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Zojirushi Stainless Steel Mug 16-Ounce Smoky Blue (455ml) $32.85 + Delivery (Free with Prime) @ Amazon US via AU


Lightning deal, currently accessible to Prime members only. Accessible to all, but delivery fee applies to non-prime members.

Excellent thermal flask for a decent price. I believe this is the newer model (SM-KHE36AG), and thus bit more expensive.

Other colours available but slightly more expensive:

Black $34.60

Champagne Gold $34.40


  • Stainless steel vacuum insulation keeps beverages hot or cold for hours
  • Durable and sanitary 18/8 stainless steel interior
  • Slick Steel finish
  • Wide mouth opening
  • Compact design takes up minimal space while maximizing capacity

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    Thanks! Just in time, I promised someone one for Christmas :)

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    I’ve got the 12oz version and can highly recommend this. Lid locks securely so no unexpected spills. Easy to clean bottle and the lid disassembles / reassembles without issue. Pays for itself quickly when you make your own coffee in your machine at home rather than buying one every day. Still hot mid morning. Personally 16oz would be too big but may suit your needs, 12oz is $39.51.


      I have the 16oz one, and I used to put two cups of coffee in it which worked well. Now I just do one cup, but the extra volume is still a plus. I have my coffee over the course of the morning and then clean it out and add water and ice. Serves as a great water bottle giving ice cold water the rest of the day!

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    I've got the 12oz one. Bought it while I was in Japan. Great for the car.

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    Bought this in Japan recently, cost around $45+. It's a good size, light and compact. The lid works well and can be opened and locked single handed. These are made in Thailand and the Thermos are made in China but both are good quality.


    Will this fit in a small car cup holder? My current kmart one is tapered towards the bottom so it fits.


    Its not even half a litre. What would you use this for?

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      For those times you don't need more than half a litre of coffee or tea.

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        So $33 for a mug then?

        I hope the $33 you'll spend on something this small makes the coffee taste unreal!
        I'd need it after the bitterness of being scammed this much purely because it's "on sale" from even more ridiculous original pricing.

        There are so many mug thermos options available on eBay that are far cheaper than this product. Brand name options too, but obviously not this supposedly gucci brand "Zojirushi". I think there's some brand name snobbery going on :).


        Sure. If you can afford it then why not I guess.

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      When you want to discreetly sip on a 16oz can of imperial stout without being judged.


      It's a good size to fit in a smaller bag. I bought one because my normal insulated water bottle was too big. It's also a good size for a hot drink like coffee or tea (I don't usually drink a litre of coffee or tea)


      Then wait for the 22oz 600ml one?


    I have two Thermos flasks (one still unopened), so it this a lot better than that brand? Anyone used both who can comment on the difference in quality between the two?


      I think some brands including Thermos have two or more makers for products in different markets, maybe two price points. My friend says in Japan Thermos is better ( made in Thailand ) than the ones available mainly here made in China. So YMMV depending on where you buy these from.

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      Thermos has a range of products, from 'value' to premium. TBH I think the lower end of their range has damaged their reputation a bit. I have both a Thermos 'King' tumbler and a Zojirushi… similar in ability to keep my coffee warm, but the former is a lot quicker/easier to clean, so I use it daily.

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        I used my Thermos King Tumbler with Handle daily for 3 years before switching to a Zojirushi SM-SD48 (a slightly better version of the one in this deal). Here's how they compare.

        Capacity Weight Dimensions Volume
        Thermos King Tumbler /w Handle 473ml ~450g 4.9 x 3.3 x 7.8" 126in3 / 2067cm3 (no handle: 85in3 / 1392cm3)
        Zojirushi SM-SD48 480ml 205g 2.625 x 2.75 x 8.75" 63in3 / 1035cm3

        + Cheaper
        + Built-in hook for tea bags/infusers
        + Larger mouth, most tea infusers will fit
        - Heavier
        - Bigger
        - Less capacity
        - Will keep contents hot for shorter
        - Harder to tell whether it's open or closed
        - Even when closed there's often residue liquid that can leak.
        - No safety lock, sometimes has mind of its own and will leak until you rescrew lid.

        + Less than half the weight of above
        + Significantly smaller
        + Slightly more capacity
        + Will keep contents hot for longer
        + Much easier to tell whether it's open or closed
        + No leaks
        + Safety lock ensures no accidental opening
        - More expensive
        - No tea hook
        - Smaller mouth, only thin tea infusers will fit

        Winner: Zojirushi


      The spout and lid is where the value is at for the zoji

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      It cracked? Why do you recommend it?


      Nah I've learnt my lesson with the Kmart ones. Have bought and used 3 and they all only lasted 6 months before severely leaking temperature.

      Just pulled the trigger on the Z, hope it lasts longer…


    I've had mine 6mos now, and it's great. It doesn't keep drinks too hot - you don't have to worry about putting the drink in too hot and not being able to drink it for 6 hours like some other thermoses. It keeps drinks at a good hot drinking temperature throughout the day. It's very usable as a daily travel mug because of this, just the right amount of heat retention.

    The spout ideally needs a small brush to clean well, but overall easy to clean compared to mugs like the older Contigo travel mugs.


    Can confirm this bottle is the bee's knees, I bought it on my Japan trip last winter. It keeps my hot drinks well insulated throughout the whole day. Almost too well as I always find myself burning my tough, but not that I can complain.

    Get on this if you haven't already done so!

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    Cheers OP, bought another one for the wife :)

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    Got a black one, ty op


    i bought one from last time special and had to return it. the bottle seems to be an used item (scratch marks), was not happy at all.