I Purchased Genuine New AirPods from eBay Turns out They’re Fake

Purchased form a eBay vendor offering genuine AirPods with a 2 year warranty.

The Apple store confirmed they’re fake but neither the vendor, who hasn’t been responding, nor eBay are helping me recover the $185 I paid.

Does anyone have any advice how to recover the amount paid ?


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    Product link?
    Open a "not as described" case with eBay. If eBay/the seller requests proof just send what Apple sent you

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    Did you pay via PayPal?

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    The Apple store confirmed they’re fake

    Do you have that in writing on a letterhead?

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      Would the Apple Store do this? Would make sense if they did, but I can imagine them just verbally saying they’re fake and sending the customer on their merry way.

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    Proof to us it is fake. Like Post pictures comparing fake vs not, YouTube, etc etc

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    I bought a pair of "Genuine Apple earpods" around 5ish years ago off ebay. When they arrived, they didn't quite seem the same as my genuine earpods. The fit and finish was a bit off. Soundwise they weren't much worse to the genuine earpods except that they had a tendency to sound a bit more muffled.

    Anyway, I contacted the seller and mentioned my concerns with the fit and finish and the reduced sound quality. He/she immediately offered and processed a refund and didn't even bother with having me return the product.

    Just an anecdote of my personal experience.

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      That's saying a lot about the earpods

      "Soundwise they weren't much worse"

      The muffled sound is a big giveaway


        yep, I agree with you… it was more of me acknowledging that the earpods only sound adequate and not outstanding.


    Just because the store person says it's fake how specifically is it considered fake. Casey Nistat did a youtube video on RayBan Wayfarers and the shop assistant couldn't tell. Do the ones you have look like genuine ones. If they have poor sound or finish then maybe that is a clue, but then I don't know how good the original ones are. Just because they are $249 for real one's doesn't mean they are really worth that much. Priced for marketing and brand.

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    Not sure if this site works with AirPods, but give it a go.

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    Why are people finding it so hard to believe they're fakes ?

    Fake stuff can be found even on Amazon (via 3rd party sellers). eBay has even fewer controls than Amazon.

    (Source: Personal experience. I got sent a counterfeit book by an Amazon 3rd party seller.)

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      Yep, I received a counterfeit boardgame from Amazon (the actual seller was Amazon). Pretty common for counterfeit stock to end up in their warehouses when fulfilling orders from 3rd party sellers apparently.
      So much counterfeit stuff on eBay.

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      Yeah buy cheaper on eBay but risk being fakes or buy genuine from Apple or a reputable brick & click business, but don't complain afterwards


    If they were fake, eBay would help. I find this suss

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    Unfortunately I contacted PayPal after 180 days on day 181.

    I was in no rush to go to the Apple store as I had a 2 year warranty.

    So basically Paypal can’t help, my back can’t either , the seller
    isn’t responding and the disgraceful eBay who facilitated these fraudulent transactions and prepared to help, honour the warranty or even provide the sellers details (so I can send them on to fair trading )

    Just seems so wrong how I’m left out of pocket and EBay doesn’t give a sh*t


      How come you waited 6 months before you acted? Did they go faulty?

      I’m guessing it will be really hard for you to prove they are the ones you got from the seller, unless there’s serial numbers listed.


    I just purchased some too that are counterfeit. Something seemed off so I closely inspected the packaging and actually found a spelling mistake. Apparently these were “Desinged by Apple”.

    I contacted the seller who offered 20% refund due to the expensive shipping. I advised that as ether were sold as a genuine product, and all the packaging including inserts and manuals are copies (pretty damn close too) I would not accept a partial refund and will not pay shipping to return.

    Waiting for the 3 days to expire until I escalate to eBay.

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