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[Switch] Astral Chain for $54 Delivered @ Amazon AU


Flash deal for Astral Chain for the next 5.5ish hours, pretty good price for a pretty darn good game.

As always, don't forget cashback!

Update: Less than an hour to go and currently at 85% claimed

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel K Keepa.
This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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  • +2 votes

    These past few days have been so bad for my bank account. Don't really know much about this game but keen to give it a go.

  • Not as good as Bayonetta series, but still pretty solid game

  • Hmm… I paid $64 during shopback's amazon flash sale with 20% cashback last saturday, guess this is probably a better deal since you instantly get $10 off (my transaction hasn't tracked yet in shopback)

    • By my calcs, if you get it at this price with the 5pc off instead, you'd actually be ahead by 91 cents compared to the old deal. Using my shitty phone calculator though.

    • We are the exactly same!

      • Yep just need to wait for shopback then :)
        Would be glad to know if it's indeed 91c cheaper lol

        • I placed the order at last minute, 5:59pm Saturday. not sure if I can get the 20% cash back…

  • that feel when I was asleep half of today and missed some great deals ;_;
    ah well, got this one :)

  • $29.99 comn Amazon

  • Cool, this will make total number of games I am yet to finish up to 4. It seems like I'm buying games faster than I can play them :')

    • To have 4 games on the pile of shame.. Oh how I envy you.

    • 4… how cute.

      • +2 votes

        lol ok.. i didn't realise how dire the situation is for other people

      • Games are now given out like candy. There is literally no chance in hell I could play all these games even if I was unemployed and dedicated my life to it. I’m stuck with mountains of too many games to touch.

        I miss when in an entire generation I’d get 3-6 games total. I could explore those games throughly. Recently it’s felt like I’m playing games for the sake of finishing them. Feeling rushed while I do it.

    • My steam pile of shame is into four digits now! (I blame humble bundle for most of that!)

  • Damm. I'm still seeing people selling it at FB Marketplace for $70 second hand. LOL

  • Word to the wise: make sure you’re stocked to the gunnels on healing and extra life supplies before that final boss. What a nightmare.
    Otherwise, awesome game at a good price.

  • Darn, paid 69 but haven't had time yet to get past chapter 1.

  • Darn. Paid $64 over the weekend as put a bunch in cart that were on someone else's Xmas list. Just got delivered.

    • Maybe try get a refund of the difference from Amazon (assuming that's where you purchased it from). It won't be a refund as such, but at least a credit on the account.

      I did this previously when the price dropped for an item, and via online chat, I said the credit was easier than me enacting the return process only to buy it again at the cheaper price.

  • This is my GOTY.

    I thoroughly enjoyed the Bayonetta games on Wii U and this tops them for me.

  • Great game.

  • My wallet is crying and my backlog is now horrendous thanks to all these great deals :D

    Looking forward to playing this though, I've really enjoyed every other game Platinum has released so this one shouldn't disappoint.

  • definitely one of the must play game on switch.

  • Thanks op and Ozbargain

    Now Im going to eat only white bread for the next 2 weeks.

  • My first (and only) purchase of Black Friday/ Cyber Monday so far. Thanks OP

  • ordered one, thanks.

  • anyone who checked their order; Not yet shipped status? I also found they havent taken my money yet… odd

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