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Picked it up maybe 3 weeks ago. A few stores had stock at that time - maybe everyone else has jumped on mold issues
20/06/2024 - 15:56
Agreed. Just picked up the Ausclimate model from Bunnings. Very highly rated on Choice and its doing a great job pulling moisture out.…
20/06/2024 - 11:43
Just bought a second case given free shipping atm.
07/06/2024 - 16:58
Going to be very case by case. From an indie perspective, I've played: Dave the Diver, Dredge & Stardew Valley - all perfect. Your best bet…
03/06/2024 - 17:04
Not sure tbh, all the games i use aren't a lot of pitch black. Probably overblow if any issues for 99% of use cases unless you watch a lot…
03/06/2024 - 16:27
No issues. It is on the heavier side, however its a trade off I'm happy to make based on the fact you get a nice large screen, windows o/s…
03/06/2024 - 13:21
Thanks, bought my first case. Will save the hassle of having to search out cooking / drink the remainder wine every few weeks.
22/05/2024 - 10:11
They were the original WH-1000X. Probably bought them in 2016
16/05/2024 - 16:07
I'm the type of person that flys regularly but doesn't want to lose half my carry on to fixed headphones - the case is huge on the xm5.…
16/05/2024 - 09:18
Annoying these models don't fold down compactely. Have the original WH-1000XM which are great for travel, just starting to show their age…
16/05/2024 - 09:05
Any idea how long click and collect usually takes to be ready - in particular for perfume?
10/05/2024 - 22:25
Yes, they ask you what time you’re landing, you then just hand your parking ticket to them and they bring it around. Don’t even need to…
07/05/2024 - 19:47
Perfect timing. Gotta love that valet parking.
07/05/2024 - 16:25
Just bought 2 years Core via cdkeys for turkey = $128.98. Then followed the reddit example. Added it (with vpn) to microsoft account. Then…
28/03/2024 - 21:21
Cant get it to work with NordVPN or Urban. Tried Pakistan, India and Ukraine
12/03/2024 - 20:23
Addictive game, however don’t know how easy it will be on a phone/tablet
06/03/2024 - 09:10
I use it every time now. Never had an issue. Very convenient for essentially the same price as P3.
28/02/2024 - 17:05
"Titles should always include the name of the product or service, price, and the name of the store."
26/02/2024 - 12:58
"I would say this is actually illegal too (in my opinion)" I gather you're not a lawyer....
19/02/2024 - 10:29
Such a niche giveaway, clearly for those interested in buying their product. Not meant for a mass bargain site.
12/01/2024 - 15:16
Lucky you, my wifi keeps going super slow just on my S21 ultra.
03/01/2024 - 13:31
owwreally was awarded a badge.
28/12/2023 - 12:53
Will go with Coles so I don’t need to get rid of their oversized boxes
18/12/2023 - 22:38
Don't know how safe it is to keep cooked rice warm "for a few days"
05/12/2023 - 18:07
Yep I am. Can’t figure out if any good way to convert and redeem for items
02/12/2023 - 23:55
SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C Flash Drive 256GB $31.75 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU
SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive Go USB Type-C Flash Drive Looking for storage that works across your USB Type-C and Type-A devices? Whether…
22/11/2023 - 21:05
Beat me too it. Was holding out to restock.
22/11/2023 - 20:43
Any idea if you have already converted to Ultimate from the base level game pass, once it expires can you do it again?
20/11/2023 - 14:27