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Apple iPhone 8 256GB (Silver) $715 Delivered @ Green Gadgets via Amazon AU


Brand New Australian Stock iPhone 8 256GB Silver for $715 at Amazon (with free delivery).

Apple.com.au selling 64GB at $779 and 128GB at $859. Offer available today only while stocks last.

This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals for 2019

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    A11 Bionic, the smartest and most powerful chip in a smartphone

    This information is now outdated


      but it is a smart chip. It reads your brain.


      Lol. I read the first sentence and was thinking "What is this guy saying… I should downvote him"

      And then I saw "This information is now outdated" and was like "Oohhhhh makes sense"

  • +2 votes

    These are refurbished and therefore not very cheap compared to other places.
    Eg https://www.kogan.com/au/deals/iphone-8-256gb-price/


      How do you know?

      • +6 votes

        Unless explicitly stated as new (which they haven’t), you gotta assume they are refurbs.
        Their Amazon seller description lists this:

        Green Gadgets are an Australian owned and operated business and have sold over 100,000 devices worldwide.
        Our devices work and look like new and have minimal to no signs of wear. Every device is supported by our Green Gadgets 30 day satisfaction guarantee and 6 month warranty against defects.

        Every device shipped from our Sydney based warehouse undergoes a rigorous, industry leading 72-point inspection process. This thorough testing process is carried out by our highly trained technicians and includes all internal and external functions including buttons, battery, SIM card, camera and LCD screen.

        On occassion, we also sell New items. Each New item comes with a 24 month manufacturer warranty in Australia.

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      These are 100% BRAND NEW and sealed in box. They are not refurbished and have never been opened….

  • +1 vote

    “ SIM-Free Smartphone” huh 🤔

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    So if these are new is this a good deal? Is the iphone 8 getting 'too old' now? How's the battery life on it?


    Thanks - picked up one with cashback and the Suncorp Amazon giftcards!


      sorry i'm new but what cashback and ggiftcards are you referring to? I'm trying to make a zip pay account though it's just hanging at the moment


        Cashrewards and Shopback are the two main cashback websites.

      • +1 vote

        Zippay is a good start! The lower credit account only goes up to $250 so you will need gift cards to lower the balance on the iPhone.

        1- Make a cashback account from ShopBack or Cashrewards using a referral code (hit the random button on the pages.

        They have the same function and are competitors - I used ShopBack this time because of the slightly higher amazon cashback rate. Both are great and I use each regularly.

        After you made the account, find amazon AU on the cashback website, and find the iPhone (you can’t already have it in your cart before clicking the cashback link).

        2- Gift cards are through Suncorp benefits. To sign up you’ll need a suncorp product. I just opened a free savings account and it let me sign up for suncorp benefits. You can get gift cards at 3% off.
        But this takes some time to activate etc so it might be too late!

        Let me know if you get lost with anything .. haha

    • +1 vote

      I should turn in my Ozbargain badge - I didn't realise Suncorp started selling Amazon gift cards! 3% but it definitely adds up considering the amount I spend on Amazon.


    You have any iP7 or anything with lower storage?


    I had the opportunity to buy this for $500 last year but I turned it down cause it really didn't seem worth it… The phone itself is extremely outdated and is a waste for anyone who doesn't want a small and powerful phone

    Me, personally love a big screen on a phone, with the most powerful specs and amazing cameras… This phone just doesn't come anywhere close

    Butttt, there are many people out there who like smaller phones, and they might see this as a good option

    • +2 votes

      I prefer a smaller phone. In fact I would happily go for an updated iPhone SE. You should not assume everyone has the same wants and needs as you do.
      Also the SOC in this is still up there in the speed/performance stakes.


        the ratio of small to big phones on offer today is vastly in favor of the big phones. Not everyone wants a big phone, but it's pretty clear from sales and availability that a majority prefer them.

        I think Apple are the only ones who still make sub 5" phones with maybe an exception here or there.


        I didn't assume anything… I literally said "Me, personally love a big screen" and "there are many people out there who like smaller phones".

        I understand your point about the SE tho. That phone is still quite powerful, even today, and paired with iOS can still provide a smooth experience on iOS 13

        The iPhone 8 is similar, however, the $715 for an 8 is straight-up not worth it. The SE, on the other hand, can easily be found for about $200 on a site such as Kogan

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    Don’t forget, iPhone SE2 coming mid 2020 ish.

    iPhone 8 case with XS guts, maybe.

    Starting at around $600-700?

    This is a great price otherwise! Love the huge storage.


    I would get this over any other phone in this price bracket if you need to go with apple. still using my iphone 8, go with this if you want the finger print scanner instead of face id.


    Still available on their ebay site for $755.65 using PILGRIM https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Apple-iPhone-8-Brand-New-64-256G...

    Might actually work out cheaper this way if you have discounted ebay gift cards

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