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Calvin Klein VIP 20% off Double Discount for New/ Existing Members @ Calvin Klein (Outlet Stores)


Was at birkenhead point, went to buy a few shirts as I saw them on sale online 40% off.

2 things I noticed

1/ All shirts were 39.95$, less than what the online deals were (Online deals were 40% off 90 or 100$, which is more than the store)

2/ They were offering a double VIP discount 10%+10% off on everything, in total 20% on top of the 40% off sale.

Shirts were in total 32$ each

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    I've been to that store and I was not impressed.
    Many if not most of the stuff is not retail stuff discounted but seem to have been produced specifically for outlet stores. Slightly different designs and materials than regular retail high-end.
    Not worth a trip imo.


    20% Cashback via CR earlier today.


    the quality is pretty bad. I bought a polo shirt and a tshirt , and both got ruined after only two washing … My tshirt look like a old tshirt with a dull white, and my polo is the same and the shape is worse …