Bank Sync for YNAB $20.99 First Year (Annually $29.99) 30% off Launch


Automatic syncing of Australian and New Zealand banks to YNAB is now available!

You can try free for 30 days, no credit card required and can cancel any time.

We have a launch discount of 30% for the first 3 months for monthly subscriptions and 30% off for a whole year when subscribing annually. Use coupon code LAUNCH2019 when signing up to receive the discount.

An Aussie Bloke has started a service for YNAB users to allow Bank Sync to their YNAB accounts. For anyone using YNAB this is a great feature missing for Australians.

Supported Banks:

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    Not sure how this syncing works but someone on reddit asked all the banks what they thought of giving Pocketbook access to their account here worth reading.

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      Yes, be very cautious if this app requires you to provide your online banking username and password. "Support" and "security" from their end does not = support or a green light from your banks end.

      A similar clampdown has been happening with CBA and RAIZ users recently, with the bank reminding users that providing RAIZ login details for automatic top-ups goes against their T&Cs, and could very likely jeopardise any guarantee of your money being returned should there ever be fraudulent activity on your account(s). Regardless of the people who may argue the risk is significant or not (or that this is to push people to Commsec Pocket), if the bank is stating it's against their terms, I sure wouldn't be risking my savings guarantee.

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    Regardless of what they claim, if you type in your banking credentials and your accounts are emptied, you are not protected by the banks.

    "Supported" is an ambiguous term. Technically it works, but I doubt that the banks themselves support this.


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      This is 100% true. Open banking API's are coming, wait for that. Never use credentials.

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        This ^^
        Definitely wait for the open banking APIs before using services like this that require you to login to your own online banking in order to obtain your transactional and account data. It is a breach of the terms of your bank and others have stated, you're not covered if things go missing from your account via a shared username or password.

        For more on open banking in Australia, this is a pretty good straightforward read:


    Syncing an account in YNAB is a simple download then upload process that can be done for free.

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    This is just a disaster waiting to happen

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    Requires handing over your credentials for online banking to some company called Basiq. Like all companies of their sort, they spin some bull about how they have read only access to your accounts, but unless the bank itself gives them readonly access their claims that they can't change anything are a load of manure.

    Technically, Westpac, NAB, and Regional Australia Bank can't void your ePayments Code protections for using this service though, as Regional Australia Bank uses it to check your accounts for lending purposes, and Westpac and NAB are investors in it (which I think we can interpret as promoting…)

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