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Apple iPhone XS Max 256GB (Space Grey, Gold & Silver) $1499.99 @ Costco (Membership Required)


First time post, be gentle please

It might be Black Friday deal. I found these iphone XR,XS&XS MAX deals (save from $150-$450) in Casula Costco (NSW). Not sure the expire date, of the new model of iphone released, i guess costco wants to clean up the old stock. Plus TRS on Christmas holiday will be perfect.

Apologize for no price tag picture

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  • Well done op.
    great price

  • Would i be able to get a refund from jb on their black friday deal ? Thanks

  • People are still paying this much for phones well over a year old?! Yikes!

    • Big W and Officeworks is still selling the iPhone 6S+ 32GB (yep, 32 lousy GB) for $588. That's more of a ripoff cos in a years time that phone can't be updated to iOS 14 (assuming, since iP6 was dropped in iOS 13).

      The XS Max was over $2K brand new, so $1500 is a fair price. Although I was on a budget for an iPhone, I'd rather get a iPhone 11. Compared to the XS Max, you get a better battery life, better processor, better camera processing (deep fusion), a more useful wide angle lens. Only thing you lose out on is the OLED screen.

  • Poor value better off getting Iphone 11 pro max 256 GB for $300 more using gift cards and discounts .
    People can't seem to adjust to where the old phones should be in relation to the new Iphone 11 pricing .

  • Is it possible to use Costco receipt for TRS?

    • Yes, I did b4. it has be your membership, coz your name and address will be on the end of receipt.

    • Oops, that means my sister who is travelling soon would be unable to claim it for me.

  • Any deal on XR at Costco ?

  • Thanks OP picked up 5

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    I got a brand new sealed one off gumtree for $1200 few weeks before the pro came out just to try, sold it to mobile monster a week later for $1260. Got the 11 pro not max.
    Wouldn't pay $1500 now.


      did you sell it used


        yes used it for a week


          woah nice, made a $60 profit even after using it


            @DisabledUser223792: lol, i just did it to see if i wanted the 11 pro in a max or smaller one, i new the resale price before i bought it, locked it in before the announcement and mobile monster give you 14 days to send in, price started tanking after then

  • Just don’t crack the screen or have Apple care!

  • That's great price! Love my Xs Max!!

  • Had a 6S plus, then bought a Samsung Galaxy S9+.. and I’ve decided.. I hate big phones.

    I now have an SE and iPhone 7 regular. Can’t wait till the small iPhone 12 comes out next year!

  • great price, thx op

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