Belvedere Vodka 1L $70.90 @ Costco (Membership Required)


$96 at Dan's right now (i've purchased this from Dans for $82 before as a member and thought that was cheap).

Grey goose is also around $74 for 1L

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Costco Wholesale
Costco Wholesale


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    Damn you, archaic Queensland liquor licensing laws…


      They can always have a liquor shop next door, like the supermarkets do. It’s Costco’s choice not to.
      Same goes with Aldi.


        No they can't. Queensland law requires that you hold an on-premise license (hotel/pub) within a certain radius in order to hold a liquor sale license (bottle shop). To sell booze, they would have to open a pub nearby. Neither Aldi nor Costco are in the hospitality business and have no desire to.


    All vodka tastes the same



    it's easily as good as vodka twice the price