This was posted 2 years 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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15% off Eligible Items for eBay Plus Members / 10% for Non eBay Plus ($120 Min Spend, $200 Max Discount) @ eBay


Greetings everyone, terms for this offer aren't currently live but the offer is as such:

Terms Live

This offer commences at 10.00 (AEDT) on 29 November 2019 and ends at 23.59 (AEDT) on 2 December 2019 (“Offer Period”). eBay reserves the right to cancel the offer at any time.

The offer entitles Plus Members to 15% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) and non Plus Members 10% off the purchase price (excluding postage costs) on all Eligible Items listed on when you spend $120 or more in one transaction during the Offer Period, up to a maximum discount of $200 per transaction. Multiple items may be purchased in three transactions (up to a maximum of 10 items per transaction). All monetary amounts specified in these terms and conditions are in Australian dollars (AUD).

Eligible Items’ means all items listed on where these terms and conditions are found and the coupon redemption code PILGRIM is displayed in the item listing

Eligible items should include items from over 15,000 Australian sellers, including stores such as TGG, Bing Lee, Microsoft, EB Games and many other sellers.

As always, enjoy!

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    Eligible eBay

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    Kinda need sitewide >.<

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    Eligible items BS.

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      If you just post a comment, nothing changes. If you neg the deal, eBay will stop getting free advertising on this site.

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        The sjw we need

        • -1

          It isn't nice to tell fibs.

          (We don't need any of them.)

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      Not suffient information to make this a deal IMHO. We all know that Eligible Items means "the second cheapest" listing on ebay… #pricejacked.

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    Just a reminder that there's also a 20% off Selected eBay Store promotion running as well (won't stack).

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      Likely for items with Huge prices;
      possibly recently-inflated prices

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    Elsewhere: Black Friday sale
    eBay: Eligible items BS again 😐🙄

    • 😂😂 This is so true.

    • And… 2 levels of eligibility
      item-marking on listing, &
      w/price differentiation, based
      ob Plus membership

      (At least some got their Plus
      m'ships Free, recently)

    • It is a Black Friday sale. eBay are gonna save a heap!

    • Have you seen Google store? Enjoy $200 store credit (after 8 weeks) for your $1050 purchase of a phone selling for $900 everywhere else.

  • +11

    Eligible items really needs more transparency.
    Also $120 min spend hmm.

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    Eligible items? Seriously!? Wouldn't want it to be too easy to find a genuine bargain now, would we?

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    Eligible Items = Jacked Items

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    It will be interesting to see if Cashrewards and Shopback can compete with this - their advantage is that any boosted cashback will be sitewide.

    • +1

      Agreed - I'd say something will be on but doubt it will hit 15%.

    • I got a $1400 purchase that Shopback refused to track, on the 12% Single day promotion. They are extremely inconsistent.

      • Unless the cashback is >2% more than the upfront coupon discount, I'll take the discount - it's just a rule of thumb that I'm running with.

        I have a bit more faith in Cashrewards' tracking - have taken all the precautions recommended about browsers, adblockers, clearing carts etc - but YMMV.

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    Is this an "Easter" hunt, Black Friday event. Randomly find eligible items, always a pain to find anything.

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    Last year Ebay had a snap 15% off sitewide for a few hours only, then 10% sitewide for the Monday…. Hoping the same will happen this year..

  • Damn I knew this was coming

  • +2

    This is pretty much the usual BS. They used to have genuine site-wide sales, other countries have them but we get shafted it seems.

  • +19

    needs sitewide

    • -11

      I usually come to support neg votes on eBay deals. But they need to show an example of price jacking. This is not that.

      It’s not a valid neg.

    • +3

      Dang dude, "15% off including stores such as TGG, Bing Lee, Microsoft, EB Games" and you neg it because it is not better… geez some people are hard to please..

      • +1

        It's still only eligible items for those stores, it's not even storewide for those particular stores.

    • +1

      yea, site wide or go home ebay.

    • +2

      Sitewide is the only way to protect pricing integrity across ebay and provide transparency with regards to eligible items. All items would be eligible and jackers would be caught out.

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    Eligible items plus a minimum $120 in one transaction? Is it a black Friday deal?

  • +1

    Boo. Was expecting more for Black Friday from eBay.

  • +2

    sorry for the stupid question… how do you figure out what this code works on? lol (aside from adding to cart then trying it…)

    • +1

      You can't. Have to open the item and check if it shows ability to use the code. Which is why it's often a massive waste of time/effort.

      • So does it choose the best one available if say two different codes apply to the one item? Like that 5% off one etc…

        • Not always. I bought something recently I can't remember what it was. And it only listed one coupon which was for 5% I think. Then I tried another coupon that was better and it worked.

