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50-70% off Luggage (e.g. Samsonite Aspero, Firelite, Desley Belmont Plus) @ LuggageGear


Great Deals on Selected Ranges


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    Your website is overloaded :D

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    The website is temporarily unable to service your request as it exceeded resource limit. Please try again later.

    • just check and working at the moment… has been some traffic though.
      Fingers crossed it handles it all.

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    only the bright colours left on most bags. More like they are trying to clear dead stock then any genuine deals to be had.

    • Not sure where youre looking but its all colours of those ranges that are NOT all dead ranges.

      Thanks for your feedback though

      • Hello @dranoelsivad - I think what they mean is some ranges have the less appealing colours.

        I would be happy to order the antler juno 2 medium for example (68cm) spinner… but the navy colour or black are all up in the $185 mark with no discount code?…. compared to the other colours are going for $119….

        meanwhile myers are selling the antlers in all colours regardless at 50% off… so the navy 68cm is essentially $150-154'ish from memory (when I saw it last night). I am just about to go look for one in store…. but if you had the discount i would have bought from you. Alas myers allows a free return through the door if any issues (bar having to drive in of course)….

  • website crapping itself

    • thanks for the feedback. theres a lot of traffic as you can imagine.
      We will keep an eye on it

      hopefully you got your order in


  • Can anyone recommend one of those suitcases that split into two so I can share it with my partner? every case I’ve looked into has had bad reviews eg lock not working/wheels falling off etc

    • hi johnnytran.
      if you elaborate a bit on the make and models you are refering to here, I'll have a better idea on what to recommend for you if you like.
      let me know

  • Great …. Just got me a Large and Cabin Antler Juno2 …. whats your delivery time frame usually like? I have a trip coming up next Thursday …. any chance I'll receive it by then?? I'm in Melbourne

    • Hi Distort.
      depends on the size and colour your after.
      We have almost sold out of the current stock available for immediate despatch on monday which would get to you in time.
      we do have replenishment stock due but that could tighten the window to get to you in time.
      Let me know and Ill see what I can secure for you

      • Thanks mate, I've sent you a private message with some details …. Anything you can do is greatly appreciated.

    • Hi distort curious if you bought shipping insurance otherwise whether they safely arrived. Thanks

  • Will anybody ever sell Travelpro in Australia?

    • Whats the big deal about Travelpro? The look like vomit …. Anyways this place in Melbourne sells them

      • i have a few of their cases, very high quality zips and decent wheels. I didn't think much of them until i bought my first one when in the US. Crew series, platnium and i think magna are all very nice kit. I'll just keep stalking amazon with prime shipping

        That store only stocks the maxlite, and they say its now discontinued/unstocked.

  • How does this discount work? After adding an Antler Juno2 bag, which is listed as $119 before the code. Only comes down to $90.65. That is not 65% in my calculator.

  • edit:so it seems the 65% is off the original price. So what is the discount code for? As its 65% off already and then you get some more. I'm confused. But in a good way mind you.

    • Hi Dazza.
      Yes the discount is calculated off the retail price.
      Pre Cyber monday prices had already started to be reduced through competition and looking through the range had settled between 56% and 62% off which yes with our code, takes only a little off some items.
      I have now evened up the prices on the clearance models to 60% off and the code remains as reducing the price to 65% off for those models.
      It doesnt change anything for you Im afraid and the discount remains a small change from current listed prices but I can say that even the 60% off level will dissapear after the cyber monday sales are over.
      I hope that clarifies things a little
      Appreciate the feedback

  • I looked again, but I'm still disappointed by the current prices. In April 2016, on your website, I bought a "SAMSONITE COSMOLITE FL 81cm Spinner Red" for $324, but now the listed price (the closest model is here) is $479, even on this sale. And, when I put in the promo code CYBER2019, it actually went up to $482.50.

    I'll keep waiting. It's probably the Aussie dollar that's doing it, but I can wait more for another deal like I had before.

    • hi the frost.
      Firstly, the FL model was the Cosmolite 2.0… this is the 3.0 and the prices of these just keep going up.
      I can pretty much guarantee you wont see $324 again… if i remember right, even that price was to clear stock to make way for the 3.0 that also signified a raise in retail price.
      That being said, I looked into your calculations and you are correct that price went up. that particular colour size had an incorrect price set that was cheaper than the discounted price… not a good look.
      I have repriced the product where it is supposed to be but in good faith increased the discount on all Cosmolites to 55% off so that item will no price at $434.25
      I hope that sounds a bit better for you.
      Thanks for the feedback about the pricing mistake.

  • Just a post to all who have already purchased Cosmolites with the use of the discount code.
    We have applied the new discount to your orders and will contact you monday regarding your credits and what you would like to do with them.
    If we miss you, let us know and we will honor the new discount for you.

    Thank you for shopping with us

  • Hello. I am interested in the cosmolites but what is the go regarding the shipping insurance?? Given these bags should be non destructible what is the extra cost of insurance meant to cover?? Do you therefore have no sign on delivery or guarantee of delivery if ordered without the insurance?? Probably the only thing making me hesitate as with the insurance it is same price as what i can get walking in store currently? Thanks.

    • the insurance is more a delivery cover that, as with any store, relies on the delivery carrier and the flaws that can happen with them.

      Cover with cover you for delays, lost or damaged in transit issues.

      Its completely up to you.

      If you feel it is the same price as walking into the store, you should walk in to the store.