorry, we couldn’t find a Zip pay account associated with this mobile number", anyone has the same issue?

    • +1

      Read up, a few people including myself that that issue. Seems to take about 10 minutes for it to work

      • Enter full mobile start with "04…." works for me one hour after registered.

        • Tried both variations of mobile number and still can't get it to work. Signed up to Zip 12 hours ago.

          • @spiff: Try some of the other suggestions here, I don't think the leading zero matters since people have had success both ways.

    • I had same problem of not recognising my zip. Waited ten minutes and it worked fine.

  • Having trouble linking the account tonight. Must be all the new signups for the Switch deal

    • +2

      Also cannot link.. Get the sms to my mobile and then 'Sorry, we couldn’t find a Zip pay account associated with this mobile number'

  • +3

    Been over 3 hours still 'Sorry, we couldn’t find a Zip pay account associated with this mobile number' :(

  • wow what my application got declined.

    • +1

      Maybe next time don't enter SuperMax Prison as your current address?

  • +2


    Our assessment process takes into consideration a number of factors including identity verification, credit and repayment history, stability and suitability for a line of credit account.

    Unfortunately, we are not able to review your application or provide any additional specific information as to why it may not have been successful.

  • I created Zip Pay account and it got approved but when I try to link it with Amazon using mobile number, it comes up with following error
    "Sorry, we couldn’t find a Zip pay account associated with this mobile number"

    Does anyone know how to fix it?

    • Wait a bit? How long was it since you created your Zip Pay account?

      I haven't been able to link my newly created account to Amazon either, but it does recognize my mobile number as valid. It's just that the verification code never comes through after Amazon reports that it's been sent.

  • +1

    I faced the same issue was trying to do it on Chrome browser. Then I used app to link my account and it worked flawlessly try that cheers

    • Still getting the same error message for me…

      • Sorry mate don't know why it is getting error message I had no issues at all but when I was trying to do through Chrome it really pissed me as I was waiting and waiting for message.

      • I got same error with 0 @ start several times. Then tried without the 0 and finally got through!

    • I was getting errors in desktop Chrome browser but was able to link it using the Amazon app too, thanks so much!

  • OK I spoke too soon. I finally had a txt come through with the code, and then got the same response others are reporting:

    There was a problem.
    Sorry, we couldn’t find a Zip pay account associated with this mobile number

    I assumed you guys were getting this error after you entered your mobile number, not after you entered the verification code!

    BTW, using firefox here so it's not just a chrome browser problem.

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