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[eBay Plus] Tamron AF 17-28mm F2.8 Di III RXD for Sony E Full Frame $1159.96 Delivered @ Ted's Camera eBay


Cheapest I've seen so far for local stock. Seems to have stacked with Ted's own 15% off store wide black Friday promotion. Usually hovers around $1316 (whenever DigiDirect has 15% off store wide). Fairly new model, its been excluded from the store wide sales until only recently from what I have seen.

$1223.96 + shipping for those without eBay Plus

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This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    • apologies first time posting. fixed

  • Can someone please help me with the difference between E and FE mount lenses - does the E mount mean it will work on a full frame, but have an APS-C crop? So on a full frame body, this lens would have a crop of roughly 25 - 42?

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      This convention has always confused me also. From what I understand:
      - "E mount" is the generic name of Sony's physical camera mount
      - E can also refer to lenses that have APS-C coverage, using the physical E mount.
      - FE almost always refers to lenses that have full frame coverage, using the physical E mount

      What I never figured out is whether "FE" was Sony marketing, or a generic term. Hence why I chose "Sony E Full Frame" in the title, but I can change if people find this confusing.

      To clarify, this is a lens has full frame coverage and is for Sony's physical E mount.

      • Thank you - it seems to be a bit of a dog's breakfast in terms of mounts! I'll just make sure I read each lens description as I'm perusing.

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    Dammit, this is a great price.

    • I thought I’ve seen $9xx with Digidirect before

      • It hasn’t been that low

      • Probably thinking of the 28-75?

  • Great lens. Compact, light and much cheaper if you can't fork out >$2,000 for the Sony 16-35mm

    • good amateur lens but the range kills it for most professionals. I would rather go for the 16-35 f4.

      • I guess it's to compliment the 28-75 2.8 tamron