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40% off Select adidas Items (450+ Items) @ The Iconic


Some really sweet prices on Adidas merchandise. Discount will be calculated at checkout.

  • Combine with targeted Amex Offer for $40 off $100 spend.

Cashback: 3.5% from Cashrewards or 4% from Shopback.

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$20 off for the referee ($99 minimum spend), and $20 credit for the referrer.

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  • Using all the above offers you can get ULTRABOOST for about $110.

  • the cheapest t-shirts come down to $21, not the cheapest ive seem but if you are specifically after adidas t-shirts than i guess its the current best price. ima skip this one

    • Avoid the Adidas Polyester t-shirts…Terrible material for clothing, bacteria love it..you will STINK!

      • i only wear it for gym anyway for 1.5 hr, after that it goes in the laundry sack, than washed. i dont wear it more than once after each wash so does not really matter

  • No matching three stripe tracksuit so I can pretend to be some sort of low level gangster?


  • Anyone is having any issue using their Amex to check out? Tried to checkout but got some payment error message.

  • $40 is the max you can get from the Amex offer right? It does not allow multiple credit back if you spend another $100 plus?

  • the iconic deals are rubbish

    • +1 I just checked some prices and looks like buying from Adidas directly is cheaper in most case.

      • Does Adidas have a sale / code etc I might have missed?

        Tough to beat 40% off + 3% cashback , then 40% back again (based on $100 spend).

        Ie $70 item works out to about $24.

        • I purchased $425 worth of items for $175 with 2 Amex transactions and $10 further off with 4% cashback.. Which made it roughly 62% off from RRP. Even the adidas sale doesn't come close to this unless it's an inflated cashback.

          • @aspirepranesh: Haha they are not worth 425, that's what they want you to think.

            • @mlburnian: I have been here long enough to understand paying RRP on anything is foolish. Their RRP is the same as what Adidas sell for. My point is adidas have 30% on their outlet items. Here it is 40% plus an other $80 saving for me thanks to Amex and further $10 using ShopBack.at the end of the day, I know clearly how much value I am getting. So I am unsure what your point is as there are still people who walk into stores and pay full/advertised price.

              It's funny how you have mentioned the 60% saving off rrp from your recent witcher 3 expansion pack deal :)

              • @aspirepranesh: Yes, a game you can immerse yourself in for a 100 hours. What value Or satisfaction does 3 stripes get you? To be honest, Target clothes are almost as good for third of the price
                PS U obviously know how to get a good deal, looks like in this case you have

                • @mlburnian: Each to their own mate. I'm not a fan of Witcher. Doesn't mean it's a bad game. I don't go around commenting it's a waste of money, just bcoz it's not my style of game:)

                  If you are not a fan of the brand, walk away. Value is in the eye of the beholder. Imo, ultraboosts are the best ever runners. And yes… I would pay more for them than target branded runners.

                  I would rather waste my energy on the brands/items I believe/have interest in.

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    woolworths selling iconic gift cards for 10% off now!

  • Thanks OP. Bought 2 pairs of shoes and some socks around $50 a pair after Amex cash back

  • Can someone help me with this Amex card?
    So if I get the The American Express Essential® Credit Card, and I may get targeted with Amex Offers.
    The above card has no Annual Fee, meaning I can also enjoy the offer if targeted. Is that right?

  • So just found out one of my items was cancelled.. Which means my total will now be under the $100 how does that work now. Does that mean now I won't get the amex offer?my charge yesterday on my card is still showing pending.

    • Ask if they can provide store credit instead of refund ? Or exchange for a similar item ?

      • They dont negotiate. I asked for a change of size for a pair of shoes i ordered 2 hours later and was told once in the system no changes coukd be made. So i have to wait for the shoes to come then return for another size.