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This deal is for the full deluxe edition, not just the upgrade.
05/12/2023 - 15:00
You vastly overestimate the amount of games with that score if you think that was ever true.
30/11/2023 - 09:50
You know you can just swap it to lettuce for free right?
21/11/2023 - 11:51
Why is it that people dont understand the concept of a publisher specifically when it comes to Bethesda?
10/11/2023 - 06:26
Imagine getting triggered over someone posting moves from this game in their original language.
30/10/2023 - 16:07
Its just to cover themselves I imagine, I get 900->950 regardless of the time of day with SL
21/10/2023 - 10:09
The Lexar wont work be great with the PS5 since the PS5 doesnt support HMB which the Lexar relies on due to it having no dram cache, the…
12/10/2023 - 16:38
Inwouldnt use this in an enclosure, dont think HMB works over USB, so it would not work very well since it is has no dram and relies on…
04/10/2023 - 11:29
Wolfenstein 3 is publicy in development, so that wasnt a conclusion.
27/09/2023 - 10:24
Because Sony is paying them enough to make it worth it for them? Sony doesnt get these games for free. Day 1 releases would get a much…
10/08/2023 - 13:24
Not an ambassador for KFC. Im just required by ozbargain to say I work there lol I wrote "haha" about something pretty innocuous (the level…
02/07/2023 - 16:43
I get that people have different levels of spice tolerance, but if someone can't handle a zinger, spicy food just isnt for them, because…
02/07/2023 - 09:21
I have said literally zero things about the game to you, harden up. If you consider someone who has already paid for the game but is…
08/05/2023 - 22:42
I paid for the $180 Collectors Edition months ago. Also got like $200 of Amiibo on preorder. Nintendo already has my money, I have…
08/05/2023 - 08:47
That is a very american mentality. Here in Australia we can easily return bad games, with the only exception being if you buy digital via…
04/05/2023 - 15:35
Reference cards were available around the launch of the 6800xt and 6900xt but not for long. I ordered one a few months after launch from…
29/11/2022 - 13:49
Not true considering the 6600XT is faster than a PS5. It will be a perfectly capable 1080p card for years to come considering most games…
19/10/2022 - 17:50
AU MSRP is 2219 for the 4080 16GB and 2959 for the 4090, no thanks.
21/09/2022 - 11:06
Go AMD. THE 7800XT will probably be 95% as fast as the 4080 16GB at like half the cost. Same with the 7900XT if you were thinking about the…
21/09/2022 - 08:30
AU MSRP 4080 12GB - $1659 4080 16GB - $2219 4090 - $2959 At nearly $1500USD converted for the 4080 16GB Jensen can shove his new RT cores…
21/09/2022 - 02:03
Might just be my local store but its the opposite for me, Pizza Hut here is somehow always undercooked and their sauces are disgusting on…
10/09/2022 - 15:53
Why am I not suprised that a putin simp is also anti-vax? I imagine those two groups strongly overlap.
20/08/2022 - 20:06
It was me that mentioned the 1:5 thing a few months ago, it is because hot and spicy doesn't do well as a permanent menu item, only as a…
09/08/2022 - 10:52
Y7 has an 86 on opencritic and a 96% positive rating on Steam, so clearly you are in the minority in thinking it's crap. RGG are still…
31/07/2022 - 13:24
I'm talking only about the breading / flour mix, it is far less than 7% overall. You can look at the nutritional information for reference…
12/07/2022 - 20:22
Tenders are breaded twice (same with drumsticks), so that might be it. However the salt content would still be the same 7-8% of the flour…
12/07/2022 - 15:20
Tenders use the same flour / seasoning / salt mix as Original Recipe and Original Fillets (7-8% salt).
12/07/2022 - 08:49
If he already has Gamepass Ultimate (the one that includes gamepass for PC and xbox live gold) I believe both versions are on that.
07/06/2022 - 23:18
It's very cheap if you join someone family plan on the Ozbargain forums :)
07/06/2022 - 10:26