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Free Bottle of Byron Bay Lager (Worth $4) with Every Order (No Minimum Spend) @ BWS Online


Buy anything from BWS online (click and collect included)
No minimum spend and get a free Byron Bay Lager Bottle $4

This is your chance to experience the "Sh*ttest town in australia"

"Renowned as Australia’s easternmost point, Byron Bay is also the country’s biggest dckhead magnet. Every type of fckwit under the sun gravitates to Byron: smelly hippies spilling out of their housevans, tattooed surfers fighting each other for territory, barefoot bogans fighting each other for fun, cashed-up Boomers flittering between overpriced organic cafes and bullsh*t galleries, and overseas millionaires buying up the entire town for holiday homes.

Once you try it, see which one of the above you fit into !

Identical to these deals but not the freebie

Can confirm it works more than once!

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  • So you can BOGOF?

    • Yep. Just tested.

    • whats this BOGOF deal?

      • Buy One, Get One Free.

  • +1

    If you are wanting to the cheapest item in order to get this free bottle, this is $1.50.
    After adding the bag to my cart it let me checkout

  • does it stack with BWS 100 days of summer freebies?

    • +1

      Maybe. Need to order through App.
      Added a paid offer & got this free😉
      May not work with free offers. Didn't work for me.

      Picked up a bottle of this free in the promotion. It's only OK.

    • +1

      Yes it does just picked up a couple of free things and added this for free 👍

  • +2

    not sure what happened to Byron bay brewery they used to have good beer assuming the got bought out? it's now the most generic tasting lager you could imagine.

    not horrendous but just wildly average

    • I beg to disagree…

      Our work bought a slab of this for Friday drinks as it was on special.

      Everyone who tried it thought it was downright revolting with a weird aftertaste.

      I'll never buy this again. Yuck.

  • Pairs Perfectly with the Free 0.0% Heineken from the app.


    70 Cent profit actually.

    • Did you order - said below the 1c minimum for me.
      Tried on app with a different freebie from that competition.

      • I did order, but I decided to remove the 0.0% and insert the Sol long neck for $3 instead. So no, I can't confirm a $0 order.

        I have collected the 0.0% before for a $0 order, but not stacked with 2x freebies!

        • Was wondering. Got this deal free with Sol 6 Pack for $12 promotional offer but not with a free offer.

  • +1

    Grabbed 26 beers for $30 combining with 2 bogof james squire 6 pack deals I had + they were on special already.

  • +1

    Managed to get 20 beers + 20 soft drinks for $20
    Pre christmas drinks sorted

    • Is that 20 orders?

    • how?

      • Just do 20 separate orders of the cheapest thing BWS sell. I'm guessing that there's a $1 soft drink for sale.

        • did you look up my order !! :)

        • There's no $1 soft drinks.. cheapest thing is a gift bag

  • +1

    Also works with the free cans from the days of summer thing

    • Edit: apparently they charged me for it, refund incoming

  • I was drinking this beer back in 2008-2009 - REALLY GOOD then they stopped making beer. Closed shop. Didn't know ther restarted the Brewery again.

    • Not the same beer!
      Bottle states brewed & bottled at various locations around Australia.

      Name etc was bought by or licenced to Lion Brewing as part of their range of beers. Tastes like it.

  • its only showing me a discount of 1 free beer if i add 2 x $4 bryon bay beer first online and app. doesnt seem to work with any other offers mentioned above for me. so its bogof. so is it worth paying $4 for 2 bottles or not?

    • Got one free on Saturday - didn't even notice I was drinking a beer. It was that bland.

  • Tried this on Friday night, horrible.

  • +1

    This doesn't work for me in QLD.

    • Works for me in Brissie.

  • +1

    I've tried a few different options, always $4. Should it show in the cart as $4?

    • Seems to have expired. Worked earlier.
      No longer shows as free offer.
      Charges $4 as you say, so 2 cost $8 now.

  • Now shows $2 per bottle & no free offer for me.

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