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Rooster Teeth Australia Closing down Sale - ~80% off Storewide


Unfortunately, Rooster Teeth and Hanabee Entertainment are breaking ties in Australia, so the Rooster Teeth Australia store is going down for the count ending on the 17th at 9am. Here is the official information from the retailer themselves -

Hi Everyone:

As outlined last week, the Australian Rooster Teeth Store will soon be shutting down permanently.

Happy to share with you all the final campaign details:
• The Final Sale Begins December 6th @ 09:00 AEDT
• Average discount = 80% off retail price
• Orders of $50 or more may receive a random, bonus stocking stuffer.
• Everything subject to availability. We expect a little chaos so the advice is to get in early.
• Last orders accepted December 17th at 09:00 AEDT
• Check FAQ page for more details.


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closed Comments

  • No Weiss and Blake Figures. I guess I'll just get a Ruby figure.

    Apparently "FIRST5" to get an additional 5% off for RT First subscribers.

  • Are those Hunter Heist card sleeves clear or do they have some weird branding/design on it?

  • Final sale didn't begin at 9:00, or even 9:30.

    Couldn't be bothered with it now.

  • Damn, didn't even know they were selling in Australia.
    Might get those Camp Camp figures.

  • How much is shipping

  • Just bought RWBY - Combat Ready and all the expansions/model/mat for $36.93 excluding postage. The board game alone on MightyApe is currently $55

  • The store has been a very vacant place for the last 12 months. No product updates. Very disappointed with this annoucement. Feels like rooster teeth has dropped its interest in the Australian market, especially since they stopped doing RTX here.

  • Where's donut

  • "• Orders of $50 or more may receive a random, bonus stocking stuffer."
    Damn, my order totalled at $46. Hopefully the added postage cost will make me eligible :p

  • My favourite is this t shirt on sale; without a picture.


  • what is this stuff?

    • Merch for fan boys of various cult pop culture stuff.

    • Rooster Teeth was relevant back in the 2000s when machinima style videos (in-game footage with dubbed over voices) was at its peak popularity. They had a long running YouTube series set in the Halo games called Red vs. Blue.

      After that they created a low budget CGI animation called RWBY that was basically a fan made clone of the popular Japanese long-running Fate franchise, because it was unexpectedly popular they continued with it and made it into a series.

      None of their other projects have been particularly noteworthy imho

      • Well Funhaus is pretty fun channel, but its not like its that hard to do a gaming channel.

  • I can see why they are closing down

  • Has anyone had their order shipped yet? Mine has not.

    • Nope. Can't even sign into my account, just getting redirected to a 'page not found' on the main RT website.
      Nevermind managed to login, my order is still pending.

  • Anyone had their order shipped? I am still waiting.

  • I emailed them today and that seems to have gotten them off their asses. I at least have a tracking number now, even if it is one that was only just created implying it hadn't/hasn't been sent yet.

  • My order arrived but is missing an item, no idea who to contact as the website is down now…

    • When I received my tracking number they also included at the bottom.

      "If you have any questions, reply to this email or contact us at [email protected]"

      Maybe try shooting them an email and see how you go.

      • Did that as soon as I noticed, still haven't heard back, unfortunately.

        • Gives me hope that something might arrive at least. The tracking number they gave me the other day still just says approved by auspost and doesn't appear to have actually been sent though.

        • They ended up giving me a refund, not to happy about it as I really wanted that shirt but what can you do I guess.

  • One of my orders shipped but a second order i made hasnt moved at all… no tracking or anything. ive sent 2 emails in the last week about it but they are yet to reply.

  • I got a Your order has been refunded email yesterday. I had ordered the Million Dollars But card game on the 6th. No reason given… oh well :(

    • Did you receive the refund? I got an email notification to say it's refunded but never got the money back.

      • Yes, the money appeared in my account two days after the email. I used Paypal when I made the original purchase. Hope you get it sorted out.

  • ive put in a paypal claim