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Enjoy mate. 3 dozen will last for a while.
25/11/2023 - 11:03
Their wines are good and don’t feel cheap at all. Some wines have Chinese characters on them. I think it’s because the trade war with…
25/11/2023 - 11:01
Just wines is fine. Bought from them for a few years. Be prepared they will keep calling you for promotions. That ~~can be~~ is very…
25/11/2023 - 09:42
Same link from OP’s but choose 240w instead Deal of the day: AHGEIIY USB4 Cable for Thunderbolt 4 Cable (1.2M/4Ft) Supports 8K@60Hz/ 240W…
22/11/2023 - 00:21
I am pretty sure it’s usb 4.0 not thunderbolt 4. I got one with 240w one for $2 more, and felt it comes with more value.
21/11/2023 - 23:35
I got the GC but not the credits yet.
20/11/2023 - 14:27
It’s been 2 weeks. I haven’t received my shipping confirmation yet. Got order confirmation though
07/11/2023 - 18:54
Thanks OP bought it. Didn’t realize I have other games in the cart, so ended up buying 3 games in one purchase 😭.
31/10/2023 - 00:31
In fact I do know that NBN’s Special Access Undertaking (SAU) SAU sets the industry standard for wholesale pricing, including their own…
30/10/2023 - 18:31
When they say $149 is the standard price, I know they are not trustworthy.
29/10/2023 - 23:58
Why doesn’t Logitech add menu key….
11/10/2023 - 21:05
Lamborghini is all metal and carbon fibre why so expensive? 350km/h Yes because higher number = better? I run at like 60km/h, lower or…
07/10/2023 - 10:16
I bought my first car (the same as many of my friends) for less than the value of cashback lol.
07/10/2023 - 03:31
Okay leave it to Prime Gaming then, so it won’t take a monthly free AAA game spot in psn+
01/10/2023 - 13:53
Free with psn+ or nothing
01/10/2023 - 13:49
fairly slated is a fair statement with all fairness
01/10/2023 - 13:47
So what’s the problem/difference made in Germany vs China?
30/09/2023 - 17:06
Don’t know about Chinese factories, but EY should install one but seems they don’t care.…
15/09/2023 - 13:27
This looks similar to the mustang GT500 set, for which I paid $46. It looks better I know but is it $200 better?
11/09/2023 - 01:46