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20% off All Toys (Including LEGO) @ BIG W


In this catalogue delivered today. Goes for 2 weeks. Probably a good time to buy your Xmas toys, more specifically LEGO. According to the catalogue it has exclusions: Price Dropped Lines, Gaming, Sporting, Clearance.

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    thanks!!! bought my kids xmas pressie

    Edit: what i was buying was already on special, and given how hard it was to find, i just snapped them up, without realizing its in 3 days. pays to read, but i'm only a $1 difference :)

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    Can't see that catalog you are referring to anywhere on their site. We received a Big W catalogue in the mail 2 days ago but its for the current Black Friday sales running until Dec 11?? No mention of 20% off toys that i can see.


      Yes, only the current ctalogues are viewable to me.
      I'm wondering whether to buy a Lego set from target before teh end of today or whether it will be a bit cheaper in a couple of days from Big W.

      LAtely a lot of 20% Off Lego deals have only applied to City and Friends themes.


    not sure what will happen to the already 30% discounted lego, will it change to 20% off or 20% on top of 30%, i have screen cap for reference
    time will tell

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      The on sale stuff ends on Wednesday. Then this starts the Thursday
      So buy before the 20% starts


    I can't see it from my search. Could anyone please link me to the "5% off e-gift cards" deal that the OP mentions?

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    Voltron would be $230. Not much of a sale.

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    As usual, compare prices to other store before you buy.

    Usually BigW normal price is similar or only slightly higher than Kmart, but I start noticing this pattern that BigW Lego normal price is now much higher than Kmart.

    For example:
    LEGO Technic 4X4 X-treme Off-Roader - 42099
    Kmart normal price $279
    BigW normal price $349 ($279.2 after 20% off)

    LEGO Star Wars Droid Commander - 75253
    Kmart normal price $279
    BigW normal price $359 ($287 after 20% off)

    So even after this 20% "sale", the price is the same as Kmart (or even still higher than Kmart in the above comparison).


      For Lego sets <$50, I find Big W to be the cheapest, even against other retailer promos

      E.g LEGO Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Expecto Patronum - 75945 (Big W $20, Target $22, K Mart $25)

      LEGO City Mars Research Shuttle - 60226 (Big W $31, Target $39.20, K Mart $39)

      It's always worth doing a price comparison given the sets vary in price between retailers.


        I disgree, two examples off the top of my head are the small Lego City spaceship which has been $9 at kmart since launch (no pun intended) and Hidden Side JB's Lab which has been $19 at Kmart since release.

        Most of the year I thought the larger sets were typically cheapest at Big W, but Kmart don't carry many of those.

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    I don’t see the sale, is it live yet?


      I also wondering the same thing. Anyone know what time BigW website usually changeover to new catalogue/deal?


        Sale is live now but the item I wanted to buy is delivery only. Half the discount added back as delivery fee

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    Got the email about 20% off toys, but the Lego pieces I'm after are still the same price. Don't see any code for the discount. And not applied in cart too.

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    Dam…. Not all Lego's


    Bought the only WFC Wave5 Spinister & Crosshairs ($23.20 ea) from Liverpool BigW earlier today :)


    Some Ninjago Lego is not 20% off, nor is anything already discounted to their everyday low price.

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