  • Bummer, was hoping for a site wide plackphriday code

  • +1

    need $500 max discount

  • +3

    Minimum spend -1
    Maximummdiscount cap -1

    EBay have forgotten what a "sale' is supposed to look like. EBay plus members get nothingbonce again. Only price jacking stores Involved..

  • Was looking Dyson V8 animal on Myer eBay. Hope that comes under eligible item. Fingers crossed.

  • +9

    15% off Eligible Items Jack's favourite collection

  • +6

    No deal listed.

  • +5

    Can someone post an example of a bargain?

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    Top tip for ebay plus - hit the Hide button under the post description the and click Hide deals from store eBay Australia. Now you can get back to finding an actual bargain.

    • There is very rare occasions that there is ACTUALLY a decent eBay sale though. Would be shooting yourself in the foot doing that don't you think?

      • Yeah, all the cashback deals would probably disappear off the radar too. ebay has always made a dozen foolish decisions before they make a sensible one again (by mistake). Just don't pay much attention to these posts with 'eligible items' in them and wait until they make one of their mistakes and do something sensible.

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    If I managed to find an elusive item, bought it at 9:00, then completed the check out/payment after 10am with this coupon, would this work?

    • Hi, could you explain how to buy now and pay later on eBay?

      • Step 1: Win the auction (Buy it now/bid/etc)
        wait some time
        Step 2: Begin the separate check out process to pay for the item

        You can do Step 1 without immediately doing Step 2 (unless the seller forces you to pay immediately)

    • if not work, can you cancel the transaction without hassle?

    • Yes and no, yes it could work … no the item will not be one of the 'eligible' items that code can apply too.

  • eBay has been a joke for quite a while now…

  • +8

    Inability to filter/search for eligible items make this absolutely pointless

  • Going to assume there is no way to search for 'eligible items' only?

  • +2

    $200 max discount is not great.

  • +5

    "Eligible items" is pointless. You can't even search these sales.

  • +6

    No bargain listed

  • Sorry, have to neg this. Eligible item can be item which already been increased in price, hence no deal…

  • +1

    5% sitewide better than deals like these ….

  • No bargain listed.

  • +1

    Ebay is trying to segment their business between private sellers, big company store fronts and off shore sellers but deliver on the same platform. This has caused them to manipulate sales offers with eligible items to align with highest revenue segments, with the end result that there is lack of transparency to consumers and manipulation of regular pricing designed to deceive consumers into thinking they are getting a deal.

    I predict that Ebay will try to address this to a small extent through the use of the cashback channel and predict further code excluded site wide cashbacks albeit at lower rates.

  • No bargain, just pot lock.

  • No bargain listed

  • +2

    Eligible items don't seem to be bargains. Hard to find anything worth purchasing. Using Amazon these days, much better plus cashback. Sorry OP, nothing to do you with.

  • worse than the current coupons with 20% off up to $300

    • I was too harsh, managed to snag a bargain G85 lumix camera from Teds

  • +1

    Of all the Black Friday deals that have been coming up this week, this is by far the worst.

    "We'll have [sic]discounts"
    "We decide what items it applies to."

    Not a deal.

    • +2

      "We decide and we won't tell you which items or give you any way to search and find out"

  • Don’t see any bargains here

  • Price goes up I guess!

  • +1

    Ebay plus, minimum spend, max discount.. Looks like an anti-bargain.

  • Sorry OP, have to neg this too. Eligible items don't seem to be bargains.

  • No bargains listed.

  • No bargains listed.

  • In the spirit of Star Wars season: "This deal is getting worse all the time!"

  • Ebay: I have altered the deal, pray I don't alter it further

  • Eligible items + predictable price jack

  • Pointless deal, hooray for Amazon!

  • Lol this is horrible.

  • +1

    I'll stick with Amazon. Hope you're reading this eBay reps.

  • Sorry Doweeyy Ozbargain not Ozcatalogue…

  • jack up friday!!!

  • Kind of a joke that

    A. Price jacks will happen
    B. This is a "limited items" offer, yes it's supposedly 15k items.. but what happened to the sitewide deals we used to get? They could at least not be so damn vauge (obvious why they'd do this) and share the stores that will have 15% off and exclusions..

    Good deal, but negging for ebay crap. I know it doesn't effect it, but it will hopefully result in some bad taste.

  • Joining in but does everyone notice they only discount ELIGIBLE sale items after the introduction of eBay Plus and introduction of GST under $1k. Wonder if these two variables had anything todo with it.

  • Neg is for not listing sites included in the 15% off.

  • +1

    eligible items? 10%? nah….

  • +1

    Stop the free advertising without actual deals

  • -1

    No deal. Show us a bargain

    • -2

      Show us a bargain

      Here's 3 pages worth for your pleasure. Here's one of mine also. Might as well go and neg all the other eBay coupon deals with that logic.

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