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[Android] Dungeons of Rune $0.99 (Was $3.19) @ Google Play Store - 4 Stars Average


Hi OzBargainers,

I've put my game on sale yet again so thought I'd post it yet again to OzBargs! It's currently rated at 4 stars which is pretty good I guess.

I'm not sure what to add to the description from last time it was on sale so I'm just copy pasting it since I think it's a pretty good description:

There are no ads or IAPs, just a one time price for a game that should have around 4 hours of play time to beat it once (not sure how long it'll take you to earn all the medals/achievements if that's your thing).

It supports gamepad but you'll want to use one with a good analog stick for precise attacks - though to be honest, it plays better with the touchscreen controls imho.

You can read about the game on the store page but in case you're lazy here's the description copy pasta'd:

Dungeons of Rune is a modernized first person dungeon crawler designed for the touch screen (now with controller/gamepad and mouse+keyboard support!). Swipe and attack dungeon dwelling foes like spiders, explosive bats, armored skeletons and giant blood sucking mosquitoes.

   11 dungeons across 3 different environments + Arena mode
   Over 6 hours of gameplay
   Discover seemingly infinite loot with different attributes and maybe even magical effects
   Play through on Normal than ramp up the difficulty in Hard mode
   Player profiles so you can have multiple games on one device
   Google Play cloud saves, leaderboards and achievements

Find runes of five different elements and use them to upgrade your stats or combine them to cast up to 15 different spells.

Use your compass and map to solve puzzles, find gold and reach the end of 11 dungeons in 3 unique environments.

This is a modern 3D dungeon crawler inspired by titles like Legend of Grimrock, Eye of the Beholder, Lands of Lore, Dungeon Master, Stonekeep and Black Crypt.

Supports Google Play Games - Synchronise save games with the cloud, compare high scores for each level and unlock achievements.

Happy to answer questions about the game or anything else - but I can't promise my answers will be rated as 4 stars

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