Free: Steganos Privacy Suite 20 (Password Manager + Data Encryption) @ Steganos


Steganos Privacy Suite is a security suite comprising a top-notch password manager. The ability to hide one file (or a whole safe) within another is a great addition, and the option to save keychains and safes to the cloud makes it incredibly convenient.

  • Simple to use
  • Optional steganography
  • 384-bit AES-XEX encryption

How to get FREE

  • Go to the link provided in OP and enter your email. You will then receive a link to get a free serial key to activate the software. Check your spam folder. Mine email received as spam.

Download the software from here.

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    yeah right AES has 384 bits.

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      If block size of AES encryption algorithm is 128 bits, XTS mode requires 128-bit key. As a result, the effective key length for the pair XTS mode + AES becomes higher than AES originally has. While AES key length is 256 bits, XTS+AES pair uses 256+128 = 384 bits key. Source


    How good is this compared to KeePass Password Safe?

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    No offence intended to the OP but wouldn't touch this software with a 10-foot pole. You're entire password vault handed over to some nobody company that spams various forums with their "giveaway" links and has no seemingly reputable reviews? (No that clown from TechRadar who barely fits her own title "Tech Journalist" doesn't count).

    Stick with the ones you know - Lastpass, KeePass, 1pass y'know…all those other ones that get scrutinized ruthlessly by everyone.


      Bitwarden is the common recommendation now. It's open source.


      some nobody company

      Err, don't think so, I've been using Steganos products on and off since 2007 and they've been around a long time prior to that-
      "Since 1996, Steganos has been offering highly secure and easy to use software tools that protect and secure on and offline data".

      It's a well established German company set up by some professor bloke and "has $29.2M in estimated revenue annually" (source crunchbase).
      They were one of the first companies to offer these encryption programs available to the public at a reasonable price.

      The products in the suite are OK to good, especially the Safe and encrypted email.
      The Password Manager used to be poor and very clunky, but has slowly gotten better.

      Don't know why all the negativity, it's a superceded version AND FFS IT"S FREE so nothing to lose by taking a look.


        Firstly i'll state, I didn't downvote the post.

        Secondly, yes in the grand scheme of things, they are a "nobody company".

        I simply pointed out there are much better options because I don't want OZB'ers who are not so technical to be fooled into thinking this is some well vetted privacy suite and when you are putting your entire password vault in the hands of 3rd party software, you better be damn sure it's good and not "sub-standard".

        A quick google will tell you all you need to know about this offering. BitWarden's been pointed out, that is a great piece of software and it's free with premium options _b


    Ive been using passwordsafe (free) for a long time, anyone use passwordsafe and reason i should migrate to bitwarden?


    How do I get a serial? Not good with German. TIA

